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CEO of REV3AL, Mo Kumarsi, Is on a Quest to Transform Web3 Security

Web3 has returned the control of data to the end-user, making the internet more secure and decentralized. This has benefitted the crypto industry in several ways, making way for more innovative projects. However, the popularity of crypto is still limited to a small section of investors. The reason might be a lack of knowledge about the prospects of crypto or the fear of being scammed, which has been a long-term issue in the digital financial market. This is where Mo Kumarsi, a leader and advisor in the blockchain and crypto space, provides disruptive technology to enable safer and more secure transactions.

Mo is the co-founder and CEO of REV3AL, an anti-counterfeiting, copyright protection, and cyber security technology company for web3 artists, creators and collectors. It is an all-in-one security suite for Web3, already working with almost 100 incredible partner platforms. As one of the only companies working to build security in the new internet, REV3AL is a trendsetter. With an ever-growing list of technology partners, integrating with NFT marketplaces, metaverses, artists, and creators; their impact is only growing.

As one of the driving forces behind REV3AL, Mo is leveraging his years of experience and knowledge in this industry not just to help REV3AL but also other big names in the crypto space. Mo has been an advisor in the blockchain and crypto space to several disruptive technological innovators, including Power Ledger and CoinPayments. Over the last 10 years, he has grown and led teams globally, becoming a thought leader and educator in the space.

Mo’s experience doesn’t stop at leading teams. He has been managing start-ups and developing businesses for over 15 years. Mo is known for his unparalleled insight to help projects expand through strategic relationships, building, and inspiring communities. To this day, these projects are continuing to scale following Mo’s guidance. Over the years, Mo has developed extensive connections in the crypto industry by advising different companies.

Besides being a tech enthusiast and a thought leader, Mo is a firm believer in God. His faith and passion for business have helped him battle poverty and build a strong career in emerging technology. Mo is a highly respected authority in the crypto and blockchain space, with complete insight into how the market works. He has advised different ecosystems on everything from exchanges to market makers, growth hackers, marketing, and building a team.

To date, Mo has helped many people transform their finances through sales and crypto investment. Throughout, he has focused on building strong teams and hiring the right people for the right positions. Often called the blockchain evangelist, Mo has also created some amazing leaders in this space who are now positively impacting other people’s lives. Sometimes dealing with different people with different mindsets is challenging, but Mo believes in chasing excellence in whatever he does. This is where he stands out as an advisor in the blockchain and crypto space.

Mo Kumarsi will continue to help more crypto innovators and projects find growth through incredible sales. He also wants to see REV3AL creating an industry-leading marketplace for simplified and secure transactions, further paving the way for the mass adoption of crypto.

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