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From Broken Bones to Entrepreneur: How Lexi Kaz CEO of AK Infinite is Establishing Herself in the Marketplace



Founder’s Story is all about inspiration where we highlight the changemakers and entrepreneurs who have overcome adversity and will inspire others to be at their best. Today we have Lexi Kaz the CEO and founder of AK Infinite who went from being in sports to injuries to starting her own business before she was even 20 years old.

Lexi Kaz has been interested in business her whole young life…as she started reselling Lego people on eBay at 5 years old! Finding hidden treasures at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and in her closet! It was one of the best parts of her childhood. Throughout middle school and high school, soccer was at the forefront of her focus. She was getting recruited at age 14-15 so she believed that was the track she was set to be on…or so she thought. She would discover her new entrepreneurial path years later!

Lexi ended up committing to play D1 soccer at the University of San Diego! Along the way, she suffered her fair share of injuries such as broken bones which resulted in surgery, sprains, and a few concussions. Being the first generation in her family to play college sports at the Division I level was a proud accomplishment of hers. However – COVID-19 had different plans. During her freshman year at USD, she struggled to find happiness in the grueling commitment of being a college athlete as her mental health suffered.

What was one of the hardest years of her life, ended up guiding her to drop out of college and start her own company at the age of 19! “It was one of the most challenging decisions of my life,” says Kaz “As soccer was my identity for so long…but a strong part of me knew I always wanted to dive head first into Entrepreneurship. I knew once I started my own company I would want to focus 110% of my energy on it!”

In August of 2021, Kaz started her own digital marketing agency and hasn’t looked back since! Coming up on the 1 year Anniversary of AK Infinite, the young CEO has been able to work with clients from Europe to Asia, as well as right in her backyard of Santa Monica. She even wrote an Amazon best-selling book this year. “I absolutely love what I am doing now – meeting new people every day, having rich experiences with each client, and I am just getting started.” Says Kaz.