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Leslie T Mitchell; The Modern Corporate World and the Coming 2022 Trends Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Human beings are not machines. Rhythms and skills required by different jobs may not match up with traditional, 9-5 schedules. Some employees might benefit from working 9-5 every day. However, a traditional schedule might curtail others’ ability to tap into other skills, such as creativity, innovation, or teamwork. Corporate life can get tricky at times! Entrepreneur, certified life coach, credit consultant, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, author, and realtor, Leslie T Mitchell is a life coach with extensive experience in the corporate world. Corporate executives have benefited from her expertise in multilevel marketing, and she runs Mind Work Solutions, a consulting company providing services to Fortune 500 companies. She is one of the few who have replaced their corporate salaries with multiple six-figure streams of income -As a member of so many critical but wildly different industries, you can already imagine the challenges she has faced. As an expert in training and development, she helps organizations gain control over their business.

Giving the Right Credit Advice

In her role as a Credit Consultant, Leslie helps people take charge of their lives by educating them about finances. Your credit score is largely influenced by how timely you pay your credit card bills and how much debt you have. Your credit score will plummet if you mess up in this areas-and you’ll experience some negative effects. Because so many businesses now base their decisions on your credit score, having bad credit can make life extremely difficult, from getting a job to renting an apartment. This where Leslie steps in the scene and saves the day of her clients by providing them with the right consultancy and monetary advice at the right time. Your credit score is your financial report card. It is an indicator of your likelihood of defaulting on a credit card or loan. If your credit is low, you are a more risky borrower than someone with a higher credit score. The interest rate that you pay on your loans and credit cards compensates the lender or creditor for this risk.

Beating the Odds Herself!

The interest you pay overtime on credit will be higher if you have bad credit and a poor interest rate. If you borrow more, your interest rate will increase. She suffered financial and credit damage as a result of setting up her consultant business. Throughout most of her adult life, she had a credit score of around 780, but within three months, it dropped to 564. Her husband and she owned two homes, drove dream cars, and lived a comfortable life. She initially thought nothing of it. The problem arose when she tried to use her credit. She has always been taught by her father to have excellent credit. When she was little, her father often told her, “You can have zero dollars in the bank, but if you have an 800 credit score, you can get almost anything you want.” But he never taught her how to deal with life when it surprises you so badly.. She began to rebuild her credit after being introduced by a friend to a credit repair program that helped her regain her purchasing power. Within six months, her score increased by over 225 points

Being a Life Coach

We are often preoccupied with work before anything else. In the quest for professional success, we put aside our own well-being. For our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, a harmonious work-life balance or work-life integration is pretty important besides career success. In her role as Life Coach, Leslie teaches people how to master their skills and helps them transition from employee to entrepreneur as smoothly as possible. Her goal is to teach people how to find their balance on the beam of life while building their empire.

Chasing that Work Life Balance!

When you hear the phrase “work-life balance,” you probably imagine a productive and enjoyable day at work, followed by spending the rest of the day with your family and friends. It’s not always possible to achieve this balance. According to Leslie, you should strive for a realistic schedule, not for perfection. Some days, you may be more focused on work, whereas other days you may have more energy to pursue your hobbies or spend time with family members. According to Leslie, this balance cannot be achieved in a single day. It is crucial to remain flexible and constantly evaluate your status in relation to your goals and priorities. As Leslie adds, sometimes you need to dedicate a few hours to care for your children, while other times, you will need to travel for work, but remaining open to redirecting yourself and assessing your needs every day is critical to achieving this everyday life balance. In addition to her B.A.M. masterclass which is the #1 Master Class on Balancing, Leslie has also published a book titled Balancing Act, available on her website. The book is also one of Amazon’s top sellers.

Leslie’s Corporate Experience

She climbed the corporate ladder for 18 years while working in Corporate America. While she was away due to illness, she was displaced. Her desire to own her own business began at this time, unbeknownst to her. She had no idea what lay beyond a 9 to 5 job at the time. Her life was not limited to monotonous work, however. In 2013, she changed decided to take charge of her financial future.

Leslie’s Take on 2021

Near-death experiences give you better clarity than anything else. The experience awakens you to the fragility of life and the significance of living a meaningful life. The pandemic has shown us the importance of living a meaningful life. Suddenly our complacency has been shaken. We are taking a closer look at how we live, says Leslie.

The Great Resignation Wave

In the “Great Resignation” wave, many of us decided that our jobs were dead ends. The mass exodus indicates that people are no longer willing to work at a job that they don’t enjoy and are looking for growth and opportunities at other organizations. We are also seeing this new mindset in other aspects of our professional lives. According to Leslie, working nine to five has become outdated. After a year-and-a-half of remote work, the pandemic-induced, remote work experiment has been a resounding success. Not only that more people are taking a leap of faith and starting their own business.

What to Plan for 2022?

Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google saw record profits. Shares of these companies have risen to record levels. It has been shown that employees worked late at night and on weekends. They were unquestionably extremely productive. Considering that remote work has demonstrated to be beneficial for both workers and managers, Leslie says, it would make sense to see what other standard practices need to be further adjusted.

Abdullah Raaj is the founder of Ventures Bite, a global digital marketing agency. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Development and Marketing, and is considered a “Marketing Specialist" by his peers.


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