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Looking Inside r0yart’s Unique and Empowering Artistic Style

When it comes to art, every culture, area, community, and person has its own unique way of expressing itself. Art continues to connect us all as humans, whether within our society or among different cultures. Art knows no boundaries. Artists are some of the most unconventional and creative people on Earth, and we owe much to their vision. Roya Ghassemi (r0yart) is one such artist inspiring people every day with her visions of powerful and beautiful women.

After obtaining her degree in graphic design from the University of Tabriz, Roya moved from Iran to the much more forward-thinking Germany, where she focused on and grew her passion for and skills in creating illustrations and fine art.

Given her background in northern Iran, the prevailing hostility towards women’s rights made Roya’s decision to relocate to Germany a crucial step along her path. As a feminist, she always clashed with Iran’s current culture of oppressing women and limiting the scope of their possibilities in life.

Early on, Roya would make sketches and paintings of some famous people and also of people who had been through tragedies or faced oppression. It wasn’t long before she realized that her fine arts style would be a mix of portraiture and symbology. She started to experiment by combining elements of the natural world such as animals, plants, flowers, and mushrooms into her portraits, giving birth to her now-famous and unique mystic vintage style.

As Roya realized her artwork was telling the story of her own personal transformation into a strong woman in the World, she also found a new outlet to sell and spread her artwork: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens, or Crypto Art). As her sales have picked up, her message has become more and more clear: “Women and oppressed people all around the world now have the tools and opportunities to lift themselves out of desperate situations. Art is unique in that everyone has a story to tell and now with digital art and NFTs, the barriers to entry for making a living as an artist are largely gone,” Roya explained. 

Currently, thousands of people recognize Roya’s (artist name: r0yart) artwork. She has worked incredibly hard over the years to develop unique and distinct art and share her message of hope and equality. She continues to create a remarkable impression with her art in the hearts of fans around the world, minting new 1/1 NFTs regularly, and telling stories of transformation, freedom, and love.

Like many remarkable people, Roya has had to overcome intense adversity in life to get to where she is today. Having come so far from being a young girl that grew up in a society that marginalizes women to being a reputable artist who empowers young women is an incredible feat. “My family has always been so loving and supportive, and always put me first, and I owe so much to them. But the country I grew up in put me at a huge disadvantage, and finding my freedom and my voice to uplift others has been the great work of my life” say’s Roya. While her home country made it very challenging to live and excel as a woman, this experience strengthened her and transformed her into a feminist who wants to help others grow and educate them. 

Roya’s message of equality and feminism translates perfectly into her art, where she features feminine forms combined with symbolic gestures and symbols of whatever message she wishes to convey. The often-poetic captions which accompany her art help guide the viewer into the depth of meaning, without telling them what to think. Roya believes that “art is not something that requires explanation, it is subjective, and each person who sees it will see themselves and their own story in a way that is meaningful to them.”

With Roya’s talents, passion, and core values, she continues to stir things up and inspire confidence in her fans. While she contributes immensely to the art world, she also spreads the message of hope and helps others become the best version of themselves. Roya believes that people can use the ubiquitous tools and technology available in today’s world to find their unique contribution to society, stating that “given the right atmosphere and grounds, security, and most importantly, basic human rights against discrimination based on gender, race, or religion… people are built to thrive!”

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