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‘Prince of the City’, Prince A. Sanders, ushers in a new era for Park Lane New York

Park Lane New York has a new lease on life as one of the most iconic properties to grace ‘Billionaires’ Row’. The reimagining of the Park Lane Hotel is courtesy of the ‘Prince of the City’, Prince A. Sanders. His vision for inclusive and accessible luxury has ushered in a new era for The Park Lane Hotel in NYC and welcomed a unique new offering to host guests in Central Park South.

With countless achievements in the hotel world, including being the only African American General Manager of a of a Forbes 5 star/AAA five-diamond hotel with a Forbes 5 star/AAA five-diamond, 2 Michelin starred restaurant, Sanders has worked his magic on Park Lane New York. Breathing new life into the hotel, Sanders wanted the refurbishment to reflect ‘the growth of New York as a world financial and cultural center.’

Sanders, the renowned design firm, YabuPushelberg,branding guru’s, Mother Design and night life impresario Scott Sartianorecognised that success did not look like ‘another traditional hotel on the park’.They saw an opportunity to innovate within the luxury hotel space in NYC.Sanders was inspired to create a luxury hotel that is accessible to everyone. Fond memories of his grandmother relishing the opportunity to host others in her home form the roots of his passion for hospitality. He explains that The Park Lane‘is a place where you (can) come in and feel welcomed.

Sanders is the embodiment of enduring charisma and energy. He brings this energy to his team, encouraging them to ‘make an impression, and let it resonate’ with guests. He also understands the collective effort that is required to provide exceptional experiences for patrons with the acknowledgement that ‘there are no great places without great teams.’His team of ‘magic makers’ is united by the goal of providing ‘a lifestyle hotel rooted in inclusivity.’ This is a far cry from the exclusivity that is often synonymous with luxury accommodation.Sanders was steadfast in his belief that Park Lane New York would not perpetuate feelings of intimidation or inadequacy, rather open the doors to a place where everyone could feel welcome.

The Park Lane New York offers guests a new experience at what was once an iconic and forward-thinking hotel in the 1970s. The innovative origins of the property laida wonderful foundation for a progressive new offering in the luxury accommodation industry. As an African American, Sanders also wanted to ‘create a place where I feel like I belong, a place where my friends and I choose to hang-out; that definitely didn’t exist around the park previously.’ He sees The Park Lane Hotel as an important cultural addition to the neighborhood, one that will invite people to come together to experience all of what NYC has to offer.

His passion to innovate and achieve is something that stretches beyond his contributions to hospitality. Sanders is also a published author, having written two children’s books based largely on his own life experiences. His most recent book, ‘The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince: Everybody’s Good at Something’, sets the stage for children to explore concepts of perseverance and following their passions and curiosities with purpose and determination. Sanders believes that “everyone has a talent inside—you just have to discover what it is.”Undoubtedly, Sanders has many talents – creating and managing inviting places to stay is one of the more well-known. Further, Sanders’ main character, like himself, has a deep affection for the city in which he lives – New York City. It is, of course, quite fitting that Sanders has invested his time into a NYC-based hospitality project focused on accommodating people while they explore the richness that New York City has to offer.The real beauty is that people all over the world can step inside Sanders’ reimagined Park Lane and immerse themselves in the feeling that he dreamed up. It is special to see one person’s passion have a positive ripple effect on others.

Park Lane New York is a new symbol of Prince A. Sanders’ passionate and purpose-driven approach to living life. Combine this with the important messaging of his children’s books and it is clear to see that Sanders is pushing the boundaries on what is possible when you are fiercely committed to pursuing your dreams.

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