Vera Von Monika – How To Become a Master of Success



Today I was able to interview Vera Von Monika, one of the most influential international media personalities and entrepreneurs with a solid career in different fields. A face is often seen in the glamour of the red carpet of Fashion Weeks, Film Festivals, Music Awards, Automobile events, Pop Culture, and more.
Known for her strong fearless personality, knowledge, and catching looks, Vera Von Monika is an inspiration for young people as well as for established individuals.
Vera’s influence has proven its impact in her work with the United Nations and the Embassy of Japan.
In this interview, we get a glimpse of what is to be in the skin of this multi-talented charismatic personality from Porto – Portugal, Vera Von Monika.

Vera, first of all, congratulations on your achievements and success.
You have an impressive career, how do you see each day?

Every day is a new day, and every new day brings new opportunities and challenges. It is up to you to take it or not! Personally, I dislike to be doing nothing, and I haven’t had the time to stop even though we are going through this pandemic, I have engaged in several different projects and I am laser-focused in all my projects and ready for more.

This year you became an Ambassador for one of the most important regions of your country, the beautiful Douro Valley. How does it feel?

It feels great, I love my country and I feel honored to be an Ambassador of this remarkable region of my country. Taking its beauty to the World is something that brings me immense joy.

You are often seen in events about sustainability, could you tell us a Portuguese brand focused on it?

Portuguese brands are known for their quality but there is a specific brand I would like to point to when it comes to sustainability, LEMAR, their work is amazing and eco-friendly.
We must protect our planet, so check out LEMAR!

Vera, you went from being a guest at automobile events to sports journalists and you even established the company VVMOTORSPORT. Could you tell us more about this change and the company?

As you pointed out, I used to attend events as a guest, and one day I got questioned why not use my knowledge and sharp vision to bring people more about this thrilling World! I was already sharing it all through my social networks so it was a natural change! As of now, VVMOTORSPORT is mostly focused on Rally, bringing the fans exclusive interviews, news, etc, but the racing world has a lot to explore, and obviously, I want to expand it.

What’s the secret behind the unprecedented sustained success of Vera?

The secret is simple: Stay true to yourself, be your own inspiration and rival. Challenge yourself every day!

What book do you think everybody should read?

“The Art of War”, teaches you a lot about strategy and tactics.

You are an inspiration for many and you have been labeled Fashion and Style Icon, your looks have caught the eyes of the World. As someone with attractive looks and intelligence, what’s the most important for you, personality or looks?

Most definitely…Personality! Looks mean nothing if there’s no intelligence and character!

What legacy would you like to leave behind for yourself?

I want my work to be an everlasting inspiration, and that my influence remains remarkable. I do not want to be remembered by my looks but by my brain and my actions, mostly about helping people in need and protecting animals and the World.

Vera, let’s do a quick question with quick answers exercise.

Preferred fashion brand?
Vera: Versace

What cannot be missing when you go out?
Vera: Mobile phone and sunglasses

Favorite country?
Vera: Japan

Favorite color?
Vera: Black and Red

Fashion or Cars?
Vera: Fashionable Cars

Coffee or Tea?
Vera: Coffee

Favorite sport?
Vera: Tennis

Cat or Dog?
Vera: Cat

Favorite season?
Vera: Winter