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10 Inspirational Self-Love & Confidence Coaches to Follow

We all deserve to experience self-love and confidence. Sometimes however, we need guidance to get there. Here I share 10 inspirational self love and confidence coaches, who are transforming the lives with their work.

Melanie Verstraete (@melanieverstraete_)

Melanie Verstraete has made it her life mission to help people retrain their minds to find the inner peace and self-worth they deserve to attract the right partners and take charge of their lives. That’s why she created the Heart Centered Academy, where she provides an experience that’s direct and focused on no-BS accountability. People get in the habit of sabotaging themselves in so many different ways, and it all stems from within. 

Her approach is based on honesty and integrity, through which she helps clients understand their behaviors and their personality to achieve real results that will last. Clients who turn to Melanie want to make a permanent change in their life; whether it’s because they’re stuck, tired of self-sabotage, toxic relationships, or feeling lost. 

Past relationships make a big impression on our lives and if you’re struggling to let go of that, Melanie will help you take the first step to a healthy relationship with your subconscious mind. This is how you can break free from negative cycles that keep you from fulfillment, self-love, healing, confidence, and self-respect. With Melanie’s help, people are able to master their mindset and use their inner power to improve their lives forever. 

Sheena Yap Chan (@sheena.yap.chan)

Meet keynote speaker, coach, podcaster, consultant, and self-confidence author Sheena Yap Chan. On a mission to inspire Asian women to break through glass ceilings by pushing boundaries, Sheena is helping these women live a life on their terms as their authentic selves. Through her award-winning podcast called The Tao of Self Confidence, Sheena interviews other Asian women about their own journeys to give them a platform where they can be seen and heard, creating a stronger representation for Asian women across the globe. “I love helping these women break out of their shell so they can live an authentic life and thrive,” Sheena says. “I do this by guiding them through trauma discovery, mindset shift, dismantling certain stereotypes and stigma, and being an accountability partner for clients to build confidence.”

One of the ‘Top 100 Filipinos to follow on LinkedIn for inspiration and learning in 2020’, Sheena is also a two-time International bestselling author of Asian Women Who Boss Up and International Women of Colour Who Boss Up, highlighting the stories of women who have been able to forge their own path, overcome obstacles and thrive. Giving her all to anyone seeking her help, Sheena also offers a complimentary 20-minute one on one self-confidence to reach as many as she can. This inspiring woman on a mission to inspire others is certainly one to watch for in 2021.

Phi Dang (@thephidang)

Phi Dang is a clarity and confidence life coach who has grown a great following on Instagram. She recently launched a new podcast called Grow Through It where she embraces her life experiences and shares them to bring awareness to the results she has achieved so people know what they can accomplish. Her 1:1 coaching services are exceptional and she has helped hundreds of people find their path and take control of their life once more. 

“People often believe we are born with confidence, but that’s not the case. Confidence is a mindset we form by carefully choosing the thoughts we should pay attention to. These thoughts inspire our feelings and actions, which is why we need to evoke the energy by consciously thinking of times when we felt strong and powerful” Phi explains.

Phi truly understands that Confidence allows you to uplift others and make a positive impact on the world, which is exactly where she will help you shine.

Janelle Monteiro (@janellemonteiro)

Janelle Monteiro helps women step into their power and confidently live the lives they deserve and desire. She offers her wise words, actions, and guidance to help women connect positively with their body, mind, and soul. If you’ve lost your energetic passion for life, working with Janelle will help you recover that and focus on yourself once more. She will provide all the support and tools you need!

To build a healthy lifestyle and to build a strong sense of self-love, self-confidence, and self-connection, you need to invest in yourself. Janelle will help you do exactly that by incorporating physical movement, nutritional coaching, mental coaching, and spiritual healing for an all-encompassing lifestyle shift. As a coach, Janelle covers all the major bases, thus providing a holistic approach that’s highly valuable and effective.

Janelle provides women with all the tools they need to change their lifestyle forever by connecting with their inner strength. She has dedicated her entire life to helping women find their strength through fitness with her fitness facility called Body Ambition Fitness. Now, she wants to help women transform their mindset as well and go deeper into themselves to make big changes that will yield big results. 

Peace Within (@charlsey_childers)

Peace Within is brought to you by Charlsey Childers, a Self Worth and Confidence Coach who is passionate about working with women and helping them believe they are enough and they have what it takes to confidently walk towards their dreams. She provides the kind of coaching services that allow women to find their confidence and their worth once more. 

With the help of Peace Within, it is possible to break the cycle of feeling like you’re not enough. It’s not uncommon for people to feel that way even when they do accomplish things and they have created a good life. It can be difficult for women to recognize themselves and how powerful they are, but it can be done and it all starts with a change in mindset. 

The philosophy behind Peace Within is based on the certainty that our great success story is already inside of us and amazing things can happen if we learn to believe in ourselves. That’s what this monthly membership is for! It will help you become free and more confident than ever in only 90 days. 

Peace Within has already helped so many women reconnect with themselves and their own power. The membership provides effective coaching sessions as well as tools and resources that will help you find your confidence and never lose it again!

Megan Reed (@heymeganreed)

Megan Reed is a heart-centered quantum life coach who specializes in helping people create confidence, nourish their creativity and self-love, build sturdy boundaries, let go of perfectionism and people-pleasing, and get out of their own way to achieve the life they desire. She is an expert at helping people break down their own barriers and limiting beliefs so they can ditch the self-doubt and find joy while being unapologetically themselves.

She has positive energy and lives in a no-BS reality, which allows her to bring her own personality into growth and personal development. Megan makes things fun for her clients so they can create a fulfilling and impactful life and business. If you’ve been dreaming about something, her coaching services will help you achieve iteven if you don’t think it’s possible. 

Megan has guided over 250 people through her online courses, 1-on-1 coaching services, group coaching programs, and guest speaking. She is focused on reaching entrepreneurs and small business owners so they can show up authenticallyboth on and offline. She combines her expertise in business coaching, brand photography, and creative design skills to provide a complete experience for her clients. 

She became a coach because she wanted to help genuine souls learn how to love themselves for who they truly arebecause for so long, Megan didn’t know who she really was and knew she wasn’t living the life she was meant to. Her knowledge, leadership, and experience allow her to be a powerful tool for clients and she’s here to make the path to confidence and fulfillment a lot easier to travel.

Moxie Mama (@samiammoxiemama)

Moxie Mama started as a blog back in 2017, but it has grown to something a lot more fulfilling for founder Sarah “Sam” Ditka. She took her stylist skills to the blog to encourage mid-life women to be bold and experiment with fashion AND experience. As her audience grew, Sam recognized that many moms really struggle with fragile self-esteem. The common problem is that moms often forget who they really are in the throes of teaching their kids to be their best.

At that point, Sam looked back on her own journey from bullied pre-teen to entrepreneur and realized she had used business coaching tools along with styling ideals to create a system for herself. Sharing that system in an 8-12 week program with midlife moms is how the Moxie Mama coaching program and podcast were born.

Meant for Moxie is a coaching program that helps women thrive through the development of their self-confidence with an effective system, building week to week. Sam’s approach combines the tools she has used in her career as a personal stylist, team-builder, and trainer, as well as in her own personal journey.

Through this coaching program, women are able to build a toolbox they can use every day and that will last for a lifetime. The combination of business tools and self-study that Moxie Mama provides can be adjusted to every unique personality, so the practices can meet the individual needs of each client.

Essence by Rachel Chung (@essencebyrachelchung)

With Essence by Rachel Chung, Rachel is on a mission to help online service-based female entrepreneurs who are on the startup stage to overcome procrastination fueled by self-doubt, fear, and perfectionism. Rachel Chung is an ICF-qualified Confidence and High-Performance Coach with 8 years of experience in mindset mastery, personality profiling, and personal brand image consulting. 

The services provided by Rachel are focused on helping female solo entrepreneurs to kickstart their business and help it thrive while reaching their highest productivity levels and mastering their self-confidence. This way, they won’t only become successful entrepreneurs, but also the best version of themselves. 

Essence by Rachel Chung provides an approach that’s 100% focused on you with A-Z personal support. By joining the community, you will learn how to build your core confidence from the inside and you’ll receive hands-on support from experts and a well-structured system designed to help you thrive. 

Women who want to stop doubting and start believing find exactly what they are looking for at Essence by Rachel Chung. With the help of these amazing services, you will be able to create a long-lasting impact through your business on an international level and you will find the confidence you need to build the business and the life of your dreams. 

Nicola Pettitt Coaching (@confidencecoach_nicola)

Nicola Pettitt Coaching provides highly qualified Confidence Coaching services, all delivered by expert Nicola Pettitt. She is also an NLP Master Practitioner and she founded this coaching service to help corporate women transform their mindset, get rid of self-doubt, and build their confidence to achieve limitless success. 

If anyone understands the pain and desires of professional corporate women, it’s Nicola. She worked in the London Insurance Market for 14 years as an insurance professional. During that time, she fulfilled many different roles and she also became an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute. 

She is no stranger to what it’s like to work in a male-dominated industry, which is why she felt compelled to provide a service that would help other women connect with their inner power and be more assertive in the workplace. Nicola Pettitt Coaching allows women to find the confidence they need to go for what they want in an industry that’s not 100% accommodating. 

Through intensive 1:1 8 or 12 week programmes, women who choose Nicola Pettitt Coaching will feel capable of shooting for the promotion they want, speaking their truth at each turn, show up as their authentic selves, and let go of self-doubt. Women who are tired of dealing with imposter syndrome and who want to get rid of negative thought patterns turn to Nicola’s coaching and don’t regret it. 




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