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14 Inspirational Podcasts That Will Change Your Mindset for the Better

Are you looking for a little ‘pick-me-up’ that will inspire, motivate, and brighten your day? Tuning into a podcast has endless benefits for your mental health and wellbeing. Allowing yourself some auditory self-care can stimulate your brain, ease stress, and even give you a rush of endorphins. Better still, you can listen whenever you want, whether you’re driving to work or trying to quieten your mind before bed. Discover 14 inspirational podcasts that are informative, uplifting, and have that ‘feel-good’ factor. 


1. Dare to Lead with Brené Brown

dare to lead

The respected professor, Brene Brown, continues to inspire millions by bringing the welcome sounds of ‘Dare to Lead’ to your ears. Brene uses her years of research on leadership to address what really makes a good leader, teaching us how to leave our comfort zone and be brave in the process.

Each episode showcases positive examples of leadership, using interviews with some of the most inspirational innovators on the planet! Whether it’s Obama, Simon Sinek, or Abby Wambach, Brene articulately navigates the conversations, showcasing strength in vulnerability, and teaching the art of leadership across all spectrums of life.

2. The Art of Being Well with Dr. Will Cole

The art of being well

Feeling like there has to be a better way to look after yourself outside of the typical drugs-based approach? Functional Medicine expert Dr. Will Cole aims to do just that, searching for the root cause of medical problems to promote long-term wellness. The podcast, aptly named ‘The Art of Being Well’, explores new and dynamic ways for you to heal yourself naturally. The focus is both mental and physical, covering subjects such as intermittent fasting, gut health, and the direct correlation between our emotions and our well-being. 


3. Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast

Matters of the Heart

Feeling like you’ve failed to tap into your feelings recently? Matters of the Heart & Soul Podcast is hosted by Janie Charlot, an innovator with a passion for humanity. The podcast uses the foundational principles of love and spirituality to raise awareness of current issues. Not only is it insightful, but her calming words offer a new perspective on highly discussed topics such as stress and depression. So, give yourself some self-care by connecting to your heart and soul and letting this inspirational podcast shine its light on your day. 

4. Campfire Sht Show

Campfire sht show

This one is for anyone that’s seeking a good belly laugh! Campfire Sht Show is a tell-all approach to life’s awkward moments, hosted by friends Beau Hufford and Meryl Klemow. The duo opens up about life’s teachable moments, discussing everything from one-night stands and relationship problems to camel toes and Costco fights. What’s more, each week a guest is interviewed about their ‘sht show moment’, whether that’s drag show fails, or awkward breakup stories. The quick wit, brutal truth, and oversharing nature of this podcast make it an absolute comical treat for the ears. So, grab your headphones and tune in for this wild ride!

5. The New Mamas Podcast

New Mamas

Feeling alone as you navigate the turbulent waters of being a new mom? It’s normal to feel torn between those moments of newborn bliss and those where you feel completely and utterly lost. Host Lina Forrestal knows this all too well, bringing you ‘The New Mamas Podcast’ after she transitioned into motherhood. She focuses on creating a safe space for mothers to share their newfound journeys, specifically aiming to normalize ‘taboo’ subjects. For example, SIDS anxiety, post-partum depression, and the ‘mom guilt’ of returning to work. Whatever it is, ‘The New Mamas Podcast’ invites you to sink into your sofa, relax, and feel at ease in the knowledge that you are not alone. Enjoy a moment for yourself with this truly high-impact, inspirational podcast.

6. Spiritual Sh*t You Need to Know

Spiritual Sht

This one is for all the goddesses who are ready to say goodbye to a life of ‘fight or flight’ and hello to the life you deserve! Hosted by transformation coach Rejys Cowan, ‘Spiritual Sh*t You Need to Know’ guides you on a transformative audio journey. Whether you’re a long-term lightworker or a newbie in the spiritual game, Cowan covers some intense topics in a unique and dynamic way. As a result, it’s never been easier to tap into your full potential!

These are principles everyone can apply to their lives, be it finding your voice, manifesting your dream job, or creating healthy boundaries. Get ready to feel empowered, and in charge, with this inspirational podcast that is palatable for all.

7. The Quest for New Inspiration

Are you looking for a source of inspiration to put a fire in your belly and kickstart your motivation? Modern-day life is stressful, so it’s no surprise that we require a source of positivity to offset this feeling. ‘The Quest for New Inspiration’, brought to you by KT Maschler, ticks all the boxes. She invites guests to share their inspirational stories in the hope of awakening listeners and prompting them to take action. One thing is for sure, this positive podcast will leave you feeling determined to make changes, not only in your life but in the world around you. 

8. Witches Muse: Stories Beneath the Surface

Witches Muse

Tara Burke, storyteller, tarot reader, and all-around master of magick, hosts ‘The Witches Muse’. The self-declared ‘no bullshit’ podcast discusses spirituality in a relatable way, creating a refuge for listeners. Her graceful words, transformative interviews, and expressive poetry inspire creativity and gently balance the mind, body, and soul. Press play on this inspirational podcast to feel present in the moment and at one with the earth.

9. Fly Young Intellectual Podcast

Sometimes we close our minds to what’s going on in the world, simply to lead an ‘easy’ life. ‘Fly Young Intellectual Podcast’ pulls you out of this darkness, educating listeners on tough topical issues, and inspiring us to think deeper than ever before. The host, Kemuel Browne, encourages people to reach their full potential, and follow a different path away from the constraints of societal norms. Topics span across culture, business, mental health, and social media, facilitated through conversations with a never-ending list of inspiring entrepreneurs. Millennials rejoice – this one is for you!

10. P.A.V.E. Podcast

PAVE podcast

This inspirational podcast is perfect for those looking to bring a little more tranquility into their lives. Named the ‘P.A.V.E Podcast’, it aims to quite literally ‘pave’ the way for you to problem solve and find the best possible outcome. Host Candyce Shuford uses poetry, calming music, and soothing conversation, to promote self-growth and vulnerability.

Best of all, it’s a bite-sized podcast of under 15 minutes per episode! As such, it’s easily digestible and calming, making P.A.V.E feel a lot like a peaceful mindfulness or affirmation practice. Because of this, it’s perfect for listening before bed to instill a sense of calm before sleeping.

11. Timesink

Timesink podcast

Has choosing a film to watch become a chore, not a pleasure? Are you spending half an hour flicking through the limitless choices, unable to make a decision? ‘Timesink‘ does the work for you! Founder Francisco Saucedo, along with his friends Hummer and Brad, narrow down the choices on this refreshingly honest podcast. The trio rate films, television series, and video games on a scale of 1-5, so you can decide what’s next on your playlist. The great chemistry between the friends results in comical banter, candid chat, and heated debate that’s a laugh a minute for listeners.

12. There Is Another Way

There is another way

Struggling with the limitations of your 9-5 job? If you’re ready to run your own business then this is the podcast for you! Hosts Olivia and Alvaro, who worked for 10 years in finance, left the London rat-race and never looked back. ‘There is Another Way’ passionately discusses the lessons and skills they have learned on their entrepreneurial journey. What’s more, each week successful guests are interviewed on a range of subjects, such as Facebook ads, Instagram monetization, and a positive money mindset.

This inspirational podcast will truly motivate you to create the life of your dreams, whether that’s being location-independent, or finally becoming your own boss.

13. The Well Child

The Well child

The anxiety of parenting during a pandemic can be overwhelming. Whether it’s a continuous cough, trouble sleeping, or problems homeschooling, Dr. Ana Pal and Dr. Samira Hodges have many pearls of wisdom to share. The two hosts, and pediatricians, put parents’ minds at ease with qualified information and recommendations. Online medical appointments are hard to come by, so the podcast is a unique resource for those that are seeking advice from the comfort of their sofa. 

Listen to ‘The Well Child’ for unparalleled expert advice that’s guaranteed to help both you and your children feel healthier and happier!

14. The Rani Arsanios Show

The Rani Arsanios Show

Just starting out on your entrepreneurship journey? Or perhaps your business is a little stagnant and you’re looking to grow and scale? Whatever it is, The Rani Arsanios Show has got you covered. Host, Arsanios (founder of digital marketing agency SAVV Digital) is on a mission to interview 1000 of Australia’s most prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs. The conversations focus both on the technical and personal side of growing a business, from inspiring your employees to creating successful sales funnels.

There’s no doubt that this inspirational podcast will help you utilize your potential, putting you on the path to self-made success!

Press play and delve into these fascinating conversations that will completely change your way of thinking when it comes to your health. 


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