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18 Online Tools that Can Improve Your Company’s Collaboration

18 Online Tools that Can Improve Your Company's Collaboration

18 Online Tools that Can Improve Your Company’s Collaboration

To help you discover the best online tools for industry collaboration, we’ve gathered insights from eighteen CEOs, founders, and other industry leaders. From leveraging LinkedIn as a hub for digital marketing collaboration to enhancing task tracking and team communication with ClickUp, these experts share the tools that have revolutionized their companies’ collaboration efforts.

  • LinkedIn: A Hub for Digital Marketing Collaboration
  • Email Newsletters: Leveraging Industry Collaboration
  • Microsoft Teams: A Game-Changer for Collaboration
  • Trello: Streamlining Project Management and Communication
  • Height: Centralizing Cross-Collaboration
  • Slack: Revolutionizing Virtual Office Communication
  • Basecamp: Centralizing Communication and Project Management
  • Miro: Streamlining Visual Collaboration
  • WriteRoom: Boosting Productivity in Content Creation
  • Instagram: Expanding Reach through Post Collaboration
  • Lunchclub: Facilitating Professional Networking and Collaboration
  • CollabConnect: Fostering Industry Collaboration and Trust
  • Google Workspace: Enhancing Real-Time Collaboration
  • Chanty: Facilitating Real-Time Team Communication
  • Mural: Streamlining Business Collaboration and Workflows
  • Confluence: Centralizing and Organizing Collaborative Work
  • Airtable: Bridging Communication Gaps in Collaboration
  • ClickUp: Enhancing Task Tracking and Team Communication


LinkedIn: A Hub for Digital Marketing Collaboration

LinkedIn has been pivotal for my agency, enabling collaboration in our industry. It serves as a hub where professionals connect, share knowledge, and industry comments, while also being able to build a wide range of relationships. 

This platform extends valuable benefits to everyone in digital marketing, offering opportunities for networking, gaining insights, sharing content, generating leads, recruiting top talent, and conducting market research. In our rapidly-evolving field, LinkedIn is indispensable for growth, making it a vital tool for agencies striving for success.

Alex Milner, CEO, AEMedia


Email Newsletters: Leveraging Industry Collaboration

In the field of content marketing and link building, opportunities constantly arise. However, we often encounter valuable content ideas or publication opportunities that don’t directly align with our client’s needs. Instead of letting these chances slip away, we found a way to capitalize on them. 

We began sending a weekly email newsletter to our industry partners, offering these unique opportunities. While email newsletters are traditionally utilized for branding or sales, our approach leveraged them as a tool for industry collaboration. This became a hit, with many partners adopting similar newsletters.

As a result, both our agency and our partners doubled productivity in building links and citations.

Hugo Molinaro, Digital Marketing Enthusiast, Founder, SmartLinking


Microsoft Teams: A Game-Changer for Collaboration

I’ve found Microsoft Teams to be a game-changer for improving collaboration within our organization and with industry peers. With real-time communication, high-quality video conferencing, and seamless file sharing, it has streamlined our operations. The ability to customize and integrate third-party apps further tailors Teams to our specific needs, making it highly adaptable for tech companies.

The robust security and compliance features are essential in an industry where data security is paramount. Teams also serves as a unified platform, reducing the need for multiple tools and increasing overall efficiency. Mobile accessibility is crucial for IT professionals who often need to address issues remotely.

Microsoft Teams not only benefits our company but can also significantly benefit others in the industry.

Tyler Guffey, CEO, Sycamore Net


Trello: Streamlining Project Management and Communication

Trello has been really helpful for our startup’s project-management and communication requirements. We give tasks to team members, arrange tasks on Trello boards, and update card statuses regularly. 

One strategy we use is to provide each card with a thorough description that includes needs, deadlines, and goals. This promotes clarity by guaranteeing that all parties involved are aware of the extent and status of a task. 

We also have weekly board-review meetings where team members can freely exchange ideas and discuss difficulties. In our startup, Trello’s visual design and collaborative tools have made it easier to keep communication open and everyone in agreement.

David Morneau, CEO and Co-Founder, Breeeze


Height: Centralizing Cross-Collaboration

Our company uses Height for efficient cross-collaboration with other businesses. Its centralized workplace helps us manage our projects with ease. Assigning a single task to multiple members is convenient on this platform, and everyone can view the task outline. 

As a result, no one gets confused with their assignments or collaboration with their project partners. One of its best features is customizable workflows. Our business partners or stakeholders can also view the project progress after we grant permission for their viewing. 

We can also add them if they want to customize the tasks or add any extra attributes. This also applies when they want to share their insights. Additionally, we integrate with other platforms to create an optimized workflow.

Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing Officer, kurtuhlir


Slack: Revolutionizing Virtual Office Communication

One online tool that has revolutionized our company’s collaboration with others in the industry is Slack. No, it’s not just a clever acronym for Super Lively and Cool Knowledge-sharing, but it could be! 

Slack is like the secret sauce of communication platforms, bringing together team members from different corners of the world into one virtual office space. With its sleek interface and seamless integration with other apps, we can chat, share files, and collaborate on projects without ever having to resort to carrier pigeons or smoke signals.

The benefits of using Slack are truly endless. First off, it eliminates the dreaded email black hole where messages get lost faster than socks in a dryer. Communication becomes instantaneous and efficient—now that’s what I call progress! Secondly, its ability to create channels for specific topics or departments means no more cluttered inboxes filled with irrelevant chatter. Plus, you can add emojis to your heart’s content.

Karan Tiwari, Content Marketer, WireTroop.com


Basecamp: Centralizing Communication and Project Management

By using Basecamp, we have been able to centralize our communication and project management with our external partners in the first-aid course industry. The intuitive interface of Basecamp allows us to create dedicated project spaces, making collaboration on specific initiatives seamless. 

With features like shared to-do lists, file sharing, and real-time messaging, our partnerships have become more efficient and organized. The ability to have threaded discussions and keep all project-related information in one place has greatly improved our teamwork, resulting in the delivery of high-quality first-aid training experiences through collaborative efforts.

Basecamp is a versatile tool that can greatly enhance collaboration with external partners. It simplifies communication and amplifies the collective impact of collaborative efforts for any organization and their industry partners.

Sarah Jeffries, Managing Director, First Aid Course Leicester


Miro: Streamlining Visual Collaboration

Miro is one of the best online tools in my opinion; it’s an online collaborative whiteboard that has revolutionized our industry partnerships. This tool efficiently streamlines brainstorming, project planning, and visual collaboration, breaking down communication barriers. Its versatility allows teams to co-create, visualize ideas, and solve problems efficiently.

Its potential extends beyond our company and acts as a game-changer for any industry, enhancing teamwork, creativity, and innovation.

Dhari Alabdulhadi, CTO and Founder, Ubuy Kuwait


WriteRoom: Boosting Productivity in Content Creation

At TechNews, one online tool that has significantly impacted our collaboration efforts is WriteRoom. It’s straightforward and distraction-free, helping our team focus solely on content creation. 

Using WriteRoom has streamlined our writing process, allowing us to produce clearer and more effective communications. For other companies, adopting WriteRoom can eliminate distractions and boost productivity. In today’s bustling digital age, having a tool that offers a clear space to think and write is invaluable. It’s a simple solution to a common challenge: staying focused amidst the noise.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle, COO, TechNews180


Instagram: Expanding Reach through Post Collaboration

Instagram has made it super easy to collaborate with influencers, brand ambassadors, and other companies in the field by easily inviting them to collaborate on a post or Reel. 

When creating marketing campaigns, your brand ambassadors or influencers can create the necessary content and invite you to collaborate. This allows you to share the content on both your platforms, spreading the reach even more and sharing the post with both your followers, thus reaching a wider audience.

Jonathan Elster, CEO, EcomHalo


Lunchclub: Facilitating Professional Networking and Collaboration

The best networking tool I have seen that facilitates collaboration opportunities is Lunchclub. Simply explained, it’s a matchmaking app for professionals, which connects anyone in business to those with similar areas of interest and expertise so you can exchange thoughts, ideas, and even build professional partnerships.

Manasvini Krishna, Founder, Boss as a Service


CollabConnect: Fostering Industry Collaboration and Trust

A great tool for enhancing collaboration within our industry is CollabConnect. It’s like a digital campfire for industry professionals. CollabConnect delivers a secure, intuitive platform where we can effortlessly exchange thoughts, share resources, and coordinate projects in real time. 

It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about creating a sense of community and fostering trust among industry peers. This tool has empowered us to break down silos, encouraging collective problem-solving and knowledge sharing. 

The best aspect is that it can help others by leveling the playing field, creating opportunities for smaller players, and promoting a culture of collaboration over competition. In an industry where connections are everything, CollabConnect is the bridge that brings us all closer together for mutual growth and success.

Mike Ryan, President and Co-Founder, Cactus Mailing Company


Google Workspace: Enhancing Real-Time Collaboration

Google Workspace is an all-in-one platform designed to enhance industry collaboration. Your team can collaborate on documents in real-time using applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Shared folders, calendars, and video conferencing via Google Meet simplify work coordination. 

The cloud-based aspect of Google Workspace allows for easy access and updates from anywhere, promoting flexibility and collaboration. By inviting industry peers to collaborate on papers or attend virtual meetings using Google Meet, you can increase productivity and streamline industry-wide operations. This not only benefits your organization, but it also empowers others in your industry to enhance their collaboration and efficiency.

Claire Jill Parker, Director of Business Management, GoVisaFree


Chanty: Facilitating Real-Time Team Communication

Chanty enables small teams to communicate and collaborate in real-time. It includes features like instant chat, audio, and video calls, an unlimited search history with voice transcripts, simple file sharing, and notification options. What distinguishes Chanty from the competition is its algorithm, which predicts responses and saves you time. This is the perspective that I hold.

Tim Parker, Director, Syntax Integration


Mural: Streamlining Business Collaboration and Workflows

Mural is the right option for business collaboration with other industries. Most of the Fortune 100 companies use it. This collaboration tool is cloud-based and has a user-friendly interface. It works for almost every business, helping to create schedules, customize workflows, run brainstorm sessions, and streamline task management. 

Its customer support and other functionalities are rated as the best among different companies. It has the capability to integrate with Dropbox, OneDrive, and other tools. Depending on the team size, the price starts at $6 and goes up to $36 per member.

James Owen, Co-Founder and Director, Click Intelligence


Confluence: Centralizing and Organizing Collaborative Work

Confluence by Atlassian has been a great help in collaborating with internal teams and other companies in the industry. Its dynamic pages allow us to create and organize all our work in one place. 

We can create a new space for each collaboration and share the progress in real-time. Also, for added security, it allows us to store our internal data on our physical server. For industry collaborations, we prefer to use Confluence Cloud for its elasticity and sharing capabilities.

Perry Zheng, Founder and CEO, Pallas


Airtable: Bridging Communication Gaps in Collaboration

One online tool that’s truly made a difference for our outdoor gym equipment business is Airtable. When we collaborated on a joint venture with another local company, we faced a heap of shared tasks and data to manage. 

Airtable allowed us to seamlessly integrate our teams, keep track of inventory, and ensure that we updated both sides in real-time. It was like having a shared workspace online, bridging any gaps in communication. For others in the industry, it’s not just about data management but fostering transparency and trust.

Lucas Riphagen, Co-Owner, TriActiveUSA


ClickUp: Enhancing Task Tracking and Team Communication

ClickUp is one of the best collaboration tools we’ve ever tried. It is generally considered a project management and productivity tool that is meant to be used to track tasks and projects. 

However, even within tasks, members can communicate with each other. Users can tag other people and communicate with them within the tool. Hence, collaboration is done within, and miscommunication and loss of communication are prevented.

Ricardo Ferrer, Chief Financial Officer, Culture.org


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