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20 Ways To Make Money Online in 2022 — List of Online Hustles From Home

I did not have crypto or NFTs to make more in one day then I use to make in a month. I am grateful for that though, as it has distilled the art of hustle into me and made me into the go getter I am today. I was not content with living paycheck to paycheck, only working one job like everyone else. I wanted more, but could not get a second job since school. Therefore, I would google “Online hustles” or “Ways to make money online”. Then I would indulge myself into learning about how to do each and every hustle. Doing this has taught me more than my 12 years of grade school and 5 years of college (patience is a virtue lmao) combined. If I had NFTs and crypto, I’d probably be lazy AF and put all my time and effort into just those things, then outside of that, I wouldn’t know anything. So, give it a read, maybe even try a thing or two out when we’re in a bear market, so you can be productive instead of staring at a screen, crying while watching your portfolio tank. These will be ranked in order of which I think are the best / worth your time. With a (rating) as well as a brief overview.

This guide was 100% written by me: Austin Erkl

Flipping NFTs (9.5/10): This is a given figuring the crazy good returns you can make from it. These types of flips are very risky though. High risk — High reward, very volatile. If you have no idea what NFTs are you can start by reading my article here. After you get a understanding of NFTs, then I also have a guide on how to flip them here. Then once you feel like you’re ready to start, I really suggest Bangsta Bears. They are very underpriced as of this writing and are my favorite NFT that I think can easily get you a 1000% return or more on your money!

NBA Topshot Flipping (9/10): I got into Topshot in the beginning of February 2021, it was one of the first times I really “aped” into something. I was having the time of my life as my love for basketball, economics, and money all were intertwined into one. Unfortunately, my love for the game got the best of me. I invested with my heart rather than my head. At the peak my 15–20k investment was worth close to 40k. I figured I was early and that it would only get bigger and bigger with more users. I didn’t factor in the factor of supply. The Topshot creators basically came out with new card packs every other day it felt like. Players went from having 1 moments with a total supply of 15,000 , to having like 5 moments with a total supply of 100–150k. The influx of supply of the new cards, tanked the value of the old cards and the market kept crashing. My love for the hobby kept me thinking “oh it’ll go back up”, until you hit rock bottom and look back at where you went wrong. By the time I started to sell of my cards I would say my account was worth around 10k. If you can learn from my mistake though, you can make great returns from Topshot. Use: https://livetoken.co/deals/live to find good underpriced deal to flip. Before this website was a thing, I would go on every listing, start from lowest serial number (#1-#xxx) as these were the highest value, then I would scroll down to see any outliers. If all the single digit serial number cards are 1k+, except for #9 which is $600, then that would be the outlier. Basically, just looking for good deals to flip, it’s very simple, even more simple with that website. Its easiest to snipe good deals when new cards come out. You’ll want to sell quick though, as you have no clue where the price will go. I sold off most of my cards, but I always go for pack drops and recently have been buying the new “Run it back” set cards as I love the classic GOATs and they are only serial numbered to /990 and I believe are extremely undervalued right now.

Panini America BC (Blockchain) (9/10): Panini has their own kind of version of “NBA Topshot” except it expands to multiple sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, and NHL). I have been using this platform since June 2021, it came onto the scene around the same time NBA Topshot did late 2020. The only difference is that Panini BC is still in the beginning stages / is much more “underground” than Topshot, which is much more “mainstream”. While I don’t see Panini BC getting nearly as big as Topshot, I believe with the right amount of marketing, it can BOOM. I’ve made some crazy good returns, unlike the massive L I took with Topshot lol. Markets a little slow as of right now of this writing (Oct 2021), but like I said its early. Panini America is to Topshot, what NFTs are to the world. Not many people know about it. If I had to guess, maybe 5% of Topshot users know about Panini Blockchain….. ITS EARLY. Check it out, bid on some cards, learn the market and then see if you like what you see.

NFT Art Flipping (8/10): Main site I use is Nifty Gateway, but Makersplace has some good stuff sometimes too. Nifty Gateway has a daily drop weekdays at 6:30pm, weekends are different times, just check out the weekly schedule. Some of the art I have seen there is amazing and if I was a crypto whale, then you best believe I’d scoop up a sh!t ton. The best way to make money on Nifty though is to win drawings / raffles, which are the 6:30pm est drops. Unfortunately, a lot of drawings now a days require you to have at least 1 of the artist previous work. Earlier in the year (2021) there was almost no requirements on any drops, so it was great, now not so much. Someone in my flipping group hit on one of the $1 raffles and resold it for like $10k. I still try to check it out daily though, but don’t get my hopes up. (edited)

Start a Youtube Channel (8/10): Back in high school I use to play videogames a lot, especially call of duty and I was damn good at it. I started my own YouTube channel before it was cool to have a Youtube channel. Yes, believe it or not, it was not cool to be a youtuber back in the day and was actually pretty lame / embarrassing. I remember my co-worker found my Youtube channel and was showing all the girls at work and I was dead embarrassed. I used to be like “but I’m making money off it”, they would still laugh / think its lame lol. NOW ITS COOL TO BE A YOUTUBER AND THESE MF’S MAKING MILLIONS, WHOSE LAUGHING NOW JENNIFER??? To show you how early I was on the Youtube game. This is the timestamp of my first Youtube video: 18,971 views Sep 5, 2011 . I did the Youtube thing, making Call of Duty videos for about 2–3 years. I had a partnership with TGN and was making about $100 a month, which back then for a high school kid was a decent chunk lol. There was this one guy who I use to collaborate with, he pursued the Youtube thing more, while I fell back. His channel name was “TheGreenGoblin”, he now has over 1M subscribers (Insert meme — Not him, it should have been meee). Wish I never stopped, but who would have known that Youtube would have taken off like it did. 10 years ago, I don’t think there was anyone on YouTube making over $1M, now there are hundreds of creators making well over that. The Youtube market is highly competitive and you have to have a passion for whatever you’re making videos about to really make it. If you’re just after money, I wouldn’t even bother.

Flipping Domains (6/10): This was one of those that popped up when I would google “ways to make money online”. It can work for some people, but it involves doing deep research into google words and trying to find different domains that might hold some value now or in the future. That’s what professinal domain flippers do. I just put together cool website names that I would want if I ever made another blog. I had about 10 different domains, each valued at $500+ by godaddy, other sites had them $300+, but still had multipe sites giving estimates of a couple hundred dollars and I had them listed for under $100 and none sold. One example was like “MakingMoneyYoung.com” which I thought was a great site name. None the less, this hustle didn’t work out for me.

Drop shipping Part 1 (Marketplace Arbitrage) 8/10: The first example is using the times to your advantage. When the pandemic hit, I knew there was a huge opportunity to make some money. Plenty of ways actually, but I wasn’t going to be one of those dickheads buying up all the hand sanitizer and toilet paper to resell. My niche that I chose: Videogames. I knew people were going to be inside playing tons of video games, so that’s where I started. You could have done a deep dive into research and found many different video game niche type things to flip, but mine was very simple.

I just found anything spare video game related that I had, that I’d be willing to sell. I had an blue extra controller, so of course I’m going to see where I can get the most for it. On eBay they were selling for $40, on mercari like $45, but on Amazon they were going for like $70+. There was a major price discrepancy, so boom there was my drop shipping idea. Dropshipping is simply being the middleman. You sell something you do not actually have in your possession. Example: I list the controller on Amazon for $70, once it sells, I copy that buyers address. I find the controller on eBay, paste my Amazon buyers address and pay for it. The eBay seller ships the controller to my Amazon buyer and I pocket the profit, I guess you can call it a “finders fee”. Only downside is that you never see the product, so you cannot do any “quality control”. Sometimes the seller ships it slow, ships a product that doesn’t match the descriptions, or sometimes forgets to ship it at all. You have to be really on top of things, but the plus side, was that I did not have any inventory to worry about. Drop shipping is just about risk free, since you don’t have to buy the inventory up front.

Drop Shipping Part 2 (8/10): The first part was more marketplace / retail arbitrage. This part 2 is more of a traditional drop shipping and I actually am currently still doing this. I won’t give away what exactly I’m selling, but literally there are endless about of things. All it takes is a little research. If you want somewhere to start to look for products go on Aliexpress and look at the best sellers. One example is a toy model car, just put that in Aliexpress search, find a good price on one that looks nice w/ a lot of sales + good ratings. Copy that listings and paste the descriptions + pictures on eBay or Etsy (my fav for doing this) and up mark it 100%+. On Etsy things supposed to be handmade, which technically it is…. handmade in China lmao. My best seller has to do with the wedding niche. I sell 100 bags for $75, it only cost me $35, my plug ships pretty quick too and only take 1–2 weeks for my customer to receive it. That’s another key of drop shipping is finding a seller with quick shipping to US. Do this by going to the reviews on the Aliexpress product, filter by US buyers and see if they complain about the shipping speed or praise it. Not 100% passive income, but pretty damn near.

E Commerce / Dropshipping Clothing Website (7.5/10): I have an online clothing store called TrendUpClothing.com . It is a dropshipping website, so everything that is on the website can be found on Aliexpress for cheaper obviously. I originally didn’t have it as a dropshipping store. I had big plans for it and a connection here in the US for crazy good wholesale prices. I was in college living in a college town, so I figured “Oh if I just have good quality clothes for cheap, this will be a smashing hit”. It didn’t work out like that and I was not very good at Facebook ads, SEO, gaining website traffic, so it didn’t take off like I thought it would. Then I did research and saw that people liked either niche clothing or they something different from the normal. I tried to brand it as clothes from around the world, didn’t work out, whatever. It wasn’t a massive flop, but a disappointment as it was one of the very few things I was excited for as I had high hopes for it. I still have the website up as I do make enough sales to pay the shopify fee every month, just in case I feel like revamping it in the future.

Write an eBook (6.5/10): A few years ago, I wrote an eBook called “How to buy, sell & make a fortune on eBay”. It was more or less a guide rather than a book though. It has done decent so far, it’s pretty cool to say you’ve wrote a book too. It’s down here though since it hasn’t had me that much money. You don’t even need to write the book yourself if you don’t want to. You can choose to hire a writer for your ebook, a graphic designer to design the cover, or a freelancer to format the ebook for you to help minimize the work you need to put into it. It’s best if you focus on keywords based on popular searches on Amazon. I often use the Keyword Tool, which allows you to find the words people use while searching so you can craft your title around it. To make money online selling ebooks, you can market it in a number of ways. You can give away your ebook for free for a few days. This helps you rank high in search results for some time and get some reviews, which helps you rank better for paid listings.

Start a Blog (6/10): I hate writing, but I love money, so I figured I would give it a try. I bought this guide online about starting a blog and putting google ads on it to make money. My blog niche was Fitness / Health since I’m into both and these types of blogs do well. First step was to find 50–100 free online articles about your niche, then a program online that mixes the articles up a little. I think it replaces some words or structures the paragraphs differently, as you don’t want to completely copy the articles. Then you wanted to write a few articles yourself, do some good SEO, and other tactics to drive website traffic. Then once you get enough traffic apply for Google AdSense, which I got denied for, I forgot why. I was pretty pissed as this was the only way really to make good money off a blog, so I sold the blog off to someone else. This is one of the articles I wrote (I promise the site looked much better when I owned it) http://witnessgoodfitness.com/childhood-obesity-in-the-united-states/

Affiliate Marketing (6/10): Affiliate marketing can be very profitable if used correctly. It is easiest if you have a big following or a website with a lot of visitors. If not, then it can be tricky and you have to get creative on how you get people to use your affiliate link. There are websites like Clickbank where they give you bigger commission, but you have to basically be a salesmen and pitch that product to people. Being an amazon affiliate is easy cause everyone trust amazon and buys stuff of their, the commission is just very very low. A positive though is if someone buys ANYTHING on Amazon after clicking on your affiliate link within an hour, you get credited with commission since you directed them there. This is one of the very few things where you don’t need any money to start though. I spent maybe a week tops researching and trying out affiliate marketing, but I was not enjoying it, so I stopped.

Flipping on eBay / Amazon for Beginners / Basics (10 OUT OF 10): -Everything I say below will apply to Amazon as well, but I mostly flipped on eBay, due to barrier of entry on Amazon as they block out a lot of things you can sell on there. They only allow authorized resellers to sell certain things, especially bigger brands. Also, Amazon are nazi’s if you sell something you’re not authorized to, they will suspend your account and hold your funds. I would say it’s worth the risk depending on the item though as the profit margins are much higher. If you flip on Amazon, do FBA, less work, less profit, but more chances of you succeeding in the long run. But without further ado: -I have been selling on eBay since I was 15 (fyi you have to be at least 16, but this will be our dirty little secret), started off selling things around the house I didn’t use, which is where everyone should start. For example, every year for my birthday I would get a video game, I’d play it for a few months and sell it to buy a newer one I wanted. If you get call of duty in November, then sell it a month or two before the one next year comes out, don’t sell AFTER the new one comes out, it’ll be worthless. This is just basic market stuff but pertains to a lot of things. Whatever you don’t use around the house, look it up on eBay and see what you can get for it. I go more in depth in my book here: https://amzn.to/3jmMjL8 (Every Bangsta Bear holder can get it for free). Then once you get a grasp of eBay, you can go to the next step. — Another great way to start is buying things from family, friends, Craigslist, Garage Sales, Flea market and Facebook groups to flip. These are my big profit margins, since you can find some gems, it’s just a lot more work as you have to look hard and sometimes will come up empty handed. When you’re over at a family’s or friend’s house, tell them about your eBay business. Then simply ask them among the lines of “Hey is there anything you want to get rid of that you don’t use?”. Everyone has stuff around the house that’s worth something, yet they never use it. Tell them you’ll sell it for them or just give them a nice cash offer! Look for things that are light too, the heavier, the more it cost to ship and the more it’ll cut into profits.

How to Buy, Sell and Make a Fortune on eBay — Make Money Online Fro…

Advanced Flipping on eBay / Amazon (10 OUT OF 10): Join a “Cook” group. I am in one called Notfiy (https://notify.org/). It’s sold out but restocks here and there. Notfiy is mostly a sneaker botting group and that’s actually why I joined, as I wanted to get into that. Then I realized that they offer much more than that and I never even got into sneaker botting, yet I’m still in there. Do some research, like google: “flipping discord groups” or “reselling groups reddit” and join a group. They will post tons of things that you can buy to flip for big profits and sell them on eBay, Mercari, Stockx, etc. This is by far the easiest way to flip items for profit. For a small fee a month, they basically do all the work and find all the good deals to flip. -Before I found out about flipping discord groups this is what I use to do…. Google: “Bulk wholesale liquidation” or “liquidation near me” or “Buy liquidation pallets”. A lot of good websites will pop up. I can’t tell you which sites are the best because it all depends what niche you are selling. Like BULQ.com is good for clothes, Liquidation.com is great for electronics (used this the most), and Directliquidation.com has everything. When you return something to Walmart, target, best buy, etc. if you opened it, they can’t put it back on the shelves, even if it works fine. Therefore, they have to bundle it together and sell it “as-is” in liquidation. You get deals like 80–95% off retail. Once you get these bundles though you have to test everything, but usually about 90%+ of the liquidation bundles I’ve got everything worked fine. More bundles you buy / bid on have an itinerary too, so always do your homework to ensure that you can make good profit. Have to factor in eBay selling and shipping fees as well. My rule of thumb is I want to make sure I can easily 2x my money (100% ROI). My best, but riskiest purchase / flip was I bought 2 65” TVs, one was worth like $1k, but the other one was a special OLED 3D TV that was worth like $5k. I bought both for like $2.5k, both worked great. They said they were B or C grade, but they looked brand new. Sold them for $800 and $4k respectfully. -Aliexpress, Alibaba, Dhgate: All are china sites, but of course everything from china is cheap. Think of them as the chinese eBay or Amazon, you can find anything between the three. You can buy bulk or what I use them for is usually dropshipping.

I’ve had a couple six figure years on eBay and one on Amazon (Sales, not revenue, I ain’t big ballin’ like that haha), so it’s been successful journey. I’ve done it as a full time “side gig” for the longest as you never want to have just one stream of income. That being said, it gets tiring going to work, dealing with customers and then coming home to deal with customers online. You also always have inventory, so if you want to go on vacation or move around, you have to put things on pause or take everything with you. I am thankful that we are in such a digital craze where you can make so much money with just a laptop. It reminds me of the “The four-hour work week”, great book about productivity, but the end game is being able to be anywhere in the world, while controlling your business from a laptop basically. You really can’t beat it.

Bank Account / Credit Card Bonuses (9.5/10): This is pretty simple but can get you some nice ROI Google: “Bank account bonus offers November (or whatever month it is)” or “Credit Card bonus November (or whatever month it is)”. Every month different offers will pop up with free bonuses if you deposit $xxx amount for the bank bonus or if you spend $xxx amount for the CC bonus. For example, the best bank bonus I ever got was with HSBC. They had an offer like deposit $1500, keep it in there with the account open for 60 days and you get a $300 bonus. I did exactly that, after 60 days, got my little bonus, transferred it to my Bank of America, thanked HSBC, but informed them it was time to close the account lol. eToro had a promo, deposit 5k, use it to buy 5k of crypto and you get a $500 bonus. Cashed out up $300 on my crypto + the bonus, quick little $800 in less than a month. Credit cards will give you offers like spend $1500 in the first 3 months and get a $2–500 bonus. Or spend $500, get a $150 bonus. Only downside with these though is that you have to get approved for the card and every card you open lowers your credit, since they do a credit check. Also, credit cards can be very dangerous. There are tons of offers like that out there, it adds up. Free money you can’t beat it!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Hustles that I have not tried, but may be worth your time:

Online influencer: If you have a certain skill or heck you don’t even need any skills, just have to go viral a few times to setup a fanbase and you’re golden. You can be one of those silly little tik tok dancers and make bank. Just shake some a$$ or go in public and try to be as cringe as possible and you will do great.

ONLYFANS: Yeahhhh, you knew it was cumming. Man, oh man is this something I’ve thought about. The only thing is, if you’re a dude, it’s really hard unless you’re a ladies man or have a significant other. You could maybe try to be an Onlyfans marketer. Charge like $xxx a month and promise a percentage bump in sales or money back. If you’re a women, then it is easier, but also could take a toll on you mentally. Its something you’d have to really sit down and think about. Also would have to do some marketing or hire a marketing agency.

Be a freelancer: You can make good money on sites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer. To make money online as a freelancer, you need to start by building out a strong portfolio. That may mean doing some free work with some reputable mid-tier brands to start. Once you gain a strong portfolio, you can start reaching out to potential big clients to earn more money online.

Print on demand: similar to dropshipping in the sense that you don’t need to carry inventory or ship out products to customers yourself. A great move if you are a good graphic artist.

Get paid to play online games: There are online games like Axie Infinity that have a “play to earn” model that rewards you for playing a lot.

Conclusion: Whether you stuck with me the whole way or not, I’m done man. I have given so much info and barley have even scratched the surface. There are so many ways to make money out there that it’s not even funny. Just do some digging, figure out what you have a passion for and go for it!

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