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5 Bad Habits That Hurt Your Plumbing 

Good and bad habits exist in every angle of life, be it eating, talking, or plumbing. Like when you have bad eating habits, you hurt your stomach; it is also natural to hurt plumbing with bad plumbing habits. 

However, in this case, you will hurt not only your plumbing system but also your time and finances with bad plumbing habits. 

Thus, it is more of a necessity than a strategy or a luxury to establish good plumbing habits. What are those bad habits? And how do they hurt your plumbing? 

Let’s see! 

1. Flushing Down Trash

Each one of us has a way of tackling useless items. Some hoard it all in a storage room while others push it into cupboards. However, none of those can hurt your home more than flushing trash down your toilet.

It is not a place for paper waste, cotton swabs, or cat litter. You may think such items are flushable because they are tiny or soft. The reality is they can still settle down in your pipes and cause blockages. 

Some unflushable products are baby wipes, sanitary products, paper tissues, cigarette butts, medication, hair, and dental floss.

If you are flushing any of these items out of habit, refrain from doing so and, instead, use a dust bin. Else, you will need to call your emergency plumber too often, as a toilet can easily break down with a non-flushable in it. 

2. Using Chemical Cleaners Too Often

Do you or anyone in your household use chemical drain cleaners too often?

If yes, you must look into this matter right away. Chemical cleaners sure remove clogs effectively, but using them too frequently can ruin your pipes. 

Another tip along the same lines is being careful about the quantity of usage. Pouring down more than the necessary amount of chemical cleaner can eat away your pipes. Read the instructions on the product and use only the amount specified. 

Overall, be mindful of chemical cleaners. In fact, try a drain snake or an auger as your first attempt when there is a clog. It is much better! When none of these work, call a blocked drains Plumber in Hoppers Crossing rather than pouring chemical cleaners over and over again. 

Resorting to quick fixes too often can’t be a good thing! 

3. Misuse of Garbage Disposal Unit

Another common scenario across most Australian households is the improper use of garbage disposals. 

Just like a toilet, garbage disposals are also misused by many people. It may seem convenient to wash your dirty plates with leftover food particles. However, they will end up creating clogs down the drain eventually. 

To say the least, they cost us money, time, and effort. The worst of all is discarding grease and fat in the sink itself. These can solidify in the middle of your pipes and create severe blockages. 

Thus, you should avoid discarding items, such as rice, pasta, or diced veggies, in the sink that hurt your plumbing. 

4. Ignoring Small Leaks 

A small leak is still a leak. It needs your attention. Otherwise, it can turn into a significant leak and flood the place. 

Most people tend to look for quick DIY solutions to fix a leak themselves, which is okay as long as the leak is minor and you can locate it. If you aren’t sure, you should immediately look for a professional plumber in Hoppers Crossing to fix the leak as soon as possible. 

The most common areas a leak can occur are as follows:

  • Around the toilet
  • Under the sink
  • At the water heater’s base
  • Behind the washing machine
  • In bathtubs and showers
  • In ceilings
  • Around exterior spigots

You will likely notice a leak if it is external, but if the leak is inside a wall, you will notice wet spots on the wall. This is your sign to quickly react! 

5. Postponing Plumbing Maintenance

A regular plumbing check is what professionals suggest. Though, it is one of the most commonly neglected pieces of advice. 

Underestimating plumbing maintenance can often result in damaged pipes. A lot of plumbing issues stay hidden until it becomes huge. If you can sort such problems at the beginning itself, they wouldn’t become big and hurt your plumbing. 

For this exact reason, regular plumbing check is advised by experts. To be efficient, you can schedule all your plumbing appointments for the year at once. This way, the expert will remind you even if you forget. 

The following are some of the areas your expert plumber in Hoppers Crossing will check. 

  • Water pressure
  • Toilets
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Drains condition
  • Pipes

In a nutshell, they will look at each possibility and make sure your plumbing system is working fine.

Final Say

There you go!

Do you have any of these bad plumbing habits?

If so, it is not too late to turn around. Bad habits such as these will hurt your plumbing system, and you will not even realise it until there’s a huge puddle of water in your bathroom. 

Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of your plumbing and take the necessary steps to keep it in working order. If you are too busy to regularly maintain your plumbing, you can at least schedule maintenance with a plumbing company. 

This way, your plumbing will be maintained, and you can go about your daily activities as planned. 

One of the best companies to schedule your plumbing maintenance is Your Local Plumbing24/7 emergency plumbers in Hoppers Crossing. Check out their services and take advantage of them. 

We hope you take our word and maintain your plumbing as needed. Good luck!

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