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9 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads [In 2022/23]

9 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads

When we think about digital advertisements, the first firm that springs to mind is Google Ads. It’s mostly due to Google’s monopoly on the search engine business.

The search engines generate $108 billion of the company’s $147 billion in sales. It is the industry leader in online advertising because to its advertising solutions that allow you to target customers across platforms including as YouTube, Maps, and third-party websites.

Let’s look at what Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is all about, how it may help your business, and how it can add value to your marketing efforts.

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  • What exactly are Google Ads?
  • Is Google Ads actually necessary for your company?
  • Reasons why Google Ads may benefit your business

What exactly are Google Ads?

When you search for anything on Google, have you ever seen a result labeled ‘Ad’?

That’s just Google Ads doing what it does best.

Google Ads allows companies to pay to have their website highlighted. Websites can appear in multiple Google search results based on the keywords they bid on, the quality score, and other variables.

Remember that Google Ads and Adsense are two separate services. While Adsense is used by website owners to sell ad space, Ads is used by companies to advertise their website. And combining them may not be a good idea.

Is Google Ads actually necessary for your company?

You are the best person to respond to this. Is your intended audience made up of active internet users? Do you want your company to have a stronger internet presence? Are you happy with the outcomes of your company’s SEO efforts?

You may utilize the product as a small company owner or marketer in the following ways.

  • Contact people who are seeking for your products or services directly.
  • People from a certain demographic should be targeted.
  • People should be directed to your landing pages.
  • Keep track of the outcomes.

Google Ads is used by around 65 percent of all small and medium-sized businesses to grow their revenue. You must get on that bandwagon or risk losing ground to your competition.

We’ll tell you 10 reasons why you should use Google Ads as part of your marketing plan. Continue reading to learn more.

9 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads.

Here are some of the reasons why you should join up for Google Ads.

1. Capabilities for targeting

Marketers and salespeople understand the value of excellent leads. At the end of the day, your ad campaign should achieve your brand’s goals. With Google’s algorithms improving by the day, you can be certain of reaching your intended audience.

You have the option of bidding on particular long-tail keywords or shorter ones. While the former allows you to target high-intent potential consumers, the latter may gain you more traction with fewer leads.

2. Capability to capitalize on the audience’s purpose

Have you ever had the feeling that Google knows more about your preferences than your best friend? Google’s intelligent algorithms can identify user intent and provide them exactly what they require.

Assume you’re advertising on social media or websites where the user’s primary objective is to explore the web or interact on social media. Your advertisement must be engaging and effective enough to persuade consumers.

You may use Google Ads to target customers who are seeking for a product that your company provides. This provides you a competitive advantage over other advertising platforms and helps you to generate more leads.

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3. Campaign management

Another reason why internet advertising are popular even among large corporations is because they are simple to implement. Companies do not require people with expensive MBAs to run a Google Ads campaign. This allows them to do the task with less resources.

Anyone, with a little training and basic marketing abilities, can launch a successful ad campaign.

What’s more, you can scale a campaign practically immediately. There’s no need to limit your PPC spending if your revenues are strong and you have a substantial marketing budget. This is why companies like Amazon, The Home Depot, and Lowe’s invest millions of dollars each year.

4. Budgetary constraints

It’s tough to believe, but there was a time when marketers struggled to maintain their marketing campaigns under budget. Placing hoardings around town, making radio broadcasts, or distributing flyers are all ineffective marketing strategies.

Google Ads combats unnecessary spending by giving you total control over how your money is spent. You may target certain keywords, establish bid limitations, and set daily budget constraints. More significantly, you are only paid when an advertisement is clicked.

This way, your advertising dollars will only be spent on activities that are important to you.

5. Increasing brand recognition

Most digital marketing gurus concentrate on lead generation, sales, and the reach of Google Ads. Despite this, they wind up underestimating its brand-building potential.

The average American spends more than three hours every day on the internet. It implies that your ad will most likely be seen several times by the same people. Whether they click on it or not, they become acquainted with your brand and its services.

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6. Increased conversions

We are well aware of Google Ads’ reach. However, the quantity of conversions is more important. Google Ads is no exception in this regard.

There is evidence that bought traffic conversions are twice as high as organic traffic conversions. You may simply become a top-ranked page in your business if you have a landing page with a solid message match and a focused design.

Furthermore, you categorize people and serve them various material depending on Google Analytics data.

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7. Increased ROI

This may appear counterintuitive, but you must spend money on advertisements in order to save money. Google Ads provides a great ROI due to its demographic-based targeting options.

To optimize results, you might use one of three types of bidding tactics. You might select one of these depending on the goals of your campaign.

  • First, consider cost per click (CPC), which is how much you spend for each click on one of your adverts.
  • Second, cost per thousand viewable impressions (CPM), in which you pay based on the number of times your ad is viewed.
  • Third, cost per action (CPA), in which you pay for each important action taken by the user.

8. Quick outcomes


Gone are the days when you had to wait for your SEO managers to generate a significant amount of web traffic for you. The ability to improve search engine page ranks organically is dependent on domain authority. It improves over time based on elements such as the amount of visitors to your website, backlinks,

and the content’s quality.

If you have the means, you may utilize Google Ads to get immediate results. If you have a product launch or an approaching event, you can generate enough attention or sales in a few of days.

This does not imply that you must always rely on Google Ads. When you start getting enough organic traffic, you may focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and stop using paid advertisements.

9. Capabilities for remarketing

As previously said, Google is a major participant in the internet advertising industry. In terms of statistics, W3Techs claims that its ad networks are used by roughly 45 percent of all websites.

Google utilizes cookies to retarget consumers across all of these websites. This implies that if a visitor has already visited your website, they will see your ad many times. You can even configure the settings to show adverts to users who have taken specified activities. For example, you may serve shoe advertisements on the display network to people who viewed your e-commerce portal’s footwear filter.

In conclusion

The final conclusion is that Google Ads is ideal for you if it coincides with your company objectives.

Remember that you must organize your method, do rigorous evaluations of the findings, and continue to fine-tune your technique.

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It’s time to go through everything we discussed in this post again.

Google Ads are usually utilized to generate a large amount of traffic in a short period of time.

Its unique selling point is its ability to recognize user intent and display the optimal ad.

Given the quantity of websites that use Google products, it provides extraordinary targeting options.

Google Ads may help you build brand recognition, which is an often neglected truth.

Google Ads are simple to measure, scale, and track.

It gives you greater control over ad placement and money.

Don’t rely just on Google Ads; instead, concentrate on your SEO to increase your organic reach.

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