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Always Look for Opportunities and Follow Your Dream

Finding a job that will not only bring you a stable income but also bring you joy is the dream of many. However, most of those who have come close to this dream don’t know what to do next and how to develop their business. This story is about a man who not only fulfilled his dream and created a profitable company but also helped hundreds of business owners grow their companies and achieve success.

Let’s start from the beginning

Louiе Torres was born into an immigrant family when his mother was still a teenager. When all the children dreamed and longed for a new toy, Louiе wanted to become an entrepreneur and start his own business. He took the first steps towards his goal at a flea market, where his grandparents brought him every weekend. Selling the popular Pokémon cards at the time, he learned the intricacies of trading.

He became the first college graduate of his family and received a degree in finance from Coastal Carolina University. With passion and immense knowledge, Louie decided to try his luck on Wall Street. After working for several years at a Wall Street retail brokerage firm and a consulting firm in Midtown, New York, he was unable to shake off feelings of dissatisfaction.

This made him start working on his own startup and try to fulfil his childhood dream. Finding himself in a difficult financial situation, he did not even think to give up. To make ends meet, he had to earn money as a waiter. At the same time, he devoted all his free time to self-development and finding ways to develop his business, studying all the subtleties of paid social media marketing.

He did it: he created his own digital marketing agency. His first clients were healthcare professionals, whom he helped attract new patients through Facebook ads. After that, he applied sales strategies not only to large medical institutions but also to seven-figure companies and national franchises. However, this is not at all the happiest end of this story.

In 2017, when Louiе and his girlfriend were forced to spend over a thousand dollars in training their aggressive Chihuahua, his life changed completely. These seemingly high costs opened up new opportunities for an already successful entrepreneur, which he did not miss. Upon learning that his dog’s trainer, whom he was incredibly pleased with, did not know how to promote himself, he was disappointed. After all, such specialists should help everyone. By offering him free help, he helped an individual trainer earn $15,000 in less than 30 days. Agree, the results are amazing.

However, he did not stop there. He went on to explore the huge pet industry and concluded that many pet companies needed help. By letting go of all of his previous clients and renaming the company, he took the risk.

The risk was justified. Louie entered the dog training market and his company, Unleashed Marketing, is currently the leading marketing and consulting agency in the world.

Louie Torres can serve as a motivation and an inspiration for all people who do not believe in themselves and always find excuses for their failures. From childhood, he walked towards his goal, despite any difficulties. Believing in himself and his dream, he was not afraid to take risks, change his life, and found new opportunities in the most ordinary life situations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Louiе and his team, get a huge stream of motivation, and maybe even use their services to achieve your goals.

Youngest Digital entrepreneur from Bihar -, Author Of Tips For Learning Digital Marketing, CEO of kaamchaalu™


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