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Behavior changes and natural wiring is static. Find out the difference with Jay Hawreluk’s AcuMax Index®.

In the realm of human behavior, there has always been a quest to understand what drives individuals, how they interact, and why they behave the way they do. Many factors influence human behavior, from upbringing and environment to culture and personal experiences. However, Jay Hawreluk, with his revolutionary AcuMax Index®, takes a unique perspective, asserting that behavior changes over time while natural wiring remains static.


In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the AcuMax Index® and how it can provide valuable insights into understanding human behavior, particularly in the context of business and relationships.

Unveiling the AcuMax Index®

The AcuMax Index® is more than just a personality assessment; it measures and maps an individual’s natural wiring, which is established during a crucial developmental period lasting 18 to 24 months after birth. During this time, specific neural pathways are formed in the brain due to the combination of various chemicals, creating a unique wiring pattern for each person.


Unlike personality, which can change over time due to external influences, an individual’s natural wiring remains consistent throughout their life. Jay Hawreluk emphasizes that the AcuMax Index® identifies how these wiring patterns apply to business and relationships, as both are deeply intertwined.

The Distinction: Behavior vs. Natural Wiring

Understanding the difference between behavior and natural wiring is vital to the AcuMax Index®’s value. Behavior refers to how individuals act and respond to external stimuli, which can be influenced by factors such as nationality, religion, gender, age, and maturity. On the other hand, natural wiring represents the essence of a person—their intrinsic traits, strengths, and preferences.


The AcuMax Index® helps individuals and organizations differentiate between behaviors shaped by external factors and their innate wiring. This understanding is key to building stronger relationships and optimizing business processes.

The Essence of Jay Hawreluk’s One-Liner

Jay Hawreluk’s mission is to improve human interactions by unraveling the mystery of why people do and say the things they do. The AcuMax Index® empowers individuals and companies to grasp the core wiring patterns of individuals, moving beyond superficial behavior and digging deep into the root of their actions.

Why Companies Need the AcuMax Index®

For businesses, having the right people in the right roles is critical to success. The AcuMax Index® offers an objective assessment of potential candidates, ensuring that the hiring process goes beyond resumes and interviews. By understanding an individual’s natural wiring, organizations can align employees with positions that suit their strengths, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

The AcuMax Index® in Action: A Client’s Perspective

Clients who have implemented the AcuMax Index® in their hiring process often see immediate results. The assessment is quick and easy, taking an average of less than four minutes to complete. Moreover, the AcuMax Index® provides a wealth of valuable information with its 14 different reports, from interview questions to proactive and responsive drives.

Transforming Hiring and Team Dynamics

One of the standout features of the AcuMax Index® is its applicability in various industries and roles, including skilled trades and sales. Companies are leveraging this assessment to find the perfect match for their requirements, focusing on a candidate’s wiring and subsequently teaching them the necessary skills for success.

Achieving the Gold Standard in Customer Service

Jay Hawreluk’s commitment to excellent customer service sets the AcuMax Index® apart from competitors. Clients appreciate the immediate response and personalized approach to their needs. The AcuMax Index® team ensures that clients feel valued and supported throughout the entire process, from onboarding to continuous consulting.

Unlocking Human Potential: The AcuMax Index® Experience

The transformational journey of implementing the AcuMax Index® begins with setting up the software tailored to each client’s needs. With a systems webinar and expert guidance, organizations get hands-on with the assessment process, surveying their employees to gather valuable data.


The AcuMax Index® ‘s position wiring patterns then become templates for screening candidates, ensuring that the hiring process is streamlined and guided by each individual’s natural wiring. Clients can rely on ongoing support and consultation to optimize the integration of the AcuMax Index® into their organizational culture.


Jay Hawreluk‘s AcuMax Index® brings a fresh perspective to understanding human behavior by differentiating between transient behaviors and immutable natural wiring. With this powerful tool, businesses can make informed decisions in hiring, creating stronger teams, and ultimately, fostering better relationships.


Embracing the AcuMax Index® leads to improved job satisfaction, enhanced productivity, and reduced turnover. It empowers individuals and companies alike to unleash their full potential, making it a game-changer in the realm of business and relationships.


Unlock the true potential of your organization and create lasting success with Jay Hawreluk’s AcuMax Index®.

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