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CAT SAUNDERS, INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER, ENTREPRENEUR, Is your past screwing your future! How to get out of your own way and quickly?

Cat has always had an interest and natural affiliation with behaviour, emotions and how the 2 are so closely interwound whilst playing a massive part in the quality of how you live your life. She would spend days upon days studying, learning and witnessing how people would self sabotage their goals with their behaviour based on how they were feeling emotionally more so than factual events or opportunities presented to them.

Cat has built a successful career & business by helping people identify the difference between healthy vs unhealthy emotions and how things from your past can dictate how you feel about or respond to things currently and moving forward.

Cat says “It’s amazing how something you’re not even aware of consciously can have such a profound effect in your decision making, both professionally and personally – it can affect all areas of your life”

Cat has openly shared how this had impacted her life previously and now helps other women see how you can overcome “Stories from your past” as Cat describes it, to be able to live a life that “Inspires them”.

“So many women have dreams and desires to live a life filled with purpose and to inspire others. I want them to not only live with purpose within their heart and to inspire others but even more so inspire themselves. It’s when the passion is driven from within that the momentum can withstand the challenges life throws at us, enabling you to create a legacy for the future”

Cat’s passion and drive saw her share her story with an invitation to share speak in a recent TedX talk. Her message is all about helping women and animal lovers from all over the globe to realise healing is possible. To discover that an empowered future is possible for them beyond the overwhelm of negative emotions and heaviness experienced by so many others.

Cat knew by her sharing her story and experience on such a large international platform,  that this would be the key for many other women to find connection and understand that they can gain control of their emotional patterns of behaviour only when they are aware of what’s happening at an unconscious level.

Cat is well known for her work and her passion within the canine training &behavioural industry, especially in the area of improving peoples relationship and communication skills

Cat says “Communication goes so much deeper than the words we use. When you work with animals – it’s evident as they are non-verbal. Animals observe our behaviour and energy. I want an animal to pick up on my intention well before my actions or words. However when you are working with people, if you truly want to understand and have a greater level of communication, you must first understand the emotional link to language and what emotions it triggers for you and the other individuals. This is almost always linked to your unconscious. When you are aware of this, only then are you empowered to have a choice as to how you move forward”.

Whilst Cat has been invited to host and speak to many audiences around the world, her message wasn’t always openly accepted.

“We live in a blame/victim culture and often aren’t encouraged to take emotional responsibility for how you show up in daily life, instead show up with the unhealthy stories from the past still having power over you. Yes, some people have endured horrific events in their lives – I help and guide them to see that the story of their past doesn’t have to be the story of their future”

Before becoming qualified as a coach, Cat worked in the animal welfare sector for almost 2 decades which sadly has some of the highest rates of suicide, anxiety, depression and mental health issues.

Cat says that whilst it’s an amazingly rewarding industry to work in, the emotional blackmail and pressures to change behaviour and save lives at the eleventh hour with minimal responsibility or ownership from the people which had the power earlier on to prevent many of the issues thrust upon you definitely takes its toll on the people within the industry

It was during Cat’s time working within the animal shelter and welfare sector that saw her face some of the greatest challenges of her life emotionally.

She was asked if she could come in (to the workplace) and change the way the behavioral component was structured from within.

Cat says ‘having the impression that I was able to make positive change was the beginning of the emotional ride from hell I was about to get on”

When you have an understanding of what needs to be done and no matter which way you turn, you are met with resistance and roadblocks beyond your control. The red tape, the emotional blackmail of people stating If you don’t fix this the dogs gone and you are powerless to make the change needed, within the time frame demanded, it’s a one-way path into what feels like a bottomless trench”

It was during Cat’s own personal experience of getting out of “the trenches” (as she describes as having to “drag herself out”), that Cat began to learn and study more about the human/emotional connection and how to heal from the symptoms of PTSD and deeper levels of the unconscious that she saw a connection from her past.

“I realised I was unintentionally screwing myself over! Unconsciously I was seeking a resolution for an old emotional trauma I had experienced as a child. I couldn’t believe it. There it was right in front of me staring at me, like it was asking me if I was finally ready to heal and move forward in life.”

Cat is often heard saying “The unconscious mind will seek out familiarity, as it’s this familiarity that gives your unconscious predictability and it’s predictability that gives you the illusion of safety”

Cat says “It’s this illusion of safety, that sees you continue to self-sabotage or put yourself in similar environments as the unconscious mind is seeking a resolution to emotional trauma from the past

Cat’s events and programs have been a real industry game-changer for her clients in their journey both personally and professionally as they uncover the underlying areas which are creating blocks for them as they are seeking growth both personally and professionally.

Cat now successfully coaches and mentors women from all over the world helping them to expand their opportunities and breakthrough emotional blocks and trauma and you’ll not be surprised to hear that she has had major success in this area too

“To be able to help women that feel as though they were at breaking point, rediscover their purpose and ignite their passion for their future is a massive reward. Having them get those promotions, grow their business and find emotional freedom, allows them to enjoy life and the relationship they surround themselves with moving forward. I know how powerful it was for me and now I am driven to help others that believe that there’s more out there for them, they just feel like they’re lost or disconnected from it”

So what’s coming up next for Cat? She says understanding your mind and how it works is where your journey all begins. She is currently studying new university & science-backed neuro healing techniques to expand the services she can continue to add valuable assets to her programs and for her clients.

It’s abundantly clear that Cat is extremely passionate about behaviour and the thoughts and mindset that motivate your decisions behind your behaviour and she helps people through her programs extremely successfully

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