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Complete Website Optimization For Search Engines

Part 1 of our complete Search Engine Optimisation guide for small businesses & enthusiasts!

Digital Marketing Specialist analysing results

Carter Douglas is the Founder & Director at Marketing One, a local SEO agency in Brisbane, Australia.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation strategies are now commonly popular amongst online businesses. Absolutely nothing weird about it as it permits to significantly increase your gross earnings, as an outcome of growing traffic or visitors circulation.

That is why one point ought to be stressed out – your return on investment through SEO is straight proportional to the results your organisation have now. It means that SEO technique, unlike marketing optimization, directed to boost quantity, not quality. If your company enjoys 1% conversion rate for any action you require, whether it is sale, membership, feedback or other it keeps having similar conversion rate after SEO will be achieved, although the action will grow in outright numbers as an outcome of increasing traffic circulation.

As you see SEO is not a panacea. The highest and the most effective return on your SEO campaign along with organisation financial investment may be reached upon one condition. Just when your existing organisation model and marketing project has actually already been enhanced and reached high level or conversion rate and effectiveness, it is clever to grow your company “in quantity”.

The reason for such mindset lies within the next speculation too. Having ineffective company design under conducting web-site SEO will force growing number of visitors to turn your online business down for good. The obvious factor is that too couple of people actually return to the site once they left it for any factor, so having low conversion rate will significantly reduce your SEO outcome!

Let’s draw an example. With formerly pointed out 1% conversion rate from every 100 visitors you get, would suggest that 1 visitor only takes desired action. Expect SEO campaign increased the circulation of targeted traffic to 1000. Using children’s math we can quickly create 9 new people, who would begin to express their interest in your deal on a monthly basis. Furthermore, your websites performance can also have a direct impact on your conversion rate. However, we will discuss this in part 2 of our in-depth SEO guide.

Now what if your, as some online marketers state, “conversion” rate is 10% (10 visitors from every 100) and the SEO helped to bring the exact same 1000 targeted traffic. You now have actually 100 “preferred actions” each month! Simply put, your net SEO achievement is 90 new individuals. Compare this to 9 individuals with 1% conversion rate and everything becomes clear. That is why SEO is mainly about amount, while conversion rate is mainly about quality.

I haven’t purposefully discussed about high quality of traffic online search engine produce. Lots of experts would most likely be hesitant by now for my evening-out the quality of traffic and concentrating on quantity just. The explanation is basic – the quality of Search Engine traffic is a Private criterion.

Unlike lots of marketing and SEO experts I can not inform you how “quality” visitors originating from SEO will be for your specific company as I don’t understand your present promotion approaches. That is why the quality of traffic SEO campaign brings might be neutral, slightly positive or even negative. Yes, it may be negative.

I expect a little shock amongst online marketers, who were taught for their entire internet business career that search engine traffic is the most quality traffic they might have. It is not true under some conditions. If banner or categorized ads were the only methods of generating traffic for you, then SEO will undoubtedly bring a quality enhancement to your company action, on the other hand, think of, that your present visitors are interested readers of your books, ebooks, reports, short articles and other publications. Do you really think that “response quality” of people originating from “Description tag” of your online search engine listing will be higher? Barely, you can definitely expect a small decline in conversion rate of SEO project, despite the self-evident quantity growth in accordance with our previous example.
Next crucial point is to comprehend that before anything we, first of all, should have those web-pages, otherwise there would be nothing to optimize. That basic logic will cause another apparent conclusion. The more theme-based web-pages you have the much better SEO result you can accomplish. If your online business represented by 3 web-pages (primary sales letter, about the author and contacts), your preliminary SEO “resources” are too weak to reach any substantial goal. SEOs look for info, that is why, content rich web-sites might truly enjoy advantages of SEO.
Second of all, your pages should have already been noted in SEOs. No point to optimize the SEO listing position you don’t have if you have not sent your web-site to SEOs yet.

An essential predicament every organisation operator deals with is the level s/he enables to reach in desire to get outstanding SEO outcomes. Here is what I indicate. As we all know the basic guideline of effective web-site optimization is focusing on keywords with very low or low competition. Simply put, the less supply of internet resources for some specific keyword or phrase is, the more opportunities are for your web-page of being “seen” and ranked high.

Here is the issue, if you want to get a maximum for your web-site SEO position you should be prepared not simply to reword or modify your web-pages, but to completely alter the theme structure and top priority of informative content!

There would undoubtedly be web-site sections or pages with very high competitors that would stress the appeal and importance of that topic, so if you choose to keep it “as is”, optimization will raise your listing, however someplace from 796,021 place to 545,932. Does it assist you?

The degree of your “flexibility” and how far you can go to look “pretty” from SEO perspective is what should be chosen ahead of time, because there are always 3 parts: you/your company, target market/consumers and search engines/directories, in between which about 90% of informational choices are common, however the rest 10% vary and it depends on you to choose what styles you ought to focus on. Whenever you are executing any of the SEO strategies discussed in this publication, bear in mind your organisation and customers’ needs.

Having understood these basic functions of SEO, might we make an action further into a complete web-site seo, expanding your organisation to the brand-new markets.

Keep in mind that SEO, despite all pointed out above, is all about “requesting for high ranking” and there can not be any results guarantee as no one other than for SEO designers themselves control ranking algorithm and determine “who is where”. More than that, SEO takes much time prior to effecting your listing positions and this timeframe may vary someplace from week to a number of months, so do not stress if your optimization efforts have not led to Google # 1 position by tomorrow morning.

Typically, digital marketing agencies like to break up their milestones into four throughout the respective campaigns lifespan. Here at Marketing One, we provide all customers embedded guarantees which protect their investment against any unforeseen changes in the SEO space. Given SEO is such a volatile space, we offer to work for free should any one of our milestone not be met.


Let’s start from drawing a scheme of your web-site link structure extremely similar to one every web-developer draws before developing a web-site. Under other equivalent conditions, we will discuss later, it is likewise clear that the more style based web-pages and even web-site areas you create, the more chances of being ranked high you have, no matter how optimized your competitor’s single web-page is.

Each web-page of web-site section need to represent a particular theme or subject. In this manner you can diversify your “keywords market”, increasing possibilities of high rankings. Regardless of apparent visitors advantage your website is most likely to win market recognition.
In the meantime try to have “horizontal” in addition to standard “vertical” link connections between pages. If among your pages got a high ranking position (Google Page rank) it might help to improve the rankings of web-pages linked to it also.

Keyword analysis.

Next step is to figure out keywords, mainly, phrases that we want to target. Speaking about pointed out issue, I want to point to the other method you ought to know about, that is suggested by some experts. Let’s call it SEO-oriented approach.

According to this technique, before creating a web-site your primary step implies looking for the very best essential phrases by means of competitive analysis on primary SEO and then beginning to develop content around these keywords. It indicates that your web-site will get greatest SEO ranking, but the informational richness will be determined by neither you nor your customers. Under such conditions it is SE or, to be more particular, your competition will determine what kind of content you will have at your web-site. As you see, according to SEO-oriented approach, the more competitive some crucial phrase and based upon it subject is, the less attention you need to pay to developing that style at your own site.

My attitude is somewhat different. I offer in the beginning to produce and assess your present web-site content based upon your organisation choices and your niche-market requirements and after that enhance those web-pages according to keywords drawn from your existed web-pages, no matter how tough the competition may be. Naturally, you are free to develop new pages around keywords with low competition simply for traffic structure functions, but the primary accent ought to be focused on your service advancement and marketing requirements.

When it comes to the keywords, the basic rule is to choose the most targeted expressions rather than single words for 2 factors:.
Phrases could explain your web-page theme typically more exactly than a word:

  • Phrases normally have significantly less competitors in comparison with one-word.
  • Write down 3-5 the most targeted essential expressions for each web-page or area we are going to enhance. Then by examining supply/demand ratio find the most convenient keywords for SEO positioning.

Standard operating procedure of identifying your key expression competitors or, as i said “examining supply/demand ratio” is to look at their supply and need at popular SEOs. Supply is determined by results of browsing them on SEOs while demand can be discovered through question on PPC programs at Overture.com or Google.com’s AdWords that have tool for finding how many time keywords or phrase have been browsed on them.

By doing so we are looking for the most promising and prospective for optimization key expressions. Having them allow us to go further and start enhancing the web-pages themselves.

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