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“Cryo Now OR Cry Later” Says Travis Pioske – CEO & Founder of Body Techs Rx

Whether you want to train harder and recover faster, shed belly fat, calm inflamed nerves, ease post-workout joints or rejuvenate skin, cryotherapy has got you covered. This technique is proven to work and has been used by athletes for boosting performance for over a decade now.


Within 3-minutes of your cryo-sesh, you will feel like a whole new person. 


Coming out of cryotherapy is one of the best experiences you can have. Once you get in, you get to see the results for yourself and regret not trying it earlier. The very thought of getting into a freezer with below 0 temperature, in fact, minus temperatures, freaks the shit out of many people. But what they are unaware of is the many benefits the treatment can help them have in the long run. 


Cryotherapy was earlier accessible to athletes only to ease their tissue lesions, prevent injuries and boost athletic performance. Due to extensive training and exertion as a part of their routines, their bodies face a cellular breakdown and cryotherapy actually helps in slowing that down. Similarly, we as individuals take on constant physical and mental stress every single day. All of which results in the breakdown of cells impacting your body, skin, bones and life. 

By taking cryotherapy sessions, you will be able to turn your recovery mode on. Your body will resist the constant breakdown of cells and help you recover from injuries faster than ever. You can say you can age with grace by taking cryotherapy sessions as a part of physical wellbeing. 


But again physical recovery, health and wellness are broader terms. 


We asked Travis Pioske, who was trained by the most experienced person in cryotherapy in the mid west Branden Johnson and who is now the CEO of Body Techs Rx, about the recovery process in cryotherapy to which he said, 


“From beauty to recovery, health and wellness to performance and pain management and everything in between, cryo can help. If we talk about beauty, what one wants is reduced cellulite, minimal appearance of stretch marks, burnt calories, youthful-looking skin, stronger hair and nails… you name it and cryo can help you with each one of that.” 


He further added, “It can help in reducing inflammation, improving sleeping, boosting immunity, lowering stress, helps in faster surgical recovery, relieving chronic muscles and joints, improving blood circulation and the list goes on. It all depends on what you’re looking for. And on the basis of that, we decide what treatment will suit you the best. WBC (Whole Body Cryotherapy) is not for everyone and similar is the case with Normatec Compression or Red Light Therapy. Each has its unique benefits and in order to get the most out of the treatment you have to tell us what you’re looking for.” 


Never thought freezing cold temperatures would have these many benefits. Whenever someone talks about temperatures below 0, I quit the conversation being freaked out by frostbites. 


So we asked Travis, about the freezing cold temperatures and how the hell they help one recover without having frostbites, to which he said, 


“First things first. Before entering your cryo-sauna you need to prep yourselves up which means putting on your dry robe, dry socks, dry slippers and dry gloves. The only thing you take off is the robe when you enter the cryo-sauna, and the rest of the safety clothing stays. I’m emphasizing the word DRY here a lot and that is because of a reason.” 


“Extreme freezing temperatures may injure your skin and even cause frostbite if there is moisture in the air or even in the clothing that the client is provided. Wet clothing or excessive sweat during the session may result in frostbites and therefore you need to make sure you’re taking professional help when it comes to cryotherapy.” 


“At Body Techs Rx, we make sure our client is completely dry, the clothing is fresh and again completely dry. The cryo-sauna uses dry cold already which is free from moisture and humidity. So when everything is taken care of there are no chances of you getting bites into our skin. Plus, our saunas are technician-controlled, so all you do is enjoy the nitrogen cooling your Cryo-sauna tank.” 


Indeed, after reviewing how tolerable the temperature from the therapy is and the science that goes behind it, I’m pretty confident that this treatment can do wonders if done by the right cryo-technician. 

Your technician will tell you about all the preventive measures, and after that, you will be safe from the possible appendages that the therapy might have…All you need to do is make sure you’re listening to your technician and doing as directed, and the rest should be fine.


Travis Pioske helps his clients get cryotherapy sessions under his supervision in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. They have previously serviced famous athletes for over ten years now, and he is now extending his services to the general public. 


We asked Travis how he plans to extend his services to the masses, to which he said, “High-end athletes get to try and experience all of the cool new stuff that can help them maintain their health and bodies to be able to perform better and do so for years and years. But you barely see the masses getting benefit from it. This is not just about cryo, but almost everything that should be introduced to the masses so they can embrace the many benefits of novel technologies.”


He added, “The masses only get to know 15-20 years down the road about all the amazing benefits of these undercover treatments when the FDA and CDC start approving it. In the case of cryotherapy, we are fortunate enough to have athletes already using and benefiting from it. These are real-life case studies. Even research has proven that WBC (Whole Body Cryotherapy) is beneficial for our bodies.”


“I really want people to be able to maintain their bodies so that they become pain-free and recover from injuries faster. They can make their bodies capable enough to resist intense injuries and recover from new ones 10X faster with cryotherapy. No matter what part of the body you want to relieve, as long as it has muscles and bones, cryotherapy will be beneficial in recovering its strength.” 


And that does make sense, too, because Cryotherapy, aka Cold Therapy, actually uses freezing temperature to reduce your blood flow to a particular area, which significantly reduces inflammation and swelling. Especially post-workout pain that you feel around your joint or a tendon can be relieved temporarily through cryotherapy as it helps in reducing nerve activity.


But there are so many other options and over-the-counter medications available in the market, so WHY should one go for cryotherapy? 


According to Travis traditional medicine is inescapable. It makes you a prisoner of your own body. They make you believe that your bodies are meant to break cells down resulting in a loss of energy, aging skin, and aching joints. 


Though they are right to a certain degree, you can still control the process if not eliminate it entirely. It’s all about how strong your immune system is, how strong your bones and joints are, how easily your skin gets torn etcetera. By controlling these factors and making your body less flexible enough you can live a happy healthy life free from pain, intense injuries and aging for as long as possible. 


Not only this but can even boost your immune system to help fight disease and infection. Travis truly wants to shift customers’ minds here.


Even recent studies have shown that whole-body cryotherapy can have long-term benefits on health like prevention from inimical inflammation, injuries and soreness as a result of heavy exercise or training in addition to therapeutic benefits. 


The only thing a person must take into consideration is that they are getting this therapy in specialized facilities under the supervision of a well-trained person. That is where you can count on Travis Pioske with his cryo facility Body Techs Rx, in Minneapolis Minnesota. 


Travis and his team have been giving this therapy to a multitude of athletes, young trainers, regular people and senior citizens up to 93 years old that are just stiff and sore from life. Office workers come in getting sick of sitting in chairs all day, construction workers who need to recharge over lunch, and police and army officers who come in for recovery and mental health. 


The studies even prove that cryotherapy may be beneficial for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, dementia, seasonal depression and related issues. 


From whole body cryotherapy to localized cryotherapy, red light LED therapy, Normatec compression,  and VibePlate everything you need under one roof – Body Techs Rx. What else could you ask for? For more information on each of the services and their monthly memberships, please visit their website and get your cryotherapy sessions booked to experience the many benefits. 


Source: Variance Marketing



Travis Pioske




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