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Expert Female Money Coaches Share Their Greatest Secrets To Growing Wealth

There is a surging rise in female entrepreneurship where women are shattering glass ceilings in how much they are capable of earning. Not only this, but in typical corporate structures there is a big wage gap between women and men, where men are largely favored.

These 3 powerful women have rebelled against typical societal structures, cracked the abundance codes, and busted all money myths. They have gone to work in empowering themselves first, providing themselves the capacity to now coach other women in creating their own 7-figure businesses.

Sabrina Philipp

Sabrina Philipp is a business coach who helps women make 7-figures online. She started her own business 4 years ago, moving to Bali on a one-way ticket with only $800 to her name. Within 7 months she scaled her business to 7-figures, at age 24. She now runs a team of 35 people across 7 countries, has a multiple 7-figure business, and has helped thousands of women across the world grow their own businesses.

Having grown up with parents who worked in both accounting and finance, she witnessed their scarcity, analytical, and frugal mindset when it came to money and rejected the idea of living her life by the same rules.


What we focus on grows

“Cultivating a healthy relationship with money is important. If you’re feeling the pinch, be grateful for what you have. Check in every day with your stripe account, bank account, or Paypal and be grateful for every dollar.

I also see many entrepreneurs who have blocks around receiving large sums of money. They either hold onto every penny when they get a big pay cheque, stretching it out as if it’s the last dollar they’ll ever receive. Or they receive an influx of cash and spend it all straight away because they’re not used to holding onto such a large amount. It’s important we work on our ability to hold onto, receive, and manage money really well. Also, if you’re stuck and don’t know what your block is, pay attention to your behavior because your behavior will point you towards your beliefs.”

The key to scaling to multiple 7-figures

“I believe the most important thing in scaling your business is owning your personal brand on social media. Own who you are unapologetically and realize the value you have to give to the world because there are no limitations or structures holding us back anymore.

Also, when we think of someone wealthy, we automatically think of older male entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezoz, Warren Buffett, or Mark Zuckerberg. It’s helpful for us women to pay attention to other women who are crushing it and succeeding. Look to women who are fortune 500 CEOs or have their own digital media companies and keep them as your role models as people you can closely relate to.”

Lauren Eliz Love (Business Babe)

Lauren Eliz Love had, as she describes, a “come-to-Jesus quantum moment” of waking up in 2013 where her life took a drastic shift for the better. As founder of Business Babe, Lauren not only teaches women best practices for business strategies and mindset shifts but also has a strong and steady focus on spiritual practices as she embraces her own vulnerability in the pursuit of helping others.

Within a year and a half of her awakening, Lauren built a whole new life for herself. She got divorced, started her business from the ground up, and for the first time she moved into the direction of what her heart and soul was calling her to do.

Learn to receive money with grace and joy

“When it comes to entrepreneurship, money is a tool. You can be incredibly good at what you do, but you aren’t going to help a single person if there isn’t an opportunity for a financial transaction to take place.

In new-age entrepreneurship, there are a lot of healers, teachers, and facilitators who have incredible shame and guilt around taking money, receiving money, and charging their worth. But the reality is the more money we make, the more impact we can have. We simply need to rewrite the belief that “money is the root of all evil”. We’re also in this new paradigm where the feminine is rising and now the feminine is deprogramming a lot of old constructs. Now it’s our responsibility to receive with grace and joy because the better the relationship we have with money, the more people we can help. And the more people we help, the more we’re in our purpose. And the more we’re in our purpose, the more money we make.”

Cultivating a relationship with something greater than ourselves

“Whether we call it spirit, god, universe, or a higher power, it provides us a way to see beyond what currently exists in front of us. It also gives us faith that we have the support and guidance we need. This way we avoid facing burnout and exhaustion, which I see happen all too often with women.

I also see so many entrepreneurs get lost in superficial things such as followers, likes, engagement, and the size of their email list. They are in a constant state of reaction as they are allowing other people’s responses dictate how they feel. Instead we should be spending more time focusing on how we can feel empowered because when we feel empowered as a leader, we feel confident, certain and faithful in what we are doing, so much that we will reach our end destination in the process, including wealth creation.”

While connecting with spirit, it is still so important to understand the world we’re operating in, such as the language of social media and marketing so I don’t ever want to dismiss the strategic element of business development because it’s always necessary to make money if we want to make an impact.”

Charlene Izere

Charlene Izere is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and founder of Wellness Delivered, Soulful Systems, and Melanin & Money. The thread that connects all 3 brands together is putting money and opportunity into the hands of black women. 

For years, Charlene felt both disheartened and feel under-represented, desperately longing for community and support by women who understood her. This led to her founding Melanin & Money, to provide black women with the tools and resources they need to grow their network and net worth, with the right community and support.


Wealth creation for black women isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach

“Unique challenges are faced by us black women that others will never have to face in their life. We need to work on our historic systems of economic oppression, such as pay disparity, lack of visibility, resources mobilization opportunities, tokenization, and creative theft. So it’s important to put ourselves in spaces where we are not only recognized as an authority, but also see ourselves as someone who deserves that wealth.

Everything shifted for me when I made the mindset shift that it doesn’t have to be hard. I realized I can put myself in places where I am supported and I can thrive, instead of feeling like I’m always trying to survive. I also grew up on food stamps and government assistance, so financial security is important to me.

I now tell myself every single day that I’m wealthy. That I am wealthy now. Anything else is just magic.”

Communities are now realizing the power of the black dollar

“Many goods that are purchased by black people aren’t necessarily produced by black people. With campaigns like blackout Tuesday, there’s a resurgence in campaigns to support the black dollar and black experience. And now that we’re reimagining a better world, we’re also imagining a better black economy – one that cripples the racial wealth gap and channels the resources back into black neighborhoods. We’re no longer seeing white women only on the panel. We’re no longer seeing white women only as experts in the leadership space. I say white women, because in my entrepreneurial space, there’s a lot of white women at the top, which has us realize we have to do better, our allies have to do better, and by doing so we are changing the way the world sees the black experience.

Black women are rising in a way we’ve never done before. I’m so happy to know what our community will look like in the next few years. The thing is, the magic that black women hold has always been there, but now there’s no option not to see it, because now you see it no matter what.”

A new wave is well and truly upon us where gentle, yet powerful leaders such as these 3 women are paving the way for other women to take charge of their own lives, living freely and fully as we all deserve.

Women are no longer being constrained by societal beliefs in new-age entrepreneurship and it is those who take the leap and following their intuition who will continue to thrive and soar above the frail systems that are crumbling beneath us.


Kelly Wing is the founder of Ohwabisabi Media, a media company that serves to amplify the voices of next generation leaders and company founders who are set to leave a lasting legacy. Ohwabisabi.com is a media publication where conscious creators and industry thought-leaders share their unique message, teachings, and stories with a growing fan-base from around the globe. Kelly is also a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Influencive and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Business Insider and other notable press outlets.

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