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How to Live Your Best Life – 10 Life Coaches Transforming Lives in 2021

In 2021, the role of a life coach is more important than ever. Helping to guide those from across the globe in their own unique ways, here are 10 incredible life coaches leading the way in 2021.

Katie Shannon 

Katie Shannon is an exceptional life coach who specializes in coaching high-performing leaders who crave to align their authentic selves with their professional prowess otherwise known as Powerful Alignment. She helps clients operate from their center, to live unapologetically and live their full human capacity. Katie uses her own life experience to lead those who are ready to venture into their shadow self and come out wildly confident on the other end. 

Katie has successfully transcended self-abandonment, codependency and other addictions and she is passionate about helping others do the same. She leads her clients into Powerful Alignment, both personally and professionally. She works exclusively with Founders and Executives who have experienced past successes and yearn to go deeper.

She offers individual coaching sessions that are tailored to each client and intimate Mastermind group coaching as well. Katie’s clients represent Senior Leadership of leading brands in sports apparel and banking, including the likes of Nike, Under Armour, International Finance Corporation, and BNY Mellon. 

Katie’s clients love her approach because they know they are being led by someone who is like-minded and understands their journey deeply. She has done the painful and confronting inner work herself, and she is happy to guide the leaders of tomorrow through it so they can have a positive impact on the world. 

Betty Banks 

Founded by Betty Banks, Bankslife Coaching is focused on helping and guiding women so they can transform into their Higher Selves. Betty is a successful life coach who uses NLP techniques, Spiritual Shadow Healing, and Intuitive Works to help her clients come into their power. She has always been the kind of person who desires more out of life, but she was held back for so long by limiting beliefs imposed by society. 

Betty broke free of those limiting beliefs and now she’s helping others do the same. Based on her own experience, she developed a 12-week program called Shadows Program where she supports women through 1:1 mentoring and group coaching, with a focus on dismantling limiting beliefs. The strategies used in the Shadows Program have had a 99% success rate of personal actualizations and breakthroughs. Bankslife Coaching is a community of loving, interactive, engaged, and motivated women who have turned their trauma into their superpower.

LeeNor Dikel 

LeeNor Dikel is a #1 internationally bestselling author, award-winning life coach, speaker, and host. She has been featured in Brainz Top 500 Global Entrepreneurs, NBC, CBS, USA Today, Market Watch, and the Digital Journal. 

She is the founder of From Striving to Thriving in 90 Days, a program and course that has transformed lives around the world, providing the strategy and mentorship necessary so that ambitious women can find and create a career or business that they love. LeeNor helps her clients, many of whom are aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives by pinpointing their passion and purpose and helping them rid any blockages like doubt or lack of strategy that may be getting in the way of success.

She is passionate about leading ambitious women and helps them overcome subconscious limitations, reduce stress, and shift into the happiest, most productive version of themselves. LeeNor draws on her expertise in NLP, hypnosis, reiki energy healing, and mindfulness, as well as her own experiences overcoming trauma and building two successful businesses to empower her clients. Her approach is focused on guiding her clients so they can discover their purpose and break free from doubt, inaction, and insecurity so they can pursue their goals with confidence. 

LeeNor’s mission with her coaching business is to empower women all over the world so they can overcome their inner blockages and live a life of abundance and success. She offers the best, most effective, and innovative packages for her clients so they can create the life of their dreams!

Lisa Guillot

Founded by Lisa Guillot, a professionally certified leadership coach and personal branding expert, Be Bright Lisa Coaching helps clients gain a clear vision for the future of their personal and professional growth. Lisa has 20 years of experience of deep soul-filled metaphysical approach which helps elevate your mind, body and soul to create purpose and legacy.

Lisa’s coaching services allow people to transform their mindset, connect to their Higher Selves, and reinvent their personal brands with style, confidence, and ease. Through Be Bright Lisa, she helps her clients create a future that embodies who they really are, not just on a personal level but also on a professional level. 

Lisa has been dubbed a personal branding expert by the Chicago Tribune, as she leverages her wealth of knowledge in the branding industry and years of experience as a creative mindset coach to help her clients. She brings heart, soul, and action to every conversation and she’s passionate about working with professional women who want to bring more of who they are to the table. 

Be Bright Lisa offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching workshops that are focused on bringing clarity, agency, and power into everyone’s lives and careers. Lisa is also the founder of Be Bright Branding, and the host of Find Your Clear Vision Podcast, a personal branding and mindset podcast for professional women.

Jessica Kyriacou

Jessica Kyriacou is an exceptional empowerment mindset and self-healing coach who specialises in re-wiring old programming that holds people back from thriving. Passionate about helping people find their way, she delivers profound change for her clients because she works with the conscious and unconscious mind in many different ways. 

She helps clients heal emotional trauma and get rid of unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behaviors with the use of neuro-linguistic psychology, hypnotherapy, and conscious education. Jessica’s techniques enable clients to eliminate issues from their past or present so they can move forward and reach their goals. 

Most coaches and therapists focus their approach on the conscious mind, while Jessica focuses on the unconscious mind as well because it makes a greater impact and it allows change to happen in a shorter period. If the unconscious mind doesn’t heal along with the conscious mind, it will continue to lock the person in their trauma, making progress slow and painful. 

Jessica’s approach is focused on the future and on how the client wants to feel. Based on that, she helps them unlock their own unconscious power to release what’s holding them back, and be empowered to write an entirely new story for their lives.

Jayne Younie 

Jayne Younie is a life and business coach, doctor of metaphysical science, counsellor, and clinical hypnotherapist with over 30 years of experience helping people identify, embrace, and connect with their authentic selves. She helps people step into their true strength and power so they can shift away from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, stress, emotional overwhelm, and shutdown. 

Jayne believes that by educating people on how their minds operate, they are able to undo faulty belief systems and learn to master their mind, thoughts, and inner rules. That’s why she started The Mind Mentor, where she provides exercises that help people rewire their thoughts and feelings, set goals, and unveil who they are at their core. 

With Jayne’s help, people are able to transform themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her unique coaching style combines counseling, NLP, and hypnotherapy audio meditations that are tailored to each individual client. The Mind Mentor offers one on one sessions, Zoom calls, and a specialised 12-week online program. 

Jayne applies everything she teaches to her own life and she’s living proof that people can change their lives if they want to. Six years ago, she left a 26-year marriage to a narcissistic, alcoholic man with only her clothes. She lived in her office and had a huge debt put in her name, fought the banks on her own, won, and changed her life in every conceivable way. Today, she is happy and successful, and loves helping others to become the best version of themselves.

Kasey Mathews 

Kasey Mathews is a Transformational Life Coach, motivational speaker, and author of two award-winning books; “A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life” and “Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood.” She has a Master’s Degree in Education, is a Reiki Master, Certified Happiness Coach, and she’s trained in advanced Ancestral Clearing. Not to mention, she’s a proud mother of two wonderful children. 

Kasey works with women, particularly those who are not satisfied with a life they describe as “fine”, one of her least favourite words. She’s passionate about working with women who want to live exceptional and extraordinary lives, where they can share their unique gifts with the world and inspire others to do the same. 

She believes our behaviours are driven by our beliefs and those subconscious limiting beliefs often keep us from stepping into our highest self and inner power. Kasey’s coaching approach is deeply intuitive and holistic, through which she helps women free themselves to live a life that’s full of meaning, magic, abundance, purpose, and joy. 

Balance is essential and Kasey helps her clients find it in all areas of life, including physical, mental and emotional, family and home life, business and career, financial well-being, romantic and personal relationships, and so much more. 

Dasha Dare 

Dasha Dare is an NYC-based life coach and professional photographer. She created a successful coaching program called “Time to Dare”, designed for high-performative individuals who want to align their mind and heart with their True North. This one-of-a-kind coaching program is based on embodied cognition research, state of flow studies, and an experiential approach to learning. 

The idea behind Dasha’s program was born during the pandemic, when she realized that people were re-evaluating their lifestyle, jobs, and habits, and waking up to the fact that they no longer had to follow their old way of living. For many people around the world, the pandemic was a catalyst for change. 

Now, as the world settles into a “new normal”, Dasha wants to provide people with the support and confidence they need to pursue a different kind of living. To achieve that, Time to Dare focuses on three key pillars. Mindfulness, to achieve control over a restless mind and inner experience. Embodiment, to develop intuition. And Creativity, to experience the state of optimal performance. 

Over the course of 8 weeks of 1:1 weekly sessions, clients will dive into mindfulness practices, gain clarity around their stories and behavior pattern, learn to recognize their inner voice and interpret their body language, learn to improvise and express themselves freely, and engage in experiential somatic exercise tailored to them. 

Aaron WD Huey

Aaron WD Huey is a life coach who found his calling in 2019. Since then, he has been focused on helping people with mental health issues improve their lives and let go of their suffering and trauma. His goal as a life coach is to help men and women change their negative mindset so they can improve themselves, their families, and have a positive impact on those around them. 

Aaron is passionate about helping his clients find fulfillment in all aspects of life, including health, spirituality, relationships, wealth, and professional career. To achieve the life they desire and deserve, they have to improve their sense of self-worth and learn to truly believe in themselves. 

His approach to life coaching is based on his belief that everyone deserves happiness and to live life to the fullest. Tomorrow is never promised, so Aaron helps his clients enjoy today. Losing two close friends at a very young age gave him the drive to want more out of life and those around him, so he wants to inspire others to do the same.

Life is hard, that much is undeniable and unavoidable sometimes, but people can still build happy and fulfilling lives. Hosting the HustleTalk Podcast, Aaron shares stories of people who have changed their lives or are working towards that, and have made a positive impact on those around them!



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