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How To Prevent Corrosion On The Car Body And What To Do If It Already Exists?


 The unaesthetic orange formations do not just turn a beautiful car into a “worn out” vehicle. Corrosion adversely affects the driving characteristics of a car, so leaving it unattended is dangerous. If you don’t want to look for a company with a “We buy junk cars in Birmingham, AL” sign just yet, then it’s worth learning how to prevent corrosion on your car.

What is the cause of corrosion? 

The lacquer coating protects the metal from moisture and atmospheric precipitation. During the ride, integrity is violated: chips, cracks, and micro damages are formed on the surface, invisible to the naked eye. The metal interacts with oxygen, and pockets of rust gradually form in places of oxidation. They grow over time.

 Electrochemical corrosion is more aggressive. The result of the interaction of water, steam, or ice with the body, including its undamaged areas, is an electrical discharge that has a strong destructive effect. All vehicles (even those with flawless paintwork) in our climate are exposed to this danger. 

The most vulnerable elements of the body in terms of rust formation are hidden cavities, which are difficult to reach in a car service. We are talking about the inner surfaces of the thresholds, windshield frames, door pillars, and wheel arches.

How to remove corrosion? 

To remove iron oxide, various improvised tools are used: from a metal brush to sandpaper. Stripping is performed twice since the initial treatment removes only the top layer, and the slightest remnants of rust will become a new focus and nullify all efforts. 

From the arsenal of special tools, rust converters and cleaners are used. After applying the products, the surface is cleaned and dried so that the remnants of the active substance do not corrode the new coating in the future. The cleaned layer is dyed or temporarily covered with a preservative that prevents contact with air. The preservative can be thick grease, wax, etc.

Three ways of anti-corrosion protection 

Prudent car owners try to protect the car from corrosion. There are several ways to do this, let’s look at some of them.

 1. Padding

To block the access of oxygen and moisture to iron, a layer of anti-corrosion primer based on special resins is applied. Thick mastic evenly fills the seams and cracks, after drying it remains elastic. The key to success is scrupulous preparatory cleaning from oxides, salts, and peeling varnish.

 2. Cathodic protection

 In different places of the car, with the help of epoxy, specialists attach metal plates that are connected to the battery. They play the role of the anode. The body will act as the cathode in this bundle. Instead, the installed elements will undergo corrosion. As they oxidize, they are replaced with new ones. If the parts are heavily rusted and therefore cannot be dismantled, they are pre-treated with a solvent and then removed.

 For the organization of cathodic protection of the body of a passenger car, 15–20 plates are enough. They are installed on the inner surfaces of the wings and sills, under the seats in the cabin, in the trunk, in the doors, and under the hood. The surface must be free of rust.

 3. Galvanizing

Metal parts are dipped in molten zinc to form a protective layer. The coating becomes monolithic, without cracks and irregularities. If scratches or scuffs form on it in the future, it is not the body that is oxidized, but the zinc layer. To remove rust, you will have to repeat the procedure.

Serious manifestations of corrosion

 Corrosion can lead to serious damage to the car’s body. The destruction can be so unaesthetic and dangerous that it would be better to send the car to a landfill.

Large rust spots and blisters

 Body parts made of steel must always be covered with a coat of paint. Even the presence of chromium or nickel coating does not protect against corrosion. If rust spots do appear, they will grow to the size of spots. It is even worse if the car drives on snowy roads that are sprinkled with aggressive products.

Through holes 

After a long aggressive impact on the steel, holes are formed in the body parts. Automakers are actively fighting this, but it all comes down to money. Aluminum or magnesium components are too expensive to replace steel. And anti-corrosion alloying additives (nickel, chromium, molybdenum, titanium) are also limited in use, there is much more steel.

 Complete rotting of the car body is a matter of time. But what should the driver do if the power plant is working quite normally, but the rust has destroyed the bottom and wings through and through? The only way out is to replace parts. As a rule, damaged areas are cut out straight into whole pieces and thrown away. To replace them, similar ones are welded in, taken from the so-called “donor” cars (they are found at car salvage yards).

How to prevent corrosion? 

So far, there is no universal remedy that operates on the principle: apply and forget! There is only one way out: regularly check problem areas for damage. Welds, areas under the wings, and moldings require special attention. In these places, as a rule, dirt and salt settle.

 A few tips: 

  •     stock up on a flashlight and at each wash carefully inspect the areas under the wings, bumpers, and wheel arches;
  •     pay attention to the gaps between the body and attachments;
  •     look out for areas around headlights, side mirrors, windows, antenna, and sunroof;
  •     check the windows around the perimeter: moisture accumulates there;
  •     check the condition of the metal surfaces inside the car (this is especially important if you live in a humid climate).

Final thoughts

 Cars are subject to such an unpleasant phenomenon as corrosion. If you do not pay attention to the care and protection of the car, then very soon you may need to get rid of it. If you already have a rusted car, you can get rid of it by contacting Junk Cars Us. With this company, you can sell your car quickly and without problems. You can check the value of your vehicle, using the car value calculator on the website.

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