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Meet Max Dhindsa, A Visionary Shaping Our Future: From E-Commerce To Digital Fashion in Web 3

Max Dhindsa

It’s an Honor To Speak With You Today. Why Don’t You Give Us Some Details About You, and Your Story?

How Did You Get To Where You Are Today? 

To summarize, I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my life. From trading and collecting Pokémon cards and Yu Gi Oh in elementary school, to creating a partnered YouTube channel for Gaming- with over 1,000,000+ views, and motivational quote profiles on Instagram amassing over 33,000+ followers; It’s definitely been in my DNA to carve my path in this life.

Back in May-July of 2017, I finally received the president role for Startup Laurier after a year of being a Marketing Director, and had the decision to either continue my business degree, or leave and start a real business. That summer, I was searching for new ways to make an income from the internet to avoid going back to school, and stumbled upon the idea of E-Commerce- selling products online using Shopify. At the time, there was a mastermind event happening with like-minded entrepreneurs in San Diego, coincidentally, with the exact individuals I was learning from on YouTube. Seeing this once in a lifetime opportunity arise, I felt a calling to go and attend this event- halfway across the world, and see if this online dream of building a business was actually possible. So, with the little money I had saved- for school, I booked a last minute flight, and packed my bags for sunny, palm tree San Diego.

Long story short, at 19 years old, I learned the exact steps for launching a successful online store, and happened to meet someone in the beginning of the event-who showed me Crypto for the first time. Thereafter, within the last 5 years, I launched a successful e-com brand from zero to a quarter million in sales, invested in a ton of early Cryptocurrencies + NFT’s, volunteered at Web 3 conferences like Futurist, and met a lot of experts in the space to go all in-during 2021.

On another note, for the last 2 years I was fortunate enough to travel and live in countries like: Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala, to gain a better perspective on life. What I learned was, life is really simple, we just like to over complicate it with unnecessary additions.

That’s One Inspiring Journey/Story! I’m Sure Your Successes Have Not Come Easily. What Challenges Have You Had To Overcome Along the Way?

I’d say it comes down to perspective. You can look at road blocks in your journey like tests from the divine, to see if you really want what it is you’re after. If you pass the test, you get to reap the reward.

Back when I was building my E-Commerce brand (TLV), I was learning how to build a venture from complete scratch. I made many mistakes when it came to scaling the business- from 0 to a quarter million in sales, such as hiring virtual assistants who were spoofing their hours worked, to credit cards being blocked, bank accounts holding revenue when I needed it most, and many more situations that made my brain want to explode. These experiences shaped me into a more competent individual, and business owner quicker than any course or book I have ever watched/listened to. It allowed me to get my hands dirty, and figure out solutions to problems in real time.

For this reason, I am immensely grateful for these events to occur because it builds character, in which you can’t easily find answers to reading in a textbook or watching an online video, but only through having the experience itself. The main takeaway, realize there is always a way to the light, even if it seems like it’s nowhere to be found. Believe that the universe is rooting for you, and it is.

Speaking of Success, What Does The Word Mean To You? 

To me, success is: doing what you love with complete freedom, and being of service to this world using your gifts & talents. I’d also like to add, living within your highest authentic self – in the now.

What does it mean to live within your highest authentic self? Having nourishing relationships, a fulfilling career, a healthy body, a clear mind with infinite possibilities of expression, and a form of giving back to the world. If you can accomplish this, you’re already successful.

If you can do this as the top 1% of humans living, now that is the true ultimate success of life.

Let’s Talk About the Work You Do. What do You Specialize in and What Are You Currently Building? 

With over 12 years of experience as a Marketing professional, and 4 years in E-Commerce, I’ve always had a keen interest in bringing awareness to products and services.

Currently, I am building OPULENCE-X, to be the largest decentral marketplace built for Digital Fashion, using Layer 2 ETH, with 0 Gas Fees and Faster Scalability. OP-X will allow both established brands in the premium, street wear, and skins market, alongside independent designers to sell their designs- direct to consumer; as digital collectibles and usable NFT’s in Metaverse/Gaming environments. Consumers will be able to buy/sell/trade/and earn with our Wear 2 Earn (W2E) model, which I’m super excited to see play out in the near future.

In addition, we are expanding the platform to have a social component because consumers want to display their digital fashion assets, as well as, join like minded groups, and follow brands. Within the social component, users will have the ability to post/showcase/and join exclusive communities based on their favored brands, which will achieve better B2C relationships- rewarding loyal customers through W2E, exclusive discounts-drops-events, and personalized incentives just for them. Also, there will be a brand NEW way to mint a collection, using our Digital Fashion Show feature. Ultimately, we see niche marketplaces w/ a social component being the hottest, marketplace innovation in 2022 and beyond, with OP-X being on the forefront of that technology.

Love It, Now If You Could Write Your Best Piece of Advice for Readers Wanting To Achieve Their Dreams, What Would It Be? 

Simply put, my best advice to anyone reading this is: to have a clear vision of what it is you’re trying to achieve, find the people that have walked a similar path, and listen to them very closely; blocking out any noise that interferes with your sight.
Most success in life comes down to three key aspects: Mindset, Environment, and Action. Nowadays, with what’s going on in the world, it’s easy to be negative, and hang around people that don’t empower you to be your best self. Indulging in habits that don’t serve you, and not doing the things in which you know will help you in the long run.
To solve this, I would recommend three practical steps:

1. Using social media platforms as your environment/mindset cultivator. Making sure you spend most of your time on them either reading, watching, or listening to positive, empowering, and educational material
2. Focusing on your daily habits, either tracking them with apps like “Loop- Habit Tracker” or in a notebook, make sure each item aligns with your highest self.
3. Take actionable steps towards your goals everyday, 1% progress is better than nothing.

So, What’s Next In Your Journey? 

Building the next generation of Digital Fashion with OPULENCE-X, and working on my acting. For those that don’t know, I have a passion for working in film & television. Having acted/modeled in productions like Suits, Walmart, GE, La Reina del Sur, and many more. But first, the focus is on changing the Fashion industry, and the future of Digital Wearables.

As far as what’s after, DJ Khaled once said “They don’t want to see you win, they don’t want to see you prosper, they don’t want to see you succeed, so what we going to do? WE GON BE THE GREATEST EVER….#WETHEBEST.”

Thank You For This Interview, Where Can They Find You? 
Twitter: @realonemax
LinkedIn – Max Dhindsa
Twitter: @OpuIence_X – And Join Our Discord For Early White-list Access 🙂

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