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SARMs Comparison: Crazybulk vs. Real SARMs

SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modulators, are a relatively new class of performance-enhancing supplements rapidly gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts. 


This is because they are said to provide many benefits of anabolic steroids in muscle growth and fat burning but without the severe side effects associated with steroids, such as liver toxicity and male pattern baldness—generally, the two main types of SARMs available on the market: Crazybulk SARMs and Real SARMs.


This article aims to compare these two products to help users decide which one to choose for their fitness goals.

Key Differences between Crazybulk SARMs and Real SARMs


The primary differences between Crazybulk SARMs and Real SARMs can be divided into six categories: definition, active ingredients and composition, potency and effectiveness, dosage and administration, cost and availability, side effects, and safety.



Crazybulk SARMs is a brand-name product manufactured by a company called Crazy Bulk that contains seven different types of selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS). The product aims to help users achieve rapid muscle gains while reducing body fat. 


On the other hand, Real SARMs refers to any SARM supplement that does not contain proprietary blends or additional ingredients such as stimulants or aromatase inhibitors. These products can be manufactured by reputable companies or online sources such as research chemical sellers.

Active Ingredients and Composition


Crazybulk SARMS contains seven different types of active SARM molecules at varying concentrations depending on the type chosen (e.g., LGD-4033 at 10mg per capsule). 


In contrast, Real SARMS typically has one main active ingredient – usually Ostarine – at a much higher concentration (typically 10 mg per capsule). This means users will receive more bang when purchasing pure SARM supplements over branded versions containing proprietary blends or other additives.

Potency and Effectiveness


In terms of potency and effectiveness, both types of SARM supplements claim to yield similar results regarding muscle growth, strength gains, fat burning, etc. 


However, due to its higher concentration compared to branded versions containing proprietary blends or additives (see ‘active ingredients’ above), Real Sarms supplements tend to be slightly more effective when it comes to achieving these results than Crazy Bulk’s version, which includes other non-essential ingredients along with its lower dose SARM components.

Dosage And Administration


Crazybulk’s recommended dose is three capsules per day taken orally with food while sticking strictly to an eight-week cycle followed by four weeks off before retaking it; however, some experienced users may increase this dose up to four capsules per day if desired.


In comparison, correct SARM doses tend to differ based on the particular molecule being used, but according to the manufacturer typically range from 12mg/day up to 24mg/day depending on user experience; similarly, it should also be taken orally with food within 8–12 week cycles followed by four weeks off before repeating another process if necessary.

Cost And Availability


The cost for these two types varies greatly depending upon where they are bought; typically, crazy bulks versions can be found online, ranging anywhere from $50-$100 for an eight-week supply, whereas actual arms can vary drastically depending upon quality, purity, and seller. 


It’s, therefore, essential that buyers do their research beforehand. Hence, to avoid paying more than necessary, we suggest buying the actual Sarms suppliers’ information database directory(available online) to access the most updated list prices consistently.

Side Effects And Safety


Both versions suffer relatively few side effects. However, some users report mild acne breakouts or sleeplessness after taking the crazy bulk products; moreover, scheduled drugs restrictions mean they cannot be legally sold in many countries, while real params have been known to cause issues such as blood pressure rise, sudden mood swings water retention when consumed above the recommended dosage. 


As such, it is recommended that all consumers conduct thorough research before using either product discussed in this article.

Pros And Cons Of Crazybulk Sarms


The advantages of using Crazybulk’s version include its convenience (it requires no mixing), affordability (relative cheapness compared with pure actual arms), availability (widely stocked in many stores ), flexibility( adjustable dosages allow tailoring needs ), user-friendly nature make it accessible wide group potential customers; however, disadvantages include less potent less effectiveness comparable actual arms products added inert ingredients might affect overall efficiency although adverse side effects are minimal. 


Additionally, many customer reviews rate high-value money yet note caution needed to approach cycling 8-week cycles.

Pros And Cons Of Real Sarms

The advantages of using actual SARMs include their potency (due to their high concentration, they can provide more powerful effects than branded products) and effectiveness (users report good results when taken according to recommended dose). 


Furthermore, actual SARMs tend to be cheaper in the long run due to their larger quantity for the same price. On the downside, the availability of real SARMS may be an issue as they require users to purchase from research chemical vendors. Regarding safety, fundamental SARM supplements have not been extensively tested in humans; if overdosed, there is a risk of experiencing side effects such as elevated blood pressure, sudden mood swings, and water retention. 


In conclusion, both Crazybulk SARMs and Real SARMS are popular performance-enhancing supplements amongst fitness enthusiasts; however, they differ in terms of ingredients, potency, dosage, and availability. Ultimately, which option one chooses will depend on their budget and needs; therefore, users must research before deciding which product is right for them.











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