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Show off Those Belly Button Rings this Summer

A belly button piercing, also called a naval ring, is the insertion of a ring or other jewelry item through the skin at or around the naval. It just takes a few minutes to have a naval piercing done, but the healing process may take up to a year. You need to give this region special attention throughout that period and for some time following.

Prevention of Injury from a Naval Ring

Take precautions if you wish to have a naval ring.

Be careful while picking a piercer. A piercer’s license is no guarantee of their skill or expertise in the field. Inquire about the piercer’s experience and training. Inquire about their pursuit of knowledge and growth. This is significant since piercing has certain dangers, including the chance of infection and the transmission of blood-borne infections. A qualified piercer will happily answer your questions regarding their experience and the piercing you desire. Find a new piercer if you don’t feel comfortable with this one.

A clean needle is essential. Having instruments in sterile, sealed bags is standard practice. Watch as your piercer opens a fresh packet of needles if they use disposable ones.

Select your Jewelry with great care. Most people won’t have an allergic response to the stainless steel used in medical applications. Gold (at least 14 karats), titanium, and niobium are some more metals to consider as safe alternatives. Make sure the ring or stud you choose doesn’t have any dings, scratches, or other flaws on the surface.

Your skin, in time, will cover any bumps or divots on the Jewelry’s surface. Skin tears may occur if the Jewelry is moved. Scarring may form, and the healing process may be prolonged if this occurs often. Your vulnerability to infection will also increase.

How to Get A Naval Ring

  1. A piercer will use a sterilized, hollow needle to puncture the loose skin of your naval in a salon. What to anticipate is as follows:
  2. The piercer will make a mark at the desired location.
  3. A strong squeeze will be felt, and a little bit of blood is to be expected.
  4. This new hole is for the Jewelry you choose.
  5. Getting pierced and selecting Jewelry are two separate expenses.
  6. A piercing gun increases the risk of infection and tissue injury; therefore, you should avoid having one used on you.

Maintenance of a Naval Ring

It may take up to a year for a belly button piercing to heal completely, which is much longer than the time it takes for pierced ears to recover (about 4 to 6 weeks). You’ll be given aftercare instructions to ensure your new piercing heals properly and without infection.

You’ll need to:

  1. Wash your hands before you touch your naval ring. As an added precaution, avoid having anybody else touch the wound until it has fully healed.
  2. Wipe with sterile water to make it clean and prevent infection. A new gauze or a wet wipe moistened with a saline solution should be dabbed on the area at least once daily. You may buy a fully prepared brand or mix 1/8 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of warm, purified, or mineral water. Choose a mild, fragrance-free soap if your piercer recommends washing after getting piercings. Make sure all the soap is gone by giving it a good rinse.
  3. Do not overclean. Over- or under-cleaning might impede recovery.
  4. Use a clean, disposable paper towel to dry the area gently.
  1. Avoid putting anything on your belly button if your doctor hasn’t told you otherwise. Items like perfume, oil, and lotion fall within this category. Even using an antibiotic ointment or hydrogen peroxide might delay healing by trapping germs in the wound.
  2. Put on something fresh, relaxed, and comfortable. Wearing tight clothes or ones made of rough fabric might slow down the healing process for a piercing. If you wish to keep an eye patch over your belly button for protection, you might use an elastic bandage.

To select Jewelry for your naval rings, you can check out BodyMods website.


BodyMods has been around since 2002 and is now well recognized as Canada’s go-to shop for tattoo and body adornment supplies. They are a nationwide company that is busy all year round with product development, manufacture, and the introduction of new lines of Jewelry and other accessories.

As many as 30 major trade exhibits and events, including tattoo conventions, summertime fairs, cultural events, and our own semi-annual Tattoo, Flash Events, feature us at some point throughout the year.

Their expertise and enthusiasm are in the field of jewelry design. They aren’t like your run-of-the-mill mall accessory shop; they take pride in their work and guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase. When it comes to quality, never settle for less.

They have all sorts of naval rings, from basic to premium, even in 14k gold.


Belly piercing jewelry is one of their specialties, and they offer only the highest quality items in their Basic line. These barbells were created with belly button piercings in mind.


The Premium Line is the pinnacle of PREMIUM BodyMods’ offerings. The first step was labrets, and then they moved on to the next step. What’s the newest episode? Their finest selection of belly button adornments.

Simple but high-quality, their Naval Rings come in a variety of styles, from studs to dangles.


Their collection of 14k gold belly button rings includes in-house designs set with authentic lab-grown opals and Austrian crystals.

To begin, let’s examine the inner workings of gold. One karat is equal to 1/44th of the alloy being pure gold.

Body jewelry should only be made of solid gold, which is at least 14 karats (58.3 percent gold). Anything less than that may be annoying. Exactly who would want that? No one among us.

Austrian crystals are their go-to because their ability to reflect light is second to none. They come in a wide variety of hues, making them ideal for the jewelry industry. They are superior to cubic zirconia and other imitation diamonds because they retain their luster over time.

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