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The Legal Consequences of Stunt Driving in Ontario: Understanding the Penalties

Stunt driving is an illegal activity that can be defined as any driving that shows off a driver’s skill or puts other drivers at risk. It is a serious offence in Ontario and carries hefty fines, licence suspensions, and even jail time for those caught breaking the law. Types of stunt driving include weaving in and out of traffic, excessive speeding, dangerous passing, performing stunts such as burnouts or donuts on public roads, or racing another vehicle. 

In addition to the legal consequences mentioned above, stunt driving can also increase car insurance rates significantly and cause harm to both drivers and property owners alike. Police officers have the right to impound the vehicles of anyone suspected of stunt driving for seven days if they are found endangering people or property while engaging in this type of behavior.

Ontario Legislation

Ontario has some of the toughest stunt driving laws in all of Canada. Under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), it is illegal to perform any sort of stunt while operating a motor vehicle, including speeding, racing, or performing wheelies. If convicted of stunt driving, an individual can face serious consequences that can have long-term and costly implications.

The penalties for stunt driving are severe in Ontario. If found guilty, a driver will be fined a minimum of $2000 and could even receive up to six months in jail depending on the severity of their offence. In addition to these fines and jail time, drivers may also receive license suspensions ranging from 7 days to 10 years or more depending on their record and previous convictions. 

Furthermore, if convicted with excessive speed they may face an immediate roadside licence suspension lasting anywhere from 7 days to 90 days – this means they must surrender their licence at the scene until further notice by police officers or other designated personnel. Lastly, those convicted will also acquire 6 demerit points on their driver’s license as well as increase insurance premiums significantly which could burden drivers financially for several years after conviction.

Overall, Ontario has strict rules against stunt driving with significant legal consequences should someone choose to break them – these consequences include fines ranging from $2000-$10 000+, possible jail time, licence suspensions/revocations up to 10 years as well as increased auto insurance premiums for up to three years after conviction .

Penalties for Stunt Driving

Stunt driving is considered a high risk criminal offense in Canada and the penalty for these offenses vary by province. In Ontario, stunt driving is defined as operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner with the intention of showing off or impressing other people. Stunt drivers have been known to drive at speeds well above the posted speed limit, weave through traffic, make sudden dangerous lane changes, perform wheelies and stunts on motorcycles, and other risky behaviors.

If convicted of stunt driving in Ontario, there are serious penalties which include steep fines ranging from $2,000 – $10,000; up to six months jail time; license suspension for up to two years; impoundment of your vehicle for seven days; mandatory participation in a remedial driver’s program; and even possible criminal charges if someone is injured or killed due to stunt driving. 

The police also have the power to immediately suspend your driver’s licence at the roadside if they believe that you are stunt driving. The legal penalties of stunt driving are intended to discourage this dangerous behaviour and ensure that streets remain safe for everyone.

Impounding Vehicles

Stunt driving is a serious offence in Ontario, and impounding vehicles is one of the punishments. Impounding a vehicle can be done without prior warning if a person is caught stunt driving or if their license has been suspended for other offences. The length of time the vehicle will be impounded depends on how many times the person has committed an offence, as each subsequent offence will result in longer periods of impoundment.

The vehicle owner must pay any outstanding fines and fees related to the impoundment before they can reclaim their car. In addition to these costs, they also have to pay all associated storage fees while the car is being held by police forces or private companies contracted by them. If these are not paid within seven days, then the vehicle may be sold or destroyed to cover these fees; however, the owner still remains responsible for any unpaid debts after this point.

In some cases, such as impaired driving or dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm or death, vehicles may be seized permanently with no option for return unless approved by an order from court. This means that individuals involved in more serious offences could lose their cars forever — even if it was not theirs in the first place — resulting in further financial losses as well as potential legal consequences depending on how much damage was caused by their actions.

Insurance Increase

In Ontario, stunt driving is considered a very serious offense and can result in a short-term jail sentence. Additionally, the consequent insurance increase for those convicted of stunt driving can make it difficult for drivers to keep their cars insured. Insurance companies often view these convictions as mitigating factors and do not hesitate to increase premiums or even cancel existing policies due to an increased risk of future claims. 

Drivers convicted of stunt driving are also subject to increased fines and may have their license suspended or revoked. For repeat offenders, the penalties become more severe, including extended jail sentences and higher fines. 

As such, it is important for drivers in Ontario to be aware of the consequences that accompany any form of reckless or dangerous driving behavior so they can protect themselves from potential financial hardship caused by an insurance increase if they were ever charged with stunt driving.

Criminal Record

The criminal record that can arise from a stunt driving conviction has long-lasting implications for those charged. A criminal record is an official document that lists all of the accused’s past convictions and any other criminal charges, like a stunt driving charge. Having a criminal record can make it difficult to find employment, travel abroad and obtain certain government services. 

Even if the accused is not convicted of the offence, police may still enter their name in their records management system which will show up on background checks conducted by employers or foreign embassies. It is important to understand that even if the accused successfully defends their stunt driving charge or receives a discharge or absolute or conditional discharge, they may still have a record of having been charged with the offence. 

This is known as a “disclosure” and while it does not constitute guilt in law, it can be used against them in future proceedings relating to employment or immigration applications. Those who are convicted of stunt driving will have their name added to both the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) database which will also show up on background checks.

Get Lawyer’s help

Hiring a lawyer is an important step if you have been charged with stunt driving in Ontario. A lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal process and may be able to reduce your sentence or even have your charges dropped altogether. 

During the court process, lawyers can also provide counsel on how best to present yourself and your case. In addition, they will be able to explain the different types of penalties that a person convicted of stunt driving Ontario may face. Depending on the circumstances, these penalties could range from fines and demerit points to jail time and a suspended license. 

With experience navigating local laws, a qualified lawyer can ensure that you understand all available options for resolving your case efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, should you need assistance after being sentenced, an experienced lawyer will be able to advise you on what avenue of appeal is best suited for your situation; this could involve filing an appeal within a specified timeline or seeking other remedies such as requesting leniency from the sentencing judge or parole board.

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