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The Most Common Health Issues For Women At Every Age

Multiple factors eventually decide how healthy you are at any given age. However, women are more prone to certain health conditions compared to men. This could be the cumulative effect of cultural conditioning and lifestyle choices of women. If you have the knowledge of these possibilities, you can be careful to avoid such health issues. This is the reason we have shared a list of the most common health issues of women at every age. Check them out:

Heart Disease

Heart health issues can not just take you closer to death, it can also reduce the life in your life. A blockage in the heart can result in premature death. Women suffering from a heart disease need to take extra care to prevent other health issues. The chance of women suffering from heart diseases at any age is just as much as for men. However, the measures to tackle women’s health issues could be different from those prescribed for men.

Urinary Tract Infection

Women stand a high chance of urinary tract infection. The common symptoms that indicate the UTI in women are as shared here:

  • Excessive urge to pee during the night time.
  • The urgent desire to pee at any time that cannot be controlled.
  • Burning sensation is experienced while emptying the bladder.
  • Some women with UTI also witness blood in their urine.
  • Severe pain in the tummy or in your back.

When you observe a group of the symptoms listed above, you must take it seriously. Consulting the doctor early for UTI may be helpful.

Lowered Libido: This can affect your body and love life in multiple ways. Sometimes, you may experience excessive pain during intercourse because of lowered libido. It is important to physically and emotionally be aroused if you have to enjoy intercourse. Some women also suffer from lowered libido as a result of sexual dysfunction. In such situations, you may try to buy lovegra online. The medicine is effective in tackling female sexual dysfunction. You must look for a trusted online retailer before you buy ladygra online. It is also wise to consult your doctor before you consider using the pink pill to counter your sexual dysfunction. Some women suffer from impotence issues as a result of psychological causes. In such cases, medicines alone can never correct the underlying issue. You will require counseling and behavioral therapy to revive your libido.

Stroke: Surprisingly, the proportion of women dying because of a stroke is very high. Statistics reveal that stroke is the fifth most common cause of death of women in the United States. This is surely a major concern for women’s health. The common symptoms of stroke in women are:

  • Sudden severe headache without a specific cause.
  • Vision issues that temporarily occur in one or both of the eyes.
  • Loss of balance, dizziness and trouble walking properly.
  • Experiencing a sudden numbness in an arm, leg or one side of the body.
  • Difficulty talking and a kind of confusion.

Stroke can happen when the blood flow through the brain is blocked or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. There are multiple risk factors that make women more prone to stroke. Some of these are:

  • Greater rates of depression in women make them more vulnerable to stroke.
  • Women who smoke stand a higher chance of suffering from a stroke if they use certain birth control pills.
  • The chances of stroke also increase in women who are suffering from increased blood pressure after their pregnancy.

Some easy ways to reduce your chances of developing a stroke are as follows:

  • Choose a healthy lifestyle so that your cholesterol levels are managed. If your cholesterol levels are normal, you won’t have high blood pressure thus reducing the risk of stroke.
  • Avoid addictions like smoking and drinking. These addictions tend to put you at a greater risk of multiple health problems such as stroke.

Osteoarthritis: Women have always been prone to osteoarthritis more than men. The reason is still not evident. Some other factors that increase your chance of developing osteoarthritis are as follows:

Injured Joint: Statistics show that injured joints can increase your vulnerability for osteoarthritis. Sometimes, a joint injury that healed many years ago may also increase your risk of developing this condition.

Age: Studies reveal that the chances of developing osteoarthritis also increase with age.

Obesity: Overweight and obese women stand a higher chance of developing osteoarthritis compared to women with regular body weight.

Some metabolic diseases such as diabetes also increase your vulnerability for osteoarthritis.

Genetics could also contribute to making you prone to this condition.

While there is no way to truly avoid this condition, there are some measures to prevent its occurrence. Here is a list:

  • Work to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Stay physically active. Exercising and staying fit will ensure healthy joints. This will reduce the risk of developing osteoarthritis.
  • Take your joint health seriously. If you observe any pain in the joints, take measures to correct it.

Mental Health Issues: One of the health issues that always existed in women are mental health issues. However, now people are taking these issues more seriously. Mental health research is advancing and ensuring more insight into the dynamics of mental health. Studies show that one in five women suffer from common mental health issues such as anxiety disorder and depression. The percentage is much lower in men. The chances of suicidal death also increase in women due to these reasons. The reason for women being more prone to mental health disorders is also evident. Most women have been subject to physical or emotional abuse in early childhood or adulthood. Women have also frequently suffered from domestic violence. The unhealthy conditions have resulted in life-threatening post-traumatic stress in women. While there is no one-minute solution to tackle mental health issues, there are ways to amend the scenario. Women need to be made aware about their mental health. Women who are undergoing anxiety or post traumatic stress should be subject to counseling and behavioral therapy. There should be a helpline to assist women who are suffering from abuse or domestic violence.

Stress: You cannot refer to stress itself as a medical health problem. However, stress makes you vulnerable to several health issues. In this way, stress can surely be regarded as a challenge to wellbeing. Stress manifests in many different ways affecting women’s health. Here are some classic examples of how stress may impact a woman’s health:

Headaches: Sometimes women suffer minor headaches as a result of stress. Persistent stress may also manifest as migraine issues in some women.

Bowel Problems: Women who are under constant stress may suffer from irritable bowel syndrome as a side effect. Digestive issues like this can further worsen the overall health of the individual.

Depression, anxiety and other challenges: We have already shared that the most common mental disorders like anxiety and depression are more common in women. These underlying issues also make women more vulnerable to other mental health disorder like panic disorders, bipolar disorder and suicidal tendencies.

Pregnancy Issues: This is one of the major impacts of mental health issues on women’s health. The mental stress and other challenges can impact reproductive health. This may also result in pregnancy issues and miscarriages. This is another reason why more focus should be given to women’s mental wellbeing.

Menstrual Problems: Women are also vulnerable to menstrual health issues like irregular periods, delayed periods and hormonal imbalances. Premenstrual syndrome also adversely impacts the mental health of women.

Weight Gain as a Result of Stress: The studies reveal that women have more chances of gaining excess body weight as a result of stress.

Now that we know the many issues that affect women’s health, we can consider ways to tackle these issues. When women suffer from sexual dysfunction due to physical causes, you can buy lovegra online to counter the issue. However, when it is the result of psychological causes then other measures must be taken. We have shared below a simple list of tips to enhance women’s health. Check them out.

Simple Tips for Better Health for Women:

Eat Healthy: When you eat healthy and nutritious food, your body gets better nourishment. This improves your health.

Speak Your Troubles: Voicing your problems can help you find solutions for them. This will prevent stress.

Meditate: Yoga and meditation work together to relax the body and the mind. It helps you to rejuvenate.

Exercise: The body needs to stay fit. You should not be overweight or underweight. Regular exercise is an effective way to keep your body healthy and in shape.

Educate women about these measures and see how their lives improve drastically.

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