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Top 7 Basic Weight Loss Exercises at Home in Just 10 Minutes

Top 7 Basic Weight Loss Exercises at Home in Just 10 Minutes

Are you looking for an effective weight loss program but don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home?

Don’t let the lack of gym equipment, space, or time deter you from meeting your fitness goals. Fortunately, with a careful selection of basic exercises, it’s possible to work out at home in just 10 minutes each day and still get visible results.

Keep reading to discover our top 7 basic weight loss exercises at home without needing any fancy (or expensive) equipment.

7 Best Weight Loss Exercises at Home

Here are some of the best fat-burning exercises at home to try if you want to promote weight loss.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is one of the excellent exercises to lose weight. All you need is a jump rope and a small space, making it an ideal workout for people who don’t have access to a gym or bulky equipment.

Jumping rope also helps stimulate blood flow, improving muscle tone throughout your body.


Burpees are body weight workouts that target multiple muscle groups at once.

They require no equipment and provide one of the most effective cardio workouts available.

Midss’s health experts said that burpees can also help build strength, reduce fat, and improve cardiovascular performance.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are another great exercise that can help you lose weight.

This intense exercise engages muscles in the arms, chest, core, back, and legs while giving your heart rate a good boost as well.

The mountain climber is also easy to modify depending on fitness level. You can include it as part of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or just slow down as part of moderate-intensity workouts.


Push-ups are classic exercises that target major muscles in your chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and back all at the same time.

Depending on how you position your hands during push-ups (elevated or wide grip), they can be used to strengthen different areas of the body and work on muscular endurance and overall fitness levels. Plus they require no equipment!

Plank Holds

Planking is an effective way to work out both your core muscles and upper body while also improving balance and stability.

Plank holds require no equipment; all you need is a flat surface such as a yoga mat or carpeted flooring and some motivation.

Clarke, M. suggests holding planks for 30 seconds at a time over several repetitions throughout your workout routine for maximum effectiveness.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are classic aerobic exercises that can help you burn fat.

It engages both large muscle groups in the legs as well as smaller muscles such as those in the arms and shoulders.

Jumping jacks can be done anywhere with just enough room to move around; they’re simple but highly effective when it comes to burning calories fast!


Squats are probably one of the most popular exercises out there because they target so many areas at once – quads, hamstrings, and glutes while also engaging smaller stabilizing muscles such as those located in the lower back area.

To make squats more effective to lose belly fat, focus on engaging core muscle mass before each rep while keeping proper form throughout each set.

How to Use Household Items to Loss Weight

Top 7 Basic Weight Loss Exercises at Home in Just 10 Minutes

Let’s look at some simple ways to use household items that can assist you in losing weight.

Use Water Bottles as Weights – Water bottles make great makeshift weights for at-home workouts.

Fill up a few empty water bottles with water, sand or stones and use them as hand weights for bodyweight exercises like lunges, pushups, and tricep dips.

Use Chairs For Core Workouts – Chairs are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture when it comes to working out at home.

You can use them for squats and step-ups, but they also make great tools for core workouts like Russian twists, leg lifts, and mountain climbers.

Make a Resistance Band Out of Towels – If you don’t have access to resistance bands, don’t worry you can easily make one out of two towels.

Simply tie the ends of two towels together in a knot, and it’s ready to be used for home exercises.

Utilize Stairs For Cardio – Stairs are great tools for getting in some cardio without having to leave home.

You can run up and down stairs while counting reps or timing yourself against the clock; either way, it is sure to get your heart rate up in no time.

Plus, if running isn’t your thing then simply walking up and down stairs is also an effective way to burn calories without putting too much strain on your joints or muscles.

Best Time to Exercise at Home

Generally speaking, mornings tend to be the best times for most people when working out at home as this is when our bodies are typically primed for physical activity due to lower levels of melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone) as well as higher energy levels.

However, everyone’s needs may differ depending on sleeping schedules and body types: some might find evening workouts help them relax after a long day while others would find morning workouts more energizing.

Therefore it might also serve beneficial to experiment with multiple time slots throughout the day in order to determine which works better based on personal preferences or goals.


Whether you have access to gym equipment or not doesn’t matter when it comes to doing a weight loss exercise – with these seven moves you can get started right away from home.

Each exercise targets multiple areas of the body while helping increase cardiovascular fitness levels too – which means more calories and body fat burned per session.

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