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What Internet Speed Is Ideal for Gaming?

With enhancements in internet speed and increasingly advanced gaming technology, a new world of online gaming has been opened. Today, some of the most exciting games are internet based, with millions of players all over the world. Multiplayer games are getting increasingly popular as they allow individuals to play together from different parts of the world. 

One important factor in internet-based gaming is speed. High-quality internet is required, with sufficient speed, to have a thrilling experience. Interruptions during play resulting from poor internet connection can be frustrating and can totally take away from the excitement. 

A good internet speed will help you focus on the game and ensure that you have a smooth gaming experience. In this article, we will be looking at the factors that affect online gaming speed and the ideal speed for online gaming. 

Factors That Affect Internet Speed When Gaming

Several factors could be responsible for slowing down your internet speed when gaming. Being able to tackle just one of them could significantly improve the performance of your internet connection. 

1. Streaming Videos During the Game 

Unlike downloads, streaming videos of your gaming sessions can stretch the capacity of your upstream bandwidth. Trying to stream a live video while playing can make the whole experience excruciatingly slow and frustrating both for you and your viewers. 

A good TV internet plan can help beat this challenge and ensure that you enjoy an excellent gaming experience. Using spectrum tv internet bundles can provide you with a fast wireless internet speed for an amazing gaming experience, with more range to stream, game, and upload. And help you truly enjoy exciting online gaming. 

Another great reason to use Spectrum Internet TV bundles is that the packages are tailored to suit you, whether you’re a single user or a large household with many users. The spectrum is internet tv bundles have speeds of between 300 Mbps and 1 Gbps, and there are no data caps, which means that you are spared from unnecessary interruptions. You get a free internet modem, free antivirus software, and free access to nationwide spectrum out of home WiFi.

2. Downloading a Game Patch

Contrary to what most people believe, the recommended minimum broadband download speed required for online gaming is quite small. And this can be provided by broadband connection of any type. The trouble is actually with downloading game patches while you play. This is especially common with games that have seasons. 

Your console or your PC can decide to download the latest patch while you’re still playing. This can lead to a slowdown or stuttering of your game. You can change your download settings to ensure that patches and other updates don’t start downloading automatically when you’re not ready. 

3. Using Wifi to Connect to the Internet

Although WiFi is super convenient, it can be uncomfortable when gaming online. Wifi connections are susceptible to interference, and this can greatly affect the speed of your internet connection. 

This interference gets worse the further away your router is from your gaming system. Due to the reason that there’s a greater distance to get through, and maybe multiple walls and floors as well, to make the situation better, consider moving your gaming system closer to the router or vice versa. 

4. Using an Outdated Router 

Some hardware issues also affect your online gaming speed. An outdated router is one of them. An older router may have challenges processing the data it is receiving. This can cause a queuing delay. A queuing delay occurs when packets of data are waiting to be processed. This build-up can increase input lag. This can be a frustrating experience for online gamers. 

Getting a new router can fix this problem. Alternatively, you can change your router setting to prioritize the traffic from your gaming system above everything else. Multiple devices downloading data at the same time will slow down your gaming speed. So with this setting, data from your system will always be processed first. 

The Ideal Internet Speed for Gaming 

Games differ in the pace of the character’s activities and in the amount of data transferred from the gaming system to the player’s console; hence different types of games require different levels of internet speed. 

1. First-Person Shooting Game 

Shooting games, often called shooters, are video games that involve weapon-based combat. They are typically centered around guns. The player experiences all of the action through the eyes of the game’s protagonist. Popular examples of this type of game include Call of duty, Destiny, and Overwatch.

 First-person shooting games usually require an internet speed of at least 25Mbps. Making Spectrum internet speed ideal for enjoying a first-person shooting game. These games are fast-paced and characterized by quick reflexes. So if the internet connection is slow, it may lead to lag, which can make the game difficult to play and uninteresting.

2. Fighting Games

Fighting games usually involve two screen characters who fight each other. Fighting games are also fast-paced. And require the characters to be able to move and act fast to defeat the opponent. So a good download speed is required. 

The ideal speed for fighting games is at least 50Mbps. With the amazing speed of Spectrum bundles, you can truly enjoy fighting games without input lag or interruptions. Some common examples are Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Super Smash Bros.

3. Real-Time Strategy Games

Real-time strategy games require the player to control resources and units to build an army to defeat an opponent. Examples include Warcraft, Total War, and StarCraft. In real-time strategy games, a lot of data is transferred between the game and your PC or console.

Hence good internet speed is required for you to really enjoy the game. A good speed will be at 50Mbps. Spectrum TV is great for real-time strategy games, allowing you to enjoy a thrilling HD experience. 

4. Sandbox Games

Sandbox games are unique in that they afford the player the freedom to choose how he wishes to play the game. Some examples of sandbox games include Minecraft and Starbound. 

Although sandbox games are not as fast-paced as most other types of games, they require a good and stable internet connection. An internet speed of at least 25Mbps is ideal for a sandbox game.  

5. Role-Playing Games

Role-playing games are usually suitable for gamers who like to fully experience the thrill of gaming by immersing themselves in the virtual world. These games are more enjoyable when the files can load quickly. Hence, good internet speed is key. 

Spectrum Internet with no data caps will allow gamers to enjoy hours of roleplay without interruptions. Examples of roleplay games are Final Fantasy XV and Witcher III. They are also not as fast-paced as other types of games. So an internet speed of 25Mbps would be ideal for this type of game. 

6. Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Massive multiplayer online games are the new fad in gaming. These games can be played by a large number of individuals across different locations at the same time. Some examples include World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. 

A significant amount of data is sent from the game server to your PC or console, so a good internet speed will increase your enjoyment of this type of game. Surprisingly, most massively multiplayer online games require only about 3Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload speed. This applies both to PC and console games. 

Most of the heavy work is borne by the CPU and the graphics card. The only information being transmitted across the internet are signals sent from the keys and buttons being pressed during play. 


With online gaming, the goal is to be able to immerse yourself in the actions of the characters and enjoy the thrill that comes with every move. The entire experience can become frustrating with poor internet connection and speed. The trick is to know how much Mbps is required for different consoles. And choose an ISP that can provide fast, stable, and reliable internet access. 

So you can enjoy fantastic gaming experiences. Spectrum bundle packages are a great option, especially if you do not want the interruptions that come with data caps. With the ideal speed, you can have fun playing with friends wherever they are.

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