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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Police Uniform Pants

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Police Uniform Pants

Primary demand for security and law enforcement is essential in any community. Security, airport, and transit police enforce these requirements for public safety.

Their attire or uniforms will impact one’s response to authoritative figures. One of the most iconic features of a police officer’s outfit is police uniform pants. Policing is a full-contact sport; thus, uniforms must be professional and practical.

When shopping for police uniform trousers, there are several factors to think about. Consider factors like how long your uniform pants police will last, how fashionable it is, how much they will cost, and the materials used.

Do Not Do This While Looking for Police Uniform Pants

1. Avoiding a Size Check of Your Police Uniform Pants

Every man and woman should make sure they purchase trousers that fit properly. However, many people fail to gauge their size accurately because they lack the necessary knowledge. Law enforcement agents, whether police or military, must be careful when verifying uniform sizes. Also, it would be pretty careless not to double-check the size of your tactical trousers.

Finding your waist and inseam dimensions can help you determine the correct size of your police uniform pants. Measure your waist with flexible sewing tape. Wrap the tape measure tightly around your waist just below your belly button.

  • Verify that it is not twisted or flipped and that it is sitting flat on your skin. If your police uniform shorts seem too tight, try sliding a finger between your skin and the tape.
  • Measure around your waist and write down the number of inches the metal tab reads. What you see here is your actual waist size.
  • Get your most comfortable pair of jeans out and measure their inseam. Fold them in half lengthwise and set them on a level table, ensuring the legs are even and the wrinkles are straightened out.
  • To see the inseam, raise the upper pant leg and draw it back over the waistband. Measure from the point where the crotch seam joins the seam that runs down the leg to the bottom of the pant leg.

Remember that most tactical police uniform pants have a higher rise than regular pants. This cut lets duty belts and other equipment be worn without pulling down pants. Specific tactical trousers may be cut bigger or smaller than the average.

2. Buying Police Uniform Pants From Strange Online Vendors

Buying uniform pants police from an unfamiliar online retailer is usually wrong. You must know wherever your uniforms will come from and who to call in case of an emergency.

Be wary of websites that provide simply an email or cell phone number for contact. Consider why they don’t have a storefront before buying from them.

Occasionally, these merchants may sell you clothes that aren’t of the highest quality. They may also provide you with bad branding with nowhere to turn. There have been isolated reports of packages never arriving.

You only need to have an open mind and enter the situation without any preconceived notions. We advise using a reliable vendor that offers the best quality tactical uniform to save time and money. You can also check their past work’s five-star Google reviews from clients.

3. Skipping Through the Functionality

Explicit tactical pants are a satire of military clothing with extensive cargo pockets. They remind us of the famed BDU trousers that were standard for soldiers until the 1980s.

Overt police uniform pants are ideal if you value utility above everything else. Its roomy inside and many pockets make it perfect for camping, shooting, and combat.

4. Belts Are Used Excessively

A belt is a classy addition to any man’s wardrobe, but it won’t solve all of your problems. Belts may be used to make pants sit more comfortably on the hips. Visually, you want as little difference as possible between your waist and your trousers’ waist length.

If the belt is too big for the trouser waist, you may be able to squeeze it into the pants, but the fit won’t be great. If you bend over, the cloth around your waistline will bunch. Your pants will wrinkle, inflate, and seem ill-fitting.

5. Pockets

The pockets on a pair of tactical pants are a telltale sign of its kind. There have been several innovations in pocket design and functionality throughout the years. Don’t scrimp on this vital aspect of your police uniform pants. Learn about these below pocket facts before you buy your tactical pants.

  • Knife Pockets 

Look for tactical pants with a knife pocket. These long, narrow pockets have a flat, reinforced bottom. Many knives have reinforced apertures that can hold folding knives with a clip.

  • Cargo Pockets

The first tactical pants popularized the cargo pocket since it was the most functional pocket design.

  • Hidden Pockets

Not every tactical item is classified as cargo. The hidden covert pockets rose in tandem with the rise in popularity of stealthy fashion. There are hidden compartments in the side seams, beneath other pockets, and in the waistband.

  • Magazine Pockets

Due to the magazine pocket, tactical trousers are a must-have for shooters and competitions. Your magazines may be kept safe and close at hand in a pocket designed to hold ammunition. The police uniform shorts should have these pockets too.

  • Knee Pad Pockets

The operator’s knees and legs will welcome these knee-pad pockets in ferocious combat.

  • Handcuff Key Pockets

This pocket design might be very useful for law enforcement agents, security guards, and jail guards. Your handcuff keys are probably stashed inside your pant cuff or waistband pocket.

6. Having Not Double-Checked the Pocket Closure

For the typical consumer, the choice of pocket closure may not seem necessary. But for law enforcement personnel, it may be the difference between success and failure.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Police Uniform Pants

Image source: Pexels

  • A hook-and-loop fastener

It is famous as a pocket fastener due to its dependability. It serves its purpose of preventing theft well and may be easily fixed when it shows its age.

However, there is a significant drawback to using hook-and-loop velcro, and that is the noise it makes. Velcro‘s loud, the unmistakable sound makes it hard to access equipment stealthily.

  • Buttons

Buttons are the oldest and most conventional kind of fastening the uniform pants police. Buttons on Army battle dress uniforms were taken away in the 1980s because they compromised security and comfort. Therefore, this form of closure is uncommon nowadays.

  • Zippers

The significant degree of protection offered by a zipper closing makes it a popular choice for covert pants.

7. A Failure to Verify Carry Concealment (CCW)

Manufacturers have created creative methods for concealed carry that goes with the tactical uniform. Fabrics are packed with care to prevent the weapon’s imprint from showing through. Additionally, you may hide your gun in deep inside compartments.

Police uniform pants’ belt loops are broader than those on regular slacks and jeans. Extra fabric and sturdy stitching provide superior durability for firearms and holsters. Covert designs allow people to hide and carry weapons without suspicion.

8. Mobility

Tactical experts work in fields where every second matters. That’s why neglecting the mobility feature of tactical pants could be a colossal error.

You shouldn’t be slowed down from performing at your best because of the clothing you are wearing. That’s why modern tactical trousers and police uniform shorts are made to be as flexible as possible.

A gusset is added to the crotch of most modern pants. Gussets are often triangular or rhomboid in form. This additional material helps speed and agility by relieving tension elsewhere.

Articulated knees will be a standard in high-end jeans. Cutting around the joint ensures a comfortable, snug fit while removing excess material. This lightweight and flexible design are ideal for any activity. Find police uniform pants with a sliding or extending elastic waistband if you’re always on the go.

9. Textiles for Tactical Uniform Pants

Always pay some attention to the fabric before buying a new pair of pants or shorts. Choosing the right bulk and pliability will prevent excessive perspiration and crotch blowouts. Knowing fabric weight, weave, and kind will help you choose affordable and stylish clothes.

If you ignore the material of your tactical trousers, you could become quite uncomfortable on the job. It might increase the risk level of an already dangerous scenario.

The Value of Tactical Uniform

The purpose of uniforms goes beyond mere appearance. They may be lifesaving if used correctly to ensure the well-being of your workforce.

That’s why having the best and most comfortable tactical uniform in your closet is essential. It is especially true for security guards, police officers, and others whose jobs include physical combat.

1. Extreme Adaptability

High-quality tactical clothing enables personnel to maneuver safely. Nothing is more critical while chasing a suspect, reacting to warning signs, or fighting an opponent. They will be safer and faster while moving quickly if they are all flexible.

2. Universal Safety

Security and combat workers may work in hot, sunny, or freezing situations. These uncomfortable and occasionally dangerous aspects may distract and impede safety responses. Tactical outfits protect employees from the weather and keep them comfortable and ready.

3. Room for Stuff

Internal and external pockets are standard issues on any decent tactical clothing, such as police uniform shorts. It allows workers to store any equipment or supplies they need.

If any of your staff are required to carry guns, then you know how crucial it is to have secure, consistent lockers. If employees have many safe places to store weapons, they are less likely to and can get them in an emergency.

4. The Really Essential Exposure

Police officers, security guards, and others must avoid public view. Being overly visible will make them an easier target for criminals. Tactical clothes provide employees with the right amount of visibility.

Final Words

A few typical mistakes made while buying uniform trousers have been detailed for you. Keep this in mind, and do everything you can to avoid these situations. Your tactical pants order is essential, and we hope it goes smoothly after you find the right provider.

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