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15 Innovative Ways to Generate Revenue For Your Business

15 Innovative Ways to Generate Revenue For Your Business

15 Innovative Ways to Generate Revenue For Your Business

Discovering new and innovative ways to generate revenue is crucial for business success. We’ve gathered 25 unique strategies from founders, CEOs, and marketing experts, ranging from interactive sponsored quizzes to custom home guidebooks. Dive into these unconventional methods and learn how they’ve impacted businesses across various industries.

  • Interactive Sponsored Quizzes
  • Merchandise
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Adopt-a-Tree Program
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Effective Referral Programs
  • Hackathons
  • Virtual Design Workshops
  • Wholesale Trade Program Partnerships
  • White Labeling and Licensing 
  • Pop-Up Online Seminars
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Online Courses
  • Influencer Collaboration for Limited Editions
  • Lead Magnets


Interactive Sponsored Quizzes

As an online music magazine, we collaborated with music brands and artists to create engaging and interactive quizzes that tested our readers’ knowledge and affinity for specific genres, artists, or music-related topics. 

These quizzes were entertaining and educational, providing a fun way for our audience to engage with our content while featuring sponsored elements. We also left several Easter eggs within our articles for bonus prizes. 

From a revenue perspective, the interactive sponsored quizzes provided an opportunity for brands to reach a targeted audience and build brand awareness. This revenue stream not only supplemented our advertising income but also allowed us to forge meaningful partnerships within the music industry.

Larissa Pickens, Founder, Repeat Replay



When we started our health and wellness start-up, it took us about six months to make our first big sale. We were burning through cash in between, and we had reached a point where we couldn’t access cheap capital to keep the business going.

However, we needed to raise money for the business, so we started exploring the idea of selling complimentary mugs. This idea came about interestingly. We bought these mugs to be used as loyalty products for customers. 

The original plan was to offer them for free. But we needed cash, so we started selling them on Amazon. Although the mugs generated little money, they actually helped us raise a bit to pay a few bills here and there.

Logan Nguyen, Co-founder, MIDSS


Golf Tournaments

Traditional digital strategies like paid ads have given us modest returns, but we’ve found a more personal and effective method by leveraging the power of event-hosting.

One of our most successful initiatives was a golf tournament we organized, coinciding with a major industry conference in Palm Springs, CA—a well-known golfing hotspot. This event provided an intimate environment where we could connect directly with decision-makers from our target businesses. The beauty of this approach lies in its ability to foster human-to-human connections, rather than trying to sell our services through ads.

What made this innovative strategy a success was that we could reach our audience directly at a fraction of the cost compared to other methods, and even better, we minimized the influx of non-qualified leads that typically clog up our sales pipeline from organic or paid digital campaigns. It proved to be an unusual yet highly rewarding method of generating revenue for our business.

Kevin Hall, Marketing Operations, Webserv


Adopt-a-Tree Program

The most innovative way we’ve diversified our revenue stream was by launching an “Adopt-a-Tree” program. It was quite a creative detour from our regular arborist services. 

Essentially, we offered our customers a chance to sponsor the maintenance and care of specific trees in local parks and green spaces. They could “adopt” a tree in the name of a loved one or even a company, giving it a special, personal touch. 

This initiative not only generated new revenue but also solidified our commitment to environmental stewardship. The success was beyond our expectations! It created a unique community connection, drawing in people who hadn’t previously considered arborist services. The increased visibility also boosted our core business.

Ben McInerney, Director, Go Tree Quotes


Strategic Partnerships

One of the most innovative ways we generated revenue for our business was through a strategic partnership with a complementary company. We combined our strengths to create a bundled offering that addressed customer needs better than either company could alone. T

This approach exceeded expectations, resulting in increased customer interest and significant revenue growth. The partnership also expanded our network, enhanced our brand reputation, and brought valuable synergies. The success relied on careful planning, trust, and effective collaboration. 

While this approach worked well, it’s crucial to embrace innovation and adapt to changing market dynamics for sustained growth.

Mark Tipton, CEO, Aspire


Effective Referral Programs

One unusual way to generate revenue for my business was by creating a referral program. I offered a discount to my current clients for every new customer they referred to my business. 

This not only incentivized my existing clients to refer new customers, but it also helped me expand my customer base. The referral program was highly successful and proved to be a cost-effective way to generate new leads and revenue.

Farhan Advani, Co-founder, Hair Extensions Advisor



At TechAhead, we sparked innovation and generated revenue through collaborative hackathons. We invited local tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and students to solve real-world challenges using mobile technology. 

By charging a participation fee and partnering with local sponsors, we created a vibrant ecosystem of creative thinkers. Not only did this generate revenue, but it also fostered a community of innovators, expanded our network, and provided potential talent recruitment opportunities. 

This approach not only enhanced our brand visibility but also led to the development of new ideas, partnerships, and successful projects, making it a resounding success.

Vikas Kaushik, CEO, TechAhead


Virtual Design Workshops 

Our e-commerce shop sells custom vinyl iron-on transfers, so we hosted a design workshop that helped people learn to create their own personalized, unique decals. We held this workshop virtually so that people from anywhere in the country could attend, which helped us expand our reach and maximize the value of hosting the workshop. 

It was a great way to get people to see our products in action and show them how easy it is to design their own decals. The conversion rate from the workshop was quite high at 12%. It proved to be a great way to grow our mailing list as well, so we could continue to nurture leads after the event.

Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing, Ninja Transfers


Wholesale Trade Program Partnerships

As a designer pillow company, the most innovative way we’ve generated revenue is by partnering up with realtors and interior designers. Bryar Wolf offers a Wholesale Trade Program that offers exclusive discounts to real estate agents and interior designers. 

With this program, realtors or interior designers who need staging furniture can purchase high-quality pillows in bulk at a fraction of the cost.

Shelby Oliphant, Director of Operations, Bryar Wolf


White Labeling and Licensing 

White labeling or licensing our product to other businesses was an innovative revenue-generating approach. It involved allowing businesses to use our technology under their own brand name. This created an additional revenue stream and expanded our market reach. 

By offering white labeling, we attracted businesses wanting to incorporate our product into their services without development costs. Through licensing, we generated recurring revenue by granting businesses rights to use our technology. This strategy proved highly successful, resulting in increased brand visibility, market penetration, and financial growth.

 It also fostered valuable partnerships and positioned us as a trusted technology provider. Diversifying our revenue through white labeling and licensing capitalized on our core competencies and extended our business beyond traditional sales channels.

Roy Lau, Co-founder, 28 Mortgage


Pop-Up Online Seminars 

One of the most inventive ways we’ve increased our revenue was by introducing “pop-up” online seminars focusing on trendy or timely skill sets. For instance, during the rise of remote work due to the pandemic, we launched short, intensive webinars on effective remote team management and digital collaboration tools. 

This novel approach allowed us to swiftly respond to changing market demands, thus providing immediate value to our clients. And yes, it was highly successful! Our revenue spiked during these periods as businesses sought to quickly upskill their teams, setting us apart from competitors who took longer to adapt. It was an effective way to turn challenges into opportunities.

Derek Bruce, First Aid Training Director, Skills Training Group


YouTube Shorts

I started making YouTube Shorts for my business, which is related to silk and products made of it and also started sharing these videos on different social media channels.

After a while, I generated enough leads on my website with the help of these short videos that automatically turned into boosted sales. I also started earning from YouTube, which was a plus. So, I can say that this strategy was a success for me, and it’s still generating revenue for my business and also adding to its popularity.

Sherry Xue, Digital Marketer, VAZASILK


Online Courses

Many small firms’ struggles come as no great surprise. As things return to normal, there is still revenue loss to make up for. One way to bring in extra cash is to teach online courses on subjects in which you are an expert. 

For instance, we began creating engaging and thought-provoking music lesson videos to assist people in learning the fundamentals of the subject, and as a result, we observed an increase in the number of individuals purchasing the entire course, which boosted our company’s sales and brought in some extra cash. 

Recovering lost revenue using this method is easier than one might imagine, especially if you have the expertise to share with other businesses or individuals.

Alan Senejani, Co-founder | Digital Marketing Director, LVL Music Academy


Influencer Collaboration for Limited Editions

One of the most innovative ways I generated revenue for my DIY wallpaper business was by collaborating with popular interior design influencers and offering limited edition wallpaper designs created in partnership. 

This approach allowed me to tap into their established audience and leverage their influence to promote and sell our exclusive wallpaper designs. Through this collaboration, we created a sense of exclusivity and excitement among the followers of these influencers, as they had the opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind wallpaper design that couldn’t be found anywhere else. 

We offered a limited quantity of these designs, creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, which further fueled customer interest. The collaboration was highly successful in terms of revenue generation. Not only did we witness a significant increase in sales during the limited edition launch period, but the partnership also brought attention to our DIY wallpaper business from a wider audience.

Luke Lee, CEO, Ever Wallpaper


Lead Magnets 

I’m a residential architect, designing high-end custom homes for over 21 years. In 2009, a friend and marketing guru taught me how to show potential clients all the pitfalls they would encounter when designing and building a custom home. My friend taught me that I had to show them the “wrong way” and the “right way” to design and build a custom home in the simplest diagram possible. 

Then, I had to create an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that would reveal the pitfalls to avoid, the “insider secrets” to interviewing and hiring architects and builders, and a detailed path to design and build a dream home with no costly surprises. 

It took me four years to create the Custom Home Guidebook, and today this tool helps me generate a 98% closing rate with potential clients (no lie). They see how differently I work than all my competitors they’re interviewing. After a few minutes of flipping through the pages of the Custom Home Guidebook, they will ask, “OK, how do we get started with you?”

Mark Shattuck, Owner/President, Dream Home Studio, Inc.



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