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15 Leaders Share the Tools That Significantly Impacted Their Businesses

15 Leaders Share the Tools That Significantly Impacted Their Businesses

15 Leaders Share the Tools That Significantly Impacted Their Businesses

To gain insights into the technologies and tools that are revolutionizing businesses, we asked fifteen leaders, including CEOs, founders, and other executives, to share their experiences. From leveraging CRM software to boost sales and satisfaction, to fine-tuning social media strategy with Hootsuite, discover the impactful tools these professionals are using to enhance their business operations and strategies.

  • CRM Software Boosts Sales and Satisfaction
  • Video Analytics Enhances Content Performance
  • Loom Transforms Communication
  • HubSpot Drives Marketing Agency Expansion
  • ASP.NET Web API Powers Data Analytics
  • ChatGPT and Excel Enhance Productivity
  • AI Streamlines the Recruitment Process
  • Cloud Computing Optimizes Business Operations
  • Selenium and Nessus Improve Quality and Security
  • Xero Simplifies Accounting Processes
  • Whereby Facilitates Remote Communication
  • Slack Enhances Internal Communications
  • Exploding Topics Tracks Industry Trends
  • Beeminder Enforces Client Accountability
  • Hootsuite Fine-Tunes Social Media Strategy


CRM Software Boosts Sales and Satisfaction

Well, let me spill the tech-tea! Our business owes its gratitude to none other than our beloved CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It’s been our sidekick, our confidant, and, dare I say, our relationship therapist! 

With the CRM by our side, we’ve witnessed a whopping 30% increase in customer satisfaction and a 25% boost in sales. Not too shabby, right? We’ve cracked the code of personalization, offering tailored solutions like Santa Claus delivering presents on Christmas Eve. 

Plus, we now have more data than we know what to do with—but hey, data is the new oil, they say! No more sticky notes and spreadsheets; it’s smooth sailing with CRM. We’re swimming in happy customers, just like a dolphin in the sea!

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing


Video Analytics Enhances Content Performance

The adoption of a thorough video analytics platform is one piece of technology that has significantly affected our company’s operations and strategy. With the use of this tool, we have been able to monitor and assess how well our video content is performing across different platforms and draw important conclusions about audience behavior, engagement, and preferences. 

With the help of this data-driven strategy, we have been able to create, distribute, and optimize content ‌that has boosted video rankings, increased organic traffic, and raised conversion rates. By utilizing video analytics, we can improve our video marketing efforts overall for better business results, continuously improve our strategies, and customize content for our audience.

Sanket Shah, CEO, InVideo


Loom Transforms Communication

One technology that has significantly affected our business operations is Loom, mainly because of its innovative AI tools that allow for detailed video summarization and breaking down videos into chapters. This feature has been a game-changer in how we communicate internally and externally.

These tools have transformed how our team members collaborate and share information for internal communications. Instead of relying on lengthy email threads or time-consuming meetings, we can now use Loom to create concise, chaptered videos that clearly explain complex ideas, project updates, or training materials. This has led to better comprehension of information, saved time, and improved productivity.

Externally, we’ve leveraged these tools to enhance our customer service and marketing efforts. For customer support, we can create personalized video demos that offer a more detailed explanation and add a personal touch to our interactions.

Michael Sena, Founder and CEO, SENACEA


HubSpot Drives Marketing Agency Expansion

HubSpot is our marketing tool of choice. In fact, the HubSpot tool suite is a multi-use platform for customer relationship management, website hosting, marketing, sales, and services. At the Pro and Enterprise levels, you get access to some truly game-changing automation and reporting features. 

As a marketing agency, we became a HubSpot partner several years ago and have since climbed the ranks to be a Diamond Solutions Partner and HubSpot’s Global HEART award-winner for diversity and inclusion in 2022. Through HubSpot, we could expand our copywriting firm into a fully-fledged marketing agency. We use it every day ourselves, and so do most of our clients.

Matthew Stibbe, CEO, Articulate Marketing


ASP.NET Web API Powers Data Analytics

The ASP.NET Web API has revolutionized how business is done at Steambase. Serving data for over 55,000 Steam games, it’s the backbone of the operation. Without it, the data analytics platform couldn’t have been built. Just like businesses such as Google, Amazon, or Twitter would be crippled without their APIs, the ASP.NET Web API has been leveraged to power Steambase.

The game plan doesn’t stop there. There is a plan to develop its own API, with the goal of selling data directly to customers. This revenue stream can easily become the most profitable for Steambase. So‌ API is not just a tool—it is the heart of many contemporary businesses.

Lucas Wyland, Founder, Steambase


ChatGPT and Excel Enhance Productivity

The productivity gained from combining ChatGPT and Excel, or Google Sheets, can’t be overstated. It allows you to reformat and process data, enabling programmatic marketing campaigns that would’ve previously taken days to prepare. 

Instead of ‌spending hours filtering through complicated cells—which is a task that is also prone to human error—you can automate it with a good prompt to speed up your work and increase its accuracy.

Matt Jackson, E-commerce SEO Consultant, Matt Jackson


AI Streamlines Recruitment Process

The single most game-changing tool for our business has been AI-based Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). They’re like a secret sauce to managing the tsunami of applications we receive. 

Not only have they drastically streamlined our recruitment pipeline, but the machine-learning aspect has also allowed us to match candidates to job requirements with much higher precision. It’s like having a dedicated team of recruiters working around the clock! 

Plus, it’s a big win for candidates too—with the system’s advanced algorithm, it’s become a breeze to connect folks with jobs that really tick their boxes. It’s not just a tool for us, it’s practically reshaped our entire strategy and has certainly given our efficiency and effectiveness a major boost.

Lou Reverchuk, Co-Founder and CEO, EchoGlobal


Cloud Computing Optimizes Business Operations

Cloud computing has certainly had a significant impact on our business. Leveraging the cloud enables us to scale on demand, be globally accessible, and reduce our day-to-day computing costs. 

By only paying for the resources we use, we can stretch our IT budget further. The nature of our business requires storing a large amount of big data. Having ‌unlimited storage enables us to index the data in near-real time. 

Finally, cloud computing has reduced our time-to-market for new products. By leveraging cloud services, we can test and deploy new services without the need to develop everything from scratch.

Josh Amishav, Founder and CEO, Breachsense


Selenium and Nessus Improve Quality and Security

As an expert in software testing and information security, I have found that the automated testing tool, Selenium, has revolutionized my business. It has ramped up our testing efficiency and accuracy, and it works with various programming languages and platforms. 

For security, we use Nessus to detect vulnerabilities before they become threats. These tools have significantly improved our work quality, boosted growth, and strengthened client trust.

Khurram Mir, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitatem Inc.


Xero Simplifies Accounting Processes

We use Xero as our accounting platform. Xero is a popular accounting platform choice for small businesses and tech companies because of its modern interface and ease of use, particularly for finance professionals that come from outside traditional accounting. 

While I have used it in several businesses prior to QBench, it’s here that I have really seen the product’s full potential. Every single one of our reporting and accruals processes in 2023 relies directly on the robust Xero Accounting API and several automations our team has built on top of it.

Trevor Ewen, COO, QBench


Whereby Facilitates Remote Communication

For our remote, creative team, Whereby has had a profound impact on business operations and strategy. All our communication among team members, podcast hosts, and clients takes place online, and Whereby has effectively streamlined this process. 

This has resulted in enhanced collaboration and efficient workflow management, ultimately improving our services’ overall quality and timeliness. Leveraging Whereby has enabled us to adapt seamlessly to remote work and establish stronger connections with stakeholders, driving the success of our podcast production business.

Harry Morton, Founder, Lower Street


Slack Enhances Internal Communications

One of the key elements in any business is the high productivity of internal communications. This factor becomes even more crucial with a fully remote team. Back in the day, we tried several communication channels, but none of them compare to Slack. It has a lot of benefits that other platforms lack. 

First, it has an intuitive design and does not require much time to get used to, even for those who have not used it before. It also allows any user to optimize their pages and structure chats conveniently. 

One does not need to create separate chats for new tasks, as every message easily turns into a thread. Slack has quite a wide range of integrations, which helps keep track of everything in one place.

Productive communication helps save time and spend it on doing something useful rather than on looking for some conversation you had a while ago on one of multiple platforms and suddenly need to find in order to continue working.

Daria Erina, Managing Director, Linked Helper


Exploding Topics Tracks Industry Trends

One tool that has profoundly changed my business strategy lately is Exploding Topics. This powerful technology allows me to stay ahead of industry trends and ensure that my business is always operating in the present, rather than playing catch-up.

The power of Exploding Topics lies in its ability to identify and track trending topics before they become mainstream. Using this tool, I’ve been able to pinpoint emerging trends in my industry and align my content strategy accordingly. 

By getting in on the ground floor of these trends, I’ve could position my business as an authority, leading to increased visibility and growth.

Juliet Dreamhunter, Founder, Juliety


Beeminder Enforces Client Accountability

As an accountability partner service, our job is to ensure clients are reaching their goals, no matter how big or small they are. We provide plenty of productivity tips and encouragement, but it almost always helps more when the client can put their money where their mouth is. 

So, we teamed up with Beeminder, through which we help clients set a goal and penalize them financially if they fail. By taking charge of the tool for our clients, we’re able to keep them accountable and honest!

Manasvini Krishna, Founder, Boss as a Service

Hootsuite Fine-Tunes Social Media Strategy

Having a social media management tool is a game-changer. We use Hootsuite, and it allows us to really fine-tune our social media strategy. An enormous benefit to using a tool like this is being able to create content and schedule it to be automatically posted at specific dates and times in the future. 

When you’re managing a handful of different platforms and running a few different campaigns, being able to have everything planned out already ahead of time in that way is invaluable.

Our social media calendar has posts scheduled at least a few weeks out in advance. This tool allows us to track our progress and measure campaign success, which we can then build on and improve for future campaigns.

Brittany Mendez, CMO, Florida Panhandle


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