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15 Social Media Strategies Proven to Reach New Customers

Social Media Strategies Proven to Reach New Customers

15 Social Media Strategies Proven to Reach New Customers

To help you build a strong brand and reach new customers on social media, we gathered insights from 17 marketing professionals and business leaders. From carrying out cultural strategies to utilizing TikTok micro-influencers, discover the top strategies these experts have used to achieve impressive results on various social media platforms.

  • Carry Out Regional and Cultural Strategies
  • Focus On Underrepresented Segments
  • Build a Community With Social Proof
  • Boost Engagement Using Video Content
  • Fine-Tune Efforts With Data
  • Cross-Promote Platforms for Engagement
  • Try the Three Rs Strategy
  • Sponsor Podcasts for Growth
  • Implement Social Automation Tools
  • Collaborate and  Reach New Audiences
  • Join Conversations, Humanize Your Brand
  • Succeed With Organic LinkedIn Content
  • Attract Customers Through Gamification
  • Establish a Strong Brand Voice and Tone
  • Reach Customers With TikTok Micro-Influencers


Carry Out Regional and Cultural Strategies

Our business is part of the travel industry, which means we cross national and international boundaries, and that’s why we implement a strategy to learn about the cultures of specific regions to tailor our marketing and build our brand to attract new customers. Not every region views messaging or accesses its information the same way, and applying a one-size-fits-all approach saw us missing the mark in our attempts to expand.

Researching new regions, learning their values, examining the ways they access information, and then developing specific plans for varying regions allowed us to develop branding strategies that would better resonate with each area. By taking the time to assess the culture of each region prior to launching a marketing campaign, we were able to learn about their values and create a better strategy that built our brand and attracted many new customers.

Cody Candee, CEO, Bounce


Focus On Underrepresented Segments

As the owner of a majority-female recruiting firm working in a male-dominated industry, I know there’s value in focusing on underrepresented segments of the sector. 

When using social media, target these sometimes neglected communities by diversifying your reach. By sticking to the stereotypical audience base for your business, you’re enforcing the status and you’re also likely to find yourself in a highly competitive race for the attention of customers and clients.

Instead, discover the market that your fellow businesses are sleeping on and start there.

By targeting undervalued audiences, you’ll develop a brand known for dispelling expectations and find an audience likely to remain loyal for years to come.

Linn Atiyeh, CEO, Bemana


Build a Community With Social Proof

By providing testimonials, reviews, and creative content with branded hashtags, we encouraged our current customers to talk about their experiences using our products. This strategy not only helped build a sense of community around our company but also gave prospective buyers real-world social evidence. 

UGC served as potent social endorsements that raised engagement rates, raised brand recognition, and increased conversion rates. Additionally, as users shared their material, this method created a viral impact that increased our reach naturally and attracted new clients who were motivated by the excellent testimonials posted by our current clientele.

Coty Perry, Chief Marketing Officer, Anglers.com


Boost Engagement Using Video Content

Integrating video content into your regular posting schedule is an excellent way to boost engagement and reach new customers. For example, Instagram prioritizes accounts that utilize all features, and right now, they are particularly favoring video content to compete with TikTok. 

This means the algorithm will push video content at a greater volume than static images, so now is a great time to take advantage of a video strategy.

Lyudmyla  Dobrynina, Head of Marketing, Optimeal


Fine-Tune Efforts With Data

I believe it’s important to routinely examine social media stats and use the information to fine-tune your efforts in order to establish a strong brand and reach new customers. Monitor important performance indicators such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. 

Determine what works best for your audience by testing out alternative publishing times, material types, and messages. Improve your methods on a consistent basis by making adjustments based on facts. 

It’s important to keep in mind that your efforts to grow your social media following and strengthen your brand will be ongoing. It calls for persistent work, responsiveness to shifts in the market, and familiarity with the tastes of your intended audience.

Tom Miller, Director of Marketing, Fitness Volt


Cross-Promote Platforms for Engagement

One technique I’ve successfully implemented involves cross-promoting our different platforms. For instance, we consistently referenced our website on our social media posts, driving traffic both ways. We’d share snippets of exciting content or exclusive deals available on the website, piquing the interest of our social media followers. 

This resulted in a significant surge in our web traffic and increased brand engagement across platforms. Not to mention, the positive ripple effect it had on our customer acquisition metrics. It was like creating a virtuous cycle of interaction that fostered stronger brand loyalty and brought in new customers. A simple strategy, but one that truly worked wonders for us.

Joe Troyer, CEO and Growth Advisor, Digital Triggers


Try the Three Rs Strategy

Social media is a busy space, so frequently posting quality content is essential to engage your audience. What’s the trick to doing this? The three Rs have been used:

Repurpose: Turn a webinar deck into a LinkedIn carousel post, turn a blog article into a series of tweets, turn a case study into a customer spotlight on Instagram, and create a Facebook post from a customer review. There are countless options.

Reposting is a terrific approach to filling in the gaps in your content calendar, but it should be done sparingly. Retweet and repost user-generated and influencer material on Instagram. Additionally, you can gather information from reliable sources and publish the links in your postings.

Recycle: Upload your Instagram Reels and TikTok videos to YouTube; share your best blog posts again each month to gain new readers; upload your Facebook Live recordings to your YouTube channel.

Tristan Harris, Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Agency


Sponsor Podcasts for Growth

One strategy that’s truly worked wonders for us is sponsoring podcasts. Back in 2019, we began supporting a popular tech podcast based in San Francisco. We ensured that our message and value proposition were communicated clearly during the sponsorship segment, with a unique offer code for listeners to use. 

Within just a few months, we saw a 20% increase in customer inquiries, the majority referencing the podcast. It wasn’t just about the numbers, though. The customers we gained through the podcast were highly engaged, often becoming brand advocates on their own social media channels. This created a virtuous cycle of positive reputation building, attracting even more customers to our brand.

Alexandru Contes, Co-founder, ReviewGrower


Implement Social Automation Tools

One strategy that has revolutionized my social media game and yielded incredible results is leveraging social automation tools like Waalaxy or Alfred. These powerful tools not only allow you to connect with new customers consistently, but they also offer integrated emailing capabilities. 

This means you can seamlessly reach customers across channels, creating an omnichannel experience that enhances your brand’s visibility and engagement. Combine automated social with organic content and you will nurture your audience into loyal customers over time. The best part? It not only helped me amass a substantial following, but it also generated hundreds of thousands in deal volume.

Rafael Sarim Özdemir, Founder and CEO, Zendog Labs


Collaborate and Reach New Audiences

If you’re looking to build a strong brand on social media, built on trust – and looking to reach new audiences—the answer is collaborative posts! I would connect with industry experts and other business owners to create a collaborative post. 

This post will be shared on BOTH pages and reach each other’s audiences. This also positions you as an expert and a trustworthy brand because someone else has already vetted you!

Corey Brausch Hurley, Social Media Strategist, Seven Willows, LLC


Join Conversations, Humanize Your Brand

I advise my clients to join the conversation! Brands are often hyper-focused on follower count and forget to socialize beyond their own accounts. Social media is like one big marketplace. There is opportunity everywhere. An effective way to reach new customers is to step away from your brand’s account and get into the comments section with a strategy. 

My clients have seen amazing results by visiting a social account with whom their brand shares an adjacent purpose. The goal isn’t to steal clients or the spotlight but instead to show up as a human with a contribution and not simply a logo selling a service.

Jaqui Cook, Owner and Lead Creative Strategist, Know Name Creative


Succeed With Organic LinkedIn Content

Creating organic content on LinkedIn is a great strategy to consistently build a strong brand while gaining new customers. Many people assume LinkedIn is just for job-finding. It’s so much more.

I started on LinkedIn with little to no followers or connections. I was experimenting with different posts to see what worked and did not work for my brand. With persistence, I was able to find that having calls to action, easy-to-read posts, and emojis made posts much more welcoming to read while also giving bite-sized takeaways that one could read without clicking off immediately. 

This strategy has now helped me gain over 10K+ followers on LinkedIn while also giving me opportunities to share my insights on various platforms.

Matt Parkin, Founder, Mornings With Matt Consulting


Attract Customers Through Gamification

One innovative strategy I implemented on social media to build a strong brand and attract new customers was gamification. By incorporating interactive games, quizzes, and challenges into my social media content, I created an engaging and immersive experience for my audience. 

This approach not only increased participation and user interaction but also generated excitement and a sense of fun around my brand. The results of implementing gamification on social media were impressive. The interactive nature of the content encouraged users to spend more time engaging with my brand, resulting in increased brand exposure and reach. 

The viral potential of gamified content led to organic sharing and word-of-mouth recommendations, attracting new customers to my business. Additionally, the data collected through these interactive experiences provided valuable insights into my audience’s preferences and behaviors, enabling me to refine my marketing strategies and deliver more targeted content.

Jamie Irwin, Marketing Executive, Service Club Delivery


Establish a Strong Brand Voice and Tone

When it comes to social media branding, I have found that creating your brand voice and setting a specific tone are the most effective tools. Most companies put a little bit of themselves into their social media platforms. 

Some people find it funny or clever, while others find it enlightening. It’s possible that you already have a consistent brand voice established in other areas of marketing. Extending that to social media is strongly advised, as is building a bespoke strategy for each social platform. 

Details such as brand persona, company catchphrases, personality qualities, and terminology should all be included in a voice and tone guide. With the help of this specified strategy, I have seen visible results which include increased customer engagement and boosted sales.

Alan Senejani, Co-founder and Digital Marketing Director, LVL Music Academy


Reach Customers With TikTok Micro-Influencers

One strategy we used on social media to build a strong brand and reach new customers was leveraging micro-influencers on TikTok. We collaborated with relevant micro-influencers who had a highly engaged audience in our target market. 

These influencers created authentic and creative content showcasing our clients’ products, and sharing their personal experiences and recommendations. The results were impressive, with increased brand visibility, higher engagement rates, and a significant boost in website traffic and conversions. 

Leveraging micro-influencers on TikTok allowed us to tap into a younger demographic and build trust through relatable and genuine content, ultimately expanding our clients’ customer base and driving business growth.

Ryan Flannagan, CEO and Founder, Nuanced Media


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