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7 Facebook Ads Tips You Can Use Right Now

In today’s world, Facebook is a necessity for businesses. With more than 1 billion active users each month, it’s the perfect place to advertise your products or services and reach your target audience. However, many companies don’t know how to use this powerful advertising platform correctly – which is why we have put together these 7 Tips You Can Use Right Now!


Tip #01: Create Short Facebook Video Ads with Captions

Create short videos with captions for all the different devices people use, including mobile and desktop. Use bright colors in the background or foreground of your video so it stands out against other content on Facebook. Include text overlays that show what you want viewers to do once they have finished watching (e.g., “click here”).

Have an attractive call to action button at the end of your video ad directing users back to a landing page targeting them specifically.


Tip #02: Boost a Facebook Contest Promo Post

Include a link to your contest on Facebook. Add an “Enter Now!” button with the number of days left in the contest and a timer counting down from there. Create content that is short, concise, and clear. It should be eye catching so users can’t help but click through to enter the promotion. Ensure you are following all rules set forth by Facebook for running contests using their platform (e.g., only one promotional post per day). And run a contest that is relevant to the Facebook audience


Tip #03: Excite Audiences with a Facebook Carousel Ad

A carousel ad is a series of images that you can upload to Facebook. You should have between three and five photos or videos in your carousel. Make sure the captions for each photo are similar so users know what they’re seeing. Create an engaging caption that will make people want to click on it. Uploading multiple pictures/videos within one post means you’ll reach more people than if you were just posting one thing at a time.

Tips for designing your carousel:

  •  Include a link to your website in the first image so people know where they are going once they click on it. You can also include an opt in form or call to action button asking users to sign up and get more information about what you’re offering, as well as social sharing buttons at the bottom if possible.
  • The most important thing is ensuring that each photo appeals to different audiences by including something that will catch their eye (e.g., colors). Facebook advises against using all white backgrounds because when someone scrolls through posts with white backgrounds, it becomes difficult for them to see content below theirs and scroll down further into the post. Use contrasting colors.


Tip #04: Write a Magnetic Ad Headline

Your ad headlines should be short, catchy and attention grabbing. Take your audience into account when creating an ad headline: what are they interested in? What is their mood like? When writing a Facebook Ad it’s important to keep these things in mind. You want the person viewing your post to feel something strongly for you or your company before clicking on the link. Use words that create curiosity as well (e.g., “Hear Me Roar!”) This will help ensure people click through without feeling resistance by providing them with more information about who you are and why they should care.

Tips for designing your ad headline:

  •  Create text ads instead of image ads because users are more likely to pay attention if you have text instead of just a picture. Text ads are also more affordable on Facebook and they’ll get seen by more people
  • Make your call to action clear so it is easy for someone to click the button or link you want them to click: “Visit our website” or “Sign up now!” Tips include using different colors, adding contrasting text fonts, etc.
  • Keep copy short and succinct (e.g., 150 characters max) – Even if your post doesn’t fit into this restrictive length requirement, keep in mind that users don’t like scrolling through long posts because it can be hard on their eyes when they’re viewing other content below the post as well as scroll down further into the post
  • Use an eye-catching image to catch your readers’ attention and get them interested in what you’re selling
  •  Make sure the images are not too big or too small. Nothing is worse than having a user click on an ad that doesn’t show up because it’s so tiny!


Tip #05: Mine Audience Insights

Audience insights will tell you what your customers want and how to reach them. Facebook’s audience insight tool allows a business to know who their consumers are, where they reside, demographic information (e.g., age, gender), interests/behaviors of those people, language preference(s) of the population under consideration, and more. Facebook’s audience insights will provide a business with valuable data to help them be in touch with their customers’ needs. It also gives businesses an idea of which social media platform(s) that the population under consideration prefers (e.g., Instagram, Twitter).


Tip #06: Find your Target Audience in Audience Insights

The best way to find your target audience is by looking at the “Interests and Behaviors” tab in Audience Insights. Select an interest category that might be relevant for what you’re trying to sell, then look through the interests of those people who have expressed said interest (e.g., selecting “Technology”). You can also select a specific demographic or region: this will help create ads targeted towards a particular age group or location.

 Tips for finding your Target Audience in Audience Insights:

  • Keep Facebook’s Tips for Creating Great Ad Headlines in mind when building up your profile picture and description sections on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. This helps show personality and creativity to potential customers and can be a huge asset for your company.
  •  Include emojis, hashtags or @ mentions in posts on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter etc. These help differentiate the content from other people who are also using these platforms
  • Use tools like Facebook’s Audience Insights tool, Google AdWords Keyword Tool , Keyword Planner (e.g., Google), Bing Ads Intelligence) to find out what your target audience is interested in when it comes to keywords used by this population. This will allow you to have better luck with ads that resonate more strongly with your intended demographic
  • To find out what people who have liked/followed you already think about your product or service, take advantage of Facebook’s “Insights” tab. This will provide information which may be valuable to those looking into whether or not they should buy from your company. For example, if a potential customer is interested in knowing how many people were talking negatively and positively about the company online (good and bad reviews), this tool can help them figure that out. Companies can also use these insights to know where their target audience lives so they can send them the most relevant and helpful information and ads.


Tip #07: Build a Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a great way to build connection and loyalty with your customers. There is no need for the group leader (e.g., company) to participate in every discussion, but it’s important that they monitor their own content so there’s less chance of complaints or negative publicity about what has been shared. The most important thing is that this person needs to be active on the page, seeking out feedback and discussing any issues which could arise. This will help make sure the members feel heard and appreciated as well as reach out to those who may want more information from said business.

Tips on building a facebook group:

  • Tips for building a facebook group include making sure you have an optimized landing page before creating one; always show value upfront by highlighting the features and benefits of your service, product or event; also, make sure to include a disclaimer: “This Group is not affiliated with Facebook.”



John Lawson is one of the most trusted and experienced eCommerce professionals in the industry. John is the founder of The Ecommerce Group, which he started in 2011 to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs in the industry. It’s the oldest eCommerce group on Facebook with over 8,500 members from around the world!

John speaks at conferences all around the world, including Retail Global, South by Southwest, Etail, Digital Summit, Hubspot Inbound, Ad-Tech and more. He also writes for several international publications such as Power Retail, Small Business Trends and Disrupt Magazine.







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