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Angel Lebron: Youtuber Impacting Thousands Through Online Based Business

Angel Lebron is the founder of Braap Vlogs, a youtube platform that inspires individuals to start businesses that they’ve always had in mind. Braap Vlogs helps people nurture the mindset that helps them become the best version of themselves.

In this exclusive interview, Angel LeBron talks about his brand, shares the various attributes that have contributed to his success; how he has been able to overcome multiple obstacles as well as advice to everyone aspiring to be like him.


1.Tell me about your brand

To be honest, I’ve always been a hustler. I am someone that has a passion for whatever it is that I did. At the age of 11, I fell in love with riding bikes, dirtbikes, street bikes, all of them that go fast haha.

Moving on, at the age of 17, I picked up a camera and started to document my journey. Like all YouTubers, I started off from ground zero. I was made fun of for walking around with a camera, people mocked my vision, even family belittling my work ethic but instead of quitting, I just kept going. I drew motivation from all that was happening at the time.

Before I was able to legally purchase a drink at the bar I was making six figures and traveling around the US riding with thousands of people.

Today, I have accumulated over 700,000 subscribers online and instead of keeping them as fans and subscribers, I’ve decided to partner up with MxM The Mvmnt and give each and every single person the opportunity to succeed in life by creating an online business of their own and surrounding themselves with winning mindsets.


2.What inspired you to create your brand? 

Watching other YouTubers that were riding, vlogging and just living life made me really decide to go all in to my own brand. If it wasn’t for those early pioneers I don’t know if I would be where it is that I am today. I’ve always had drive; I’ve always had motivation, but the vehicle to success that YouTube provided me was all that I needed. Now I’m providing that same opportunity, a vehicle to success for the average person with an above-average mindset to really build wealth.


What problems does your brand aim to solve? 

Braap vlog helps to inspire people around the globe to take that risk, jump on that bike, start that business, grow their mindset, and just become the best version of themselves. Leadership by example is key but what is more important is actually giving people that opportunity to become the best version of themselves and really build wealth and walking them through the game plan step by step.


What obstacles have you faced so far and how did you overcome these obstacles?

Every entrepreneur faces lots of challenges. I mean I would be lying if I told you I haven’t overcome adversity, disappointment, struggle, and failure time and time again. I overcame them through persistence, through dedication and just all-out hard work. There is no secret. Just keep going, look adversity in the face and push forward.


What is your best advice for someone who wants to grow in any area of their life?

My best advice would be to take the advice or opinions from people that have the results you’re looking for. When you buy someone’s opinion, you buy their lifestyle. So don’t take advice from your broke uncle or your broke friend. Surround yourself with people that have a winning mentality, with people that have the results you are looking for. That’s exactly what we provide at MxM The Mvmnt, click my socials, and reach out to learn more. 


You can catch up with Angel LeBron here 


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