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Deidre Schill, the Self – Relationship Expert, Share’s Her 3 Steps on How To Live a Desirable Life

Written from the words of Diedre Schill:

“What if I told you that when you were born, you were MAGNIFICENT!”

“Imagine if you had known from birth and all through your life that you were truly magnificent and all the negative stories about yourself simply did not exist.

What would your life look like without all the baggage that you carry around with you today? The baggage that drags you down and prevents you from achieving things in life. Things like more money, success, visibility, better communication, fantastic relationships, dream holidays, self-respect, and the life you dream to live by your design. What would that life look like for you?

I want you to take a minute and imagine that you are the center of your very own universe, that you are the Sun, and everything is orbiting around you. Now I want you to imagine that there are heavy dark storm clouds in front of you that dim your light that you are shining out. Those dark storm clouds are preventing you from shining your light brilliantly and magnificently into all areas of your universe, all areas of your life. The only way you can clear the storm clouds is by understanding why they are there in the first place.”

So, let’s journey into three steps to understanding what the storm clouds mean and how it helps you to live a desirable life:

1. Become the observer

Deidre explains, ”This step is all about observing yourself and being curious as to why you believe what you believe. Why you act the way you act and why you respond the way you respond, as often, that is not how you want to be turning up.  

It is time to uncover the automatic response of the familiar behavioral pattern.  To ask yourself WHY, why did I act, behave, or respond in the way that I did? It is time to be completely honest with yourself, not the time to punish yourself.

Observe your inner dialogue; what is it you say to yourself? What is the story, and how is it making you feel? The words you say are powerful. The song that was sung when I was a child, ‘sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me,’ was a lie. Words have power, and your words make you feel happy, angry, sad, frustrated, depressed, joyful, on top of the world, and every emotion in between.

Observe your emotions and understand that they are the barometer to your thoughts. When you find yourself in a negative emotional state, that is your cue to tune in, to take note of what you are saying to yourself and why you respond the way you do.

Your thoughts create your emotions, and your emotions make your action.”

2. Disrupt the old pattern

The next step is getting rid of the negative past. Deidre adds, “Now that you know the negative chatter going on in your head, it is time to learn to turn it off. In theory, this is easy; however, it is not simple. After a lifetime of your mind and emotions running the show, you must become vigilant with training your mind to focus on what you desire.

First, stop it as soon as you bring your awareness to it! However, it is a small storm cloud, to begin with, left unchecked; it becomes a massive storm and takes over and is nearly impossible to disperse. As you know, storms can create a lot of damage.

Distract yourself, count to 20, put on an upbeat song, change your environment, go for a walk in nature, run! Find a distraction you can use to stop the old dialogue.

Second, learn to let go, know that the thoughts have created an emotional response in your body. Instead of reacting, focus on feeling the emotions flow through you and let them go.

Third, practice, practice, practice. At first, it will feel uncomfortable, and it will be hard work; however, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. And after a while, you can distract and disrupt your thoughts quickly and with more ease.”  

3. Focus on who you desire to be

The last step is to focus energy to become that you desire to be. Deidre said, “Imagine who you are when you respond, react, and behave like the person who is the center of their own universe. What does that person look like, how do they talk, what do they say, how do they turn up? Feed your mind the information it needs to become who you desire to be. Be crystal clear with your mind and tell it with clear language that you choose to be calm, happy, in control, motivated, and inspired to live life by your design. Set time each day to focus on what this is for you. When your mind knows what you want, the dark storm clouds can disperse, and you can shine your glorious light into your universe.” 

Deidre Schill is The Self Relationship Expert and works with her clients one on one to live the life they desire. You can follow Deidre at her website, My Beautiful Self, and social media pages below:

Facebook: @deidre.schill.SelfRelationship

Instagram: @mybeautifulself.deidreschill

LinkedIn:Deidre Schill



Article Published by: Authority Sharks PR
Contact: Info@AuthoritySharks.com
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