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“Flawesome Farmulosity” is Tiffany Konecko’s “Hotmess” Momlife & It’s Just Perfect

Tiffany Konecko–self-described “small-town girl”–has strutted the New York Fashion Week catwalk and the pageant stage for the Mrs. Wisconsin competition where she was crowned first place. But her true home is farmhouse chic, a.k.a. “Farmulosity,” where she is the proud mother to two boys and the “CEO of Hotmess.”

Says Konecko, “I believe that an empowered, authentic woman holds power to be herself, change herself, change world views, and overcome the pressure to conform. I want to inspire, motivate, and empower women to become the best authentic versions of themselves.”

With almost 12K followers on Instagram, Tiffany hopes to engage with and help empower a generation of mothers and women who might prefer or identify with the “hotmess” side of life rather than be “all glammed up.” She values the “why” behind the woman rather than the outer-beauty facade. 

The dark side of pageants and motherhood

“Nobody ever shares the downside or the dark side of pageants,” Konecko opines, “everything we see is all rainbows and butterflies. Pageants open up a ton of opportunities, but no one ever talks about the other side.”

That “other side” is where she dwells in her genuine nature about life and motherhood–that unspoken place where we get the pageantry and the honest-to-goodness advice and story. Konecko isn’t afraid to talk about real issues like postpartum depression, which she suffered from after her first child was born. Tiffany remembers that “it was challenging, so I began looking for an outlet to stay motivated and process what was going on in life. I started snapping random pictures of my life and sharing them with the world. My Instagram became my safe place, my community, where I was able to be my flawesome self.” She then shared her passion for family, home décor, fashion, and vintage thrifting, all while being able to stay at home with her children. By sharing her real self and her creativity, she was able to stay connected to people, which in turn helped her be the best mom she could be.

Her “flawesome” self

Farmulosity is all about curating and sharing ideas and inspiration for a “Farmhouse style” home that is true for the woman and her personal style. That means “adding a touch of glam” to the rustic decor, like Rhinestones or a little rose gold. “That’s what makes our farmhouse really ours,” says Konecko, “we are all about authentic self-expression, making trends instead of following them, and building a lifestyle based on core values like authenticity, happiness, and love. Farmulosity is also big on fashion and family lifestyle.”

Tiffany’s brings a “perfectly imperfect” view and philosophy to the mommy blogosphere. Speaking of her approach, she says, “no one is you, that is your superpower, and everyone has their own timeline. Others may and will succeed earlier than you, but that doesn’t mean you failed.” Her fresh perspective is just what we need, and while it may not always be considered popular, she leads a trend that will never go out of style. 

Her social media presence is genuine and heartfelt. After years of trying to live a picture-perfect life to please others, Tiffany has taken the plunge of sharing her truths by turning them into humor. “If you want to be inspired,” says the former beauty queen, “or are looking for a good laugh with a dose of #momlife reality, I’m your girl.”

I am a physician and career entrepreneur. After studying medicine, I founded a social media marketing agency and a fitness equipment company as well as direct a non profit. My goal is to inspire others to achieve their dreams and create the freedom in their life that they know is within reach. I host a podcast Mentors Collective to interview some of my favorite business minds.


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