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How Spirituality In Business Can Uplevel & Transform Your Work

Jenna Brocious is a female entrepreneur who has found her professional success by overcoming personal adversities that stemmed from childhood, especially with her mother’s role as someone not to emulate in life.

“I was raised by a single mom who was an alcoholic and had a revolving door of men, said Brocious. “To my mom’s credit, we always had food on the table and a warm roof over our heads. I always say my mom taught me everything not to do in life.”

Brocious moved away from home at the age of 19. “I needed to get as far away from my small hometown as possible,” she said. “It was not the place for me. I knew there was something greater out there. Once I moved to Arizona, I worked three jobs to keep my head above water. I look back at that time with so much love. It was my first time all alone, and I made it happen. I worked in the restaurant industry until I married my husband at 29.”

 Brocious wore many hats, trying to find her purpose in the world. In her early 20s, she recognized that she didn’t like to be told what to do. “I needed to be my boss! It would take many more years to find my way.”

“I became a mother to an amazing little boy in 2015. She started in liquored sales, then to insurance, personal assistant, and then landed in real estate. Still trying to satisfy myself in 2019, I started sitting in prayer and meditation every day while my son was in preschool. That is where the idea for positive intention prayer cards came from. I believe the prayer cards are God working through me. I feel so lucky that I gave myself the time and opportunity to sit and listen. I have been selling my prayer cards for almost a year, and the feedback has been amazing. They resonate with people!”

What Is a Prayer Card?

Each prayer card is for one of love, peace, strength, worthiness, grief, happiness, change, and travel. This journey has led me to sell positive intention prayer cards, write books, national speaking, help others, and spread love,” said Brocious. 

Lessons on Self-Worth & Boundaries 

Jenna learned many lessons throughout her childhood, growing up with narcissistic parents. One such lesson is that hurt people hurt others: “I never let my mother’s words penetrate my mind or heart. They were mean words, but I knew they were not true. Hold strong to your self-worth. God made you; you are amazing and one of a kind.” She also found that boundaries are not just essential but a necessity and a way to stay safe on so many levels. She also says, “Only say YES if it feels right. Gut-check yourself.”

Brocious also believes that everyone must always put themselves first, putting their feelings and schedule first. You must put yourself first. Put your feelings and schedule first. Lastly, she knows from experience that just because they are family does not mean you are obligated to spend time with them.” My mother never had consideration for my feelings while living her crazy life,” she explained. “So I never allow myself to feel guilty when it comes to my boundaries.” 

 Why Brocious Believes Everyone Needs A Spiritual Guide To Help Navigate Life 

“Having someone help guide you has its benefits,” said Brocious. “I am a spiritual guide and have my team I rely on. I see someone every three weeks that does Reiki. She can put me into the deepest meditations I can’t get on my own. To me, that is a major asset in my life.” Jenna also believes that having a spiritual guide helps us untangle obstacles we can’t overcome. A spirit guide can help you to see a new perspective. They can also move bad energy or blocks that no longer serve you. A spirit guide can help you see the oneness of the world and the bigger picture. The oneness with each other is a significant factor in being awake. 

Having a spiritual guide is also part of self-care, Brocious explains. Working through hardship and trauma can free your body of illness. Scientific studies show that working through childhood trauma can reduce cancer risk and other diseases. Lastly, Brocious believes that spiritual guides are essential and work to be able to see the truth in everything, including yourself. Only sometimes accessible but necessary. “Having a spiritual guide is just another level of support,” she says. 

But it is also true that the healing comes in waves: “After I gave birth to my son, I got mad at my mother all over again. I loved this little human so much. I could not understand how she put me in some many bad situations. I also thought she would show up more when my son was born. Like she had never before, I was disappointed when that didn’t happen.  Someone told me, ‘You can’t hold someone to a standard they didn’t agree to.’  That is when the light bulb went on! This changed everything for me. “

Jenna now lives a present life where everything works in my favor, even when it doesn’t seem like it. So, when something doesn’t go as planned, I don’t freak out or give it negative energy. I decided to change my reaction, and then everything changed. Now when things don’t go as planned, I know there is a reason and let it roll off my back. I say out loud, “I see my plan didn’t go accordingly, so there must be a big and better plan.” And 99% of the time, something better works out. I am spoiled because I always get what I want.”

How Brocious Believes We Can Overcome Adversity From Childhood To Not Just Survive, But Thrive

Though we are all dealt different cards in childhood and beyond, Brocious advises it’s possible to overcome and not just survive–but thrive off of them. First, she emphasizes the importance of following your gut instinct. “My gut instinct has been powerful since I was a young girl. I believe it has helped guide me out of some bad situations.” Next, she says that circumstances are just that: circumstantial. “Just because you were born into a family doesn’t mean that is who you are, too,” she said. “I call myself the sparkly white sheep of the family. They are all the black sheep. I don’t have much in common with my family, which is ok.”

Another way she could survive–but thrive–from a young age was by finding places and activities to keep her busy and happy away from her home environment. She did after-school sports, went to church with friends, and got a job to give herself freedom financially. Another lesson that Brocious learned is the art of creating boundaries. “I started at the age of 14,” she explained. “I had to do what made me feel safe and secure. I couldn’t be my mom’s savior and care for myself.”

Finding Your Happiness

It is important to remember you don’t have to live a miserable, unhappy life, explains Jenna. “You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. You can live a great life. God created us to live whole, happy lives. God wants you to Thrive! I now have gratitude for the hardship that I have lived through. It made me the person I am today. I was allowed to change how I lived, and now I have a home full of love, happiness, and peace. If I can do it, so can you.

As a collective, there are many generational hurts that we are starting to work through. From what little I have heard, my mom had a difficult home life with no love, and my grandmother’s life was not easy. It is time to stop the hurt, wake up, and show love and kindness to ourselves and our families. We can do better. My son will have better. “

How Spirituality In Business Can Uplevel Your Work 

Being spiritually aligned will change every part of your life for the better, Jenna explains. “My husband is a successful businessman that has become aligned too. It has not stopped him from running his successful business,” she said. “It has made him a softer, kinder partner and boss. He trusts his gut more and sits with a big decision before making anything final. “

“Becoming spiritually aligned helps you better understand how we are all one and connected. We are all part of the same tree, just different leaves. You need to be in business and allow yourself to become aligned within yourself. Missing out on how you manage your employees, new avenues of opportunity, and allowing yourself to be open and creative.”

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