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How To Maintain Strong Partnerships With Businesses in Your Industry

How To Maintain Strong Partnerships With Businesses in Your Industry

How To Maintain Strong Partnerships With Businesses in Your Industry

To help you forge strong partnerships and reap the benefits of collaboration, we gathered insights from 10 industry leaders, including founders, CEOs, and marketing managers. From reaching out and communicating regularly to engaging in online communities, these experts share their best tips on building and maintaining successful business relationships in your industry.

  • Reach Out and Communicate Regularly
  • Embrace Mutual Compromise
  • Team Up to Offer Products
  • Build Mutually Beneficial Engagements
  • Network and Engage in Communities
  • Align with Like-Minded Partners
  • Foster Mutual Respect and Vision
  • Share Leads and Assets for Growth
  • Collaborate to Solve Shared Challenges
  • Engage in Online Communities


Reach Out and Communicate Regularly

One of the most effective strategies I’ve used to build and maintain strong partnerships with other businesses in my industry is through collaboration. 

We did this by reaching out to fellow professionals and exploring opportunities for collaboration. Seek out businesses that align with your values and goals, and be open to exploring ways to support each other’s success. Regularly communicate, share insights, and actively look for opportunities to collaborate on projects or refer clients.

Diane Howard, Founder, Esthetic Finesse


Embrace Mutual Compromise

What has worked for us so long to sustain healthy business partnerships, especially in the SEO industry, has been a mutual compromise. Whenever we team up with clients or any new business, we are open to negotiations. This ensures that they know there is a potential for discussion-based decisions. So, both values will be accounted for here, and the best one, whether individually or combined, would be chosen. 

Our partners are happy with this attitude as we arrive at a mutual decision, even if there are misunderstandings or conflicts. But, the main factor here is that mutual compromise is equally beneficial. 

Yes, in theory, it sounds perfect, but it takes a lot of practical attempts to get there. Constant meetings, follow-ups, feedback, and so on are some common practices that are involved. Once we arrive at that stage, then everything seems smoothly flowing. Choose this strategy, as most importantly, success and failure depend on both partners here.

Marc Hardgrove, CEO, TheHOTH


Team Up to Offer Products

From personal experience, teaming up to offer products has proven to be an exceptional tool for building and maintaining strong business partnerships within our industry. 

This strategy fosters mutual growth and fosters a culture of cooperation rather than competition. It promotes the exchange of expertise and resources, creating an enriched customer experience and adding value to our offerings.

 A perfect example is our recent collaboration with a leading digital design firm. By integrating their innovative design solutions with our proficient SMS and email marketing strategies, we were able to offer a comprehensive package to our clients. This partnership resulted in increased client satisfaction and drove significant growth for both our agencies, reinforcing my belief in the power of collaboration.

Josh “Snow” Elizetxe, Founder, Customer Feedback


Build Mutually Beneficial Engagements

Last year, my agency, Articulate Marketing, signed up with Ecologi to offset our carbon and plant trees with the goal of operating more sustainably as a business and as part of our journey to Net Zero by 2025. Through this partnership, we have (so far) avoided 202 tonnes of CO2 and planted 13,500 trees. 

In turn, we took them on board as a client to help them consolidate their marketing data and onboard them onto HubSpot’s platform for end-to-end marketing, sales, and services. The connection has strengthened both our companies as it is mutually beneficial—in fact, I was recently invited to feature in a video as part of their #ForThePlanet initiative, which you can now see on their website. 

If you can find a way to build a mutually beneficial engagement, then both parties will be more likely to build a deeper, more long-lasting partnership.

Matthew Stibbe, CEO, Articulate Marketing


Network and Engage in Organizations

I have built a network with other consulting professionals through networking and membership in various community organizations. A network of like-minded peers has helped me have a sounding board and professional resources for clients. I have partnered with other consultants for speaking and training engagements, where we were able to highlight our expertise in a specific area. 

This space is not one-size-fits-all, so I even refer out (and get referred) clients to competitors when they are a better fit based on location, business model, or availability.

Kimberly Bogues, Founder/CEO, Flourish Business Consulting


Align with Like-Minded Partners

A company that stays true to its core tenets, goals, and values is more likely to attract partners who share similar principles. By collaborating with these partners and leveraging their complementary expertise and resources, we can build and maintain strong partnerships.

This involves fostering open and clear communication, cultivating trust and reliability, and seeking opportunities for joint marketing initiatives. Sharing knowledge and insights, supporting each other’s growth, and celebrating achievements are also important aspects.

One benefit from this is increased credibility through association with our partners. It strengthens your brand’s reputation, builds trust, opens new opportunities, validates your business within the industry, provides a competitive advantage, facilitates knowledge exchange, and enhances your brand’s image and perceived value.

Tristan Harris, Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency


Foster Mutual Respect and Vision

As the Founder and CEO of Authors On Mission, I have built and maintained strong partnerships within the industry by adhering to the principles of mutual respect, transparency, and shared vision. These partnerships have facilitated access to new markets, enriched our service offerings, and strengthened our overall brand value.

The most effective strategy for building strong partnerships is to view them not merely as transactional relationships, but as collaborations. This perspective encourages a shared commitment to each other’s success. 

My tip for others seeking to build successful partnerships is to invest time in understanding the partner’s objectives, challenges, and culture. This understanding forms the basis for a partnership that benefits both parties and stands the test of time. After all, the best relations are maintained through pure understanding and possible empathy.

Vikrant Shaurya, CEO, Authors On Mission


Share Leads and Assets for Growth

Sharing leads and assets has been pivotal to our growth. It encourages mutual success, fostering strong partnerships and enabling us to leverage each other’s strengths. 

One such instance was with a renowned carpet cleaning service. We exchanged client leads and shared cleaning equipment. They needed access to our high-grade, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and we needed their specialized carpet cleaning equipment. 

This partnership expanded our service offerings, attracting a broader customer base and boosting our reputation. This collaboration resulted in increased revenue for both companies and also built a strong bond of trust and reciprocity.

Thomas Giarraputo, Vice President, Executive Cleaning Services


Collaborate to Solve Shared Challenges

During my professional life, I’ve diligently cultivated and sustained strong partnerships by actively embracing collaboration and mutual problem-solving within our industry. This strategy hinges on identifying shared business challenges and creating joint initiatives to tackle them. 

For example, we once partnered with a local manufacturing firm during a severe supply chain disruption. Both companies were struggling with the same issue, but by uniting our resources and expertise, we developed an innovative localized procurement strategy. 

This helped us maintain business continuity during a challenging time and underscored the tangible benefits of fostering strong industry partnerships. Therefore, striving for collaborative solutions to common issues continues to be at the center of our partnership-building philosophy.

Haya Subhan, General Manager, Solar Panel Installation


Engage in Online Communities

Online communities such as the AWS Partner Network have been instrumental in helping Logicata build and maintain strong partnerships with other businesses in our industry. By actively participating in these communities, we’ve shared information on emerging trends, collaborated on joint solutions, and established ourselves as thought leaders in the industry. 

This doesn’t mean just promoting our own services but genuinely engaging with other businesses and sharing knowledge to help each other grow. As a result, we have formed valuable partnerships that have provided benefits such as access to new customers and markets, increased credibility in the industry, and the ability to offer more comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Karl Robinson, CEO, Logicata


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