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Instructions for Thinkers on how to choose an Eyebrow Course

Those who work in the beauty industry sooner or later face the need to expand their range of services and learn a new specialty that will attract new clients and therefore increase income. Beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows are a trend in recent years, and the ability to make a clear line and a beautiful curve will make you even more attractive in the eyes of clients.

By opting for an eyebrow training course you can avoid the hassle. It is a shame about the money spent when all that’s left is a diploma with no skills, no knowledge, and the question of “what else is there to do? Often we realize it too late – when we make mistakes while working with clients, when we receive negative feedback about our work, when we get into conflict situations, when we lose confidence. The result is either disappointment in the chosen profession or additional training costs.

Let us not spend too much, or feel uncomfortable! And let’s choose our courses thoughtfully. What should you pay attention to?


On the number of practical exercises

2-3 models are too little to hone a skill. 5-6 models are quite enough to get skills with different variants of coloring and nuances of sketching, work with different eyebrows. The first model is frightening to work with; the second model is exciting; the third model is enough for confidence; the fourth model raises questions and self-criticism; the fifth and sixth models allow you to consolidate and refine your skills.

Different coloring techniques

You will learn about different coloring techniques and which products you can use on the course. If you are taught one working technique and the coloring of 1 brand of paint or henna, this is likely a course to sell the brand. As always, there is no one perfect product: there are nuances in shades, allergies, cost of dyes. It seems to us that at the course you should be given an overview of several brands of dyes that have proved themselves in the market, indicate their pros and cons, and the sphere of application. The choice of dye and its price segment will be up to you.

Different sketching techniques

It is a good idea for your instructor to offer you not just one simplified sketching technique that is most commonly taught, but to give you an overview of what techniques are currently available. At our school, we use a detailed sketching technique and take a lot of facial features into account. It is this technique that brings our students clients who say they make beautiful eyebrows rather than typical eyebrows.

What types of coloring are included in the course

Clients set different tasks for the eyebrow technician: some want clear and graphic eyebrows; some want soft and airy; for some, it is important that there is not even a trace of intervention but eyebrows are visible; there are even clients who want blue/green/maroon eyebrows. You must be taught classic, voluminous, catwalk coloring.


 Where and when was the instructor trained?

The brow services market is changing rapidly and the master needs to be aware of these changes. This helps when working with problem eyebrows, under-expanded eyebrows, or severe asymmetry.


So how do you choose a worthwhile instructor? Attend an open lesson at a school or course, get to know the instructor, talk to his alumni. See if he’s interesting to you, the way he behaves and teaches. Better still, a model for a course or client for service. As a rule, the teacher should be with the students all the time, his absence for a short time will be justified, perhaps, only closer to the end of the course. The teacher should constantly supervise the process, help, suggest, be present in the learning process with his/her word and eye. You have to see and notice all nuances.

Look at how the training process is organized

Almost in every beauty school, the training process is organized in the following way – first, the teacher does the so-called demonstration of work. Shows to pupils the whole process of eyebrows designing and then a novice master should repeat that! That is about 200 operations – it is impossible to memorize them and repeat them immediately. All the more so for a beginner. A more experienced do-it-yourselfer can have a lot of difficulties because every model has different facial morphology and will need different techniques.

It’s best if the instructor gives a step-by-step demonstration on one, then on the other student model. Then he/she controls how the students perform these operations and sets the hand. Also, a particularly difficult model shows subtleties and nuances. At the Brow course at our beauty school, this process is exactly organized that way. This is probably the reason why our students are hired right after the course.

The number of students in the group. Please listen to me! You can transfer a skill to 5, or at the most 6 students in a group. And that is if the instructor constantly, continuously has time to keep track of each of them. If there are more people in the group, they work on a flow, without much output. And whether you learn or not, depends only on your starting point, persistence, and…the volume of your voice. If you see a photo on Instagram teacher surrounded by 10-15 young “eyebrows”, the eyebrows are very conditional, rather experts who are slightly inducted into the course.

Evaluate the course program

It should include master hygiene, peculiarities of communication with the client, an overview of different correction techniques, working colorists of several dyes, a big block on sketching, selection of optimum eyebrow shape, color selection for each particular client, overview and demonstration of different types of eyebrow coloring, block on the promotion of yourself as a master.

You must work through the options with different types of potential clients:

– Minors (legal aspects are important here);

– Older women (with the help of eyebrows you can create an excellent lifting effect);

– men (everything is the same as for women, only in reverse));

– With different complicated, over-corrected, asymmetrical eyebrows, eyebrows with interrupted growth, etc.

And it is desirable to practice different techniques with each type of client. Otherwise, after the course will remain a lot of questions and “white spots” that will require at least an independent study on Youtube channels, and maybe additional costs in the form of new courses.

And here I get a set of brushes!

Sorry, but this is just another marketing ploy for the simple-minded. Even at school, your friend Masha preferred thick pens, while you liked thin ones with a pointy shaft. And some people even like to write with a pencil! So much for the eyebrow brushes that you’ll be working with for hours a day. Decent eyebrow courses must show you what brushes and tools there are, but all this is in your hands and you’ll understand what tools are more convenient for you to work with. In addition, in the process of learning will become clear whether you want to connect with the eyebrows of his life or not. If the eyebrow profession is your thing, you’ll need tools you’ll be comfortable working with. A “gift set” will not be enough to get you started in the profession, and most of the tools in it cannot be used at all.


Look at your students’ work

And not those, which are shown by the school (the best work of one student, it is good, if without filters and photoshop), but search for a student in the school on Instagram and look at all his works within the course, and it is better if it is not one student. You should be able to see the momentum for improvement.

Post-training support

For 2 months the trainer will answer your questions online. It is important to us that you feel supported. It is always exciting to start there mustn’t be on your own. We understand this and support you in every way we can.






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