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1-on-1 Interview with Firefighter & Social Media Influencer Isaac Ramirez

What Is It Like Being a Firefighter? 

Isaac: So every day is different. The job is not like your regular typical job where you go in, and you expect the same thing over and over and over again. Right. So we respond to medical calls respond to vehicle accidents. We respond to fires. We respond to anything that you people call for nine 11, and it doesn’t matter what time, you know, we’re going to be there, whether it’s at 1:00 AM.

3:00 AM doesn’t matter. It’s our job to respond. So we live at the firehouse. It’s like a second home to us. We have a crew that we work with. And then we pretty much get there around 8:00 AM. Go throughout our whole day. We cook, we clean at the firehouse. We run calls over the entire day.

As I said, you never know when to expect a call because no one understands; you know, it’s a 9 1 1 system. So that’s how it works. But pretty much all the time. Yes, our life is online and not every day. But there are times when we have to fertilize on the line, and it’s part of the job, which we all understand getting into it.

But it’s, it’s the price we pay. But it’s also an enriching career. You know, you get to make a big difference in people’s lives. I mean, what more of a significant difference can you make when people need you? You know, they, they’re calling you in their most fantastic time of need, and you’re there. So it’s, it’s extraordinary.

But like I said before, unless it’s a lot of. We see many things that we know that many people will never see when it comes to, like people getting hurt or people passing away and stuff like that that can change your life. And it’s great because it opened my eyes just to, you know, be grateful for what I got.

Significantly, I would say very high energy, and the adrenaline is always there, but yes. We respond as I said to house fires, I’ve, I’ve been on plenty of house fires. I can’t even count how many I’ve cut holes on roofs away and fire blowing out the top. But yeah, definitely a gratifying career.

So just things like that. That, you know, I see the real world, and then you got social media. That’s not, not really; you want to put out there. So it’s the complete opposite, which helps me just stay grounded. But being a firefighter is really what I love doing. But social media is somewhere I can go to, you know, and share that with others and just play a positive role.

How Did Isaac Get Started As a Firefighter?

Isaac: So, I have two older brothers, I’m part of eight siblings, but my two older brothers, one of them decided to start it off.

He went to the firehouse started just interacting with them, and he came home and would just talk to us about what it was like. And it seemed very interesting to me. So I decided to give it a look too, you know, did a ride-along, hung out with a crew out there, and felt like that was what I needed to do.

So I hopped off. And from then on, I studied when a college studied for that. God, my associates, got my EMT and hired early on because that’s what I wanted. These dollars cost, and then pursuing it, you know, I was constantly working at it, just being persistent and dedicated to it. This is a very competitive field nowadays for my department; we only hired about 300, and about 50,000 applied.

So. It was a significant number, and that’s how it all started with my older brother. And I kind of just fell in, in the right place at the right time.

What Makes You Go Viral To Your 1.8M Followers on Tik Tok?

Isaac: I’m big on planning things out. So it all starts up here. Right. I see something that I like, and then I give it my little twist.

I’m thinking about it all right, how can I make it? My version. And I tried to put that out there, and the best quality I’m big on is just providing good quality content out there. I mean, I have a good camera. I spent a lot of money on my camera. I spent money on equipment and whatnot because if you have it, the big platform gives people something to watch and gives them something they enjoy.

You know, don’t just, just throw random stuff. It’s okay. Every once in a while. Give the audience, you know, a movie, give them something special, something unique that not everybody can do. What I love doing on my social media is what I stick to is just consistency in bringing quality content over quantity.

So quality over quantity is what I like to say when it comes to content because you know if you have a big platform and people are watching, you give them something good. And how do you, how do you create that good, good content? Like how does that process look like? So the process all starts like I said, thinking about it, you know, starting to plan things like, what do I want the people to like, see me as, or what do I feel like the people want, you know, what’s going on out there, what’s trending.

You got to go with the trends. People love the movements. There’s a reason why they go out, and they blow out, you know? So you try to find that friend, and you try to give it your little twist and your own little unique, which people will love, you know, especially if you have a broad audience that will help tremendously.

I understand like, sometimes you’re going to do things because of trends where you copy people, and that’s okay as long as you give them credit. But I would say just. Follow the directions and then give them your little unique twist and make it your version, you know, it’s yes.

Right. But I believe in figuring out ways to just give it a little twist into your miniature versions—excellent and just media side. So like, aside from that, I know you mentioned that you want us to talk specifically about you, who you are. Yeah. So tell me a little bit more about your background.

Isaac’s Goal Outside of Social Media 

Well, right now, I’ve been traveling a lot doing a little bit of that. I’m looking to put out a new fitness app program, which should be coming out hopefully in the next few months or so apparel lines because I worked in real estate on the side.

And yeah. The biggest thing I would say right now is trying to maybe even get on a TV show or movie and whatnot. And I think that would probably be the next most significant step for me. I was close to getting on. I got an offer to be on a TV show. But I had to pass upon it. It was a great opportunity, but it just didn’t feel right.

The app will not be like your regular workout app. It’s going to be like full access into my life. Q and A’s memorable like travel behind the scenes, what not special meals, you know, all that it’s going to encompass like pretty much my whole life, but in very, very fast access. So I’ll be throwing it out.

So only a limited number of people will be able to be a part of that subscription. But they’re going to have unique access into my personal life. 

So I’m just focused, you know, I’m trying to challenge myself every single day. One step at a time, you know, that’s the way I see it. You’re a young dude. You’re young. Where do you see? Yeah, that’s super young. Where do you see yourself in like ten years? That’s one of them, the most challenging question for me to answer because I tell people, you never know how far like you’re going to make it, especially in the line of work that I do, you know, I see things, and I’m like, man, what does that mean?

What did that what happened to me? And things like that. But I would just say in 10 years from now, I just want to be the better version of myself. That’s what I tell people, you know, I want to be me, but that very best version. So that’s what I’m pursuing every day. I’m pursuing Isaac Ramirez, the best performance.

I don’t want to be like anybody else. I don’t want to be like that. Someone I’ve seen on TV or whatnot that’s them, you know, I want to be me. I want to be the best version. And so I see myself in 10 years. Yeah. Maybe being a little bit more. Just fine. I would say this more free freedom, you know, and do whatever I want whenever I want.


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