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Krystal Woods Shares Three Ways To Address Your Fears And Alchemize Them Into Wisdom And Magnetism

Human design mentor and 6-figure entrepreneur, Krystal Woods.

What if fear wasn’t something to be ignored, pushed to the side, or conquered? What if fear was your greatest teacher and even a good friend? What if you could learn how to use your fear to guide you to the places within you that require your attention, so that you can confidently embody your highest potential and purpose?

I have a ⅓ profile in Human Design, which means that I am here to build a solid foundation of knowledge on a topic that I’ve both researched extensively, and experimented with. These gifts have also brought me fear in the form of imposter syndrome and perfectionism. Having all the information and gaining all the knowledge helps me to feel grounded and prepared, but it’s actually not possible to know everything about anything. Because of this, I’ve always been afraid that I’m a fraud and it’s a fear that in the past I’ve allowed to hold me back. 

Now, I talk to my  fear like an old friend that loves me deeply and is only trying to protect me (because it is). I listen to my fear and accept it as valid, and then I move anyway. In doing so, I not only get closer to the life I desire, but I am able to see and empathize with others (like my clients and audience) on a deeper level. 

The magic is in the risk. When I do this work with my clients and help them to rewire their brains and evolve old fear-based patterns, they not only feel more confident in their work, but they feel more confident in all their relationships too.

Friend, you can do this too! When you allow your fear to be heard and felt, you’ll realize that there is no real threat. This alone will help you shift your perspective and move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Embodying this level of confidence is exactly what will make you magnetic. When you can relax and truly know that you’re capable of anything regardless of fear… the synchronistic opportunities, relationships, and LIFE will rush in like a high speed train.

Know Your Human Design Profile

 This is one of my favorite areas of study! Your Human Design profile describes the role  you play in the movie of your life – your character archetype. Your profile is made up of 2 “lines” (e.g. 1 / 3, 4 / 6, 5 / 2). Each line carries with it gifts, as well as fears and insecurities.

The first step to turning your fears into wisdom is actually becoming aware of what those fears are, and where they come from. 

When you allow yourself to bring awareness to and fully accept your fears along with your gifts, this is when you can truly become magnetic. Too often we feel trapped into saying the “acceptable” version that won’t upset others or passing up on that crazy idea you had. 

Every single one of us craves the liberation that comes with speaking freely and saying what you REALLY mean. Or in acting on that wild idea that you just know is the right call. Doesn’t every revolutionary idea sound nuts at first?

Humans are naturally drawn to the revolutionaries, the ones who speak their mind and take up new and fascinating causes. They stir up the magic well that’s within us. They activate us!

Too many of us ignore and numb that activation. We choose to stay hidden and blocked, living at the mercy of our fears. Blocked and confused, we only say and do just enough to check the boxes of our goals and simply resign ourselves to the outcome. 

It’s time to break this cycle! 

Just give the world your magic! The world needs all of you and your younique magic. I need you and your magic!

Speak your message unfiltered and unapologetically. Unleash your true magic and own the life you were designed to live.



Begin Translating Your Fears Into Affirmations

When we’re afraid, we hide ourselves and our gifts from the world. Becoming aware of why you’re hiding will help you shift your fear into confidence and magnetism. Read on to learn how to turn your fears into affirmations so you can finally make those big moves!

Profile Line 1 – Gift: Expertise / Challenge: Imposter Syndrome

If you have a 1 in your profile, you are the researcher, the investigator. You want to know everything there is to know about the topics you love. On the one hand, this makes you the expert at what you do. On the other hand, you might hide your gifts because you’re afraid of being wrong. This can be a particularly debilitating fear as it keeps you from personal revelation and learning. Here is how to shift this fear into an affirmation: “It’s safe to share what I know, even though I’m a forever student.”

Profile Line 2 – Gift: Natural Talent / Challenge: Self-Deprecation

If you have a 2 in your profile, you are the natural. You do something(s) exceptionally well, without even trying. This becomes a challenge because it can be hard for you to truly recognize yourself for your natural talents because you simply can’t see it like others can. Where others see power and impact, you only see something that comes natural and doesn’t deserve recognition. This is how we shift this fear into an affirmation: “Just because it comes easy to me doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. The world needs my magic.”

Profile Line 3 – Gift: Resilient Action-Taker / Challenge: Analysis Paralysis

If you have a 3 in your profile, you learn everything by doing (and making mistakes). Your nature is experiential and you have a natural gift for taking action and learning lessons from the outcome. This process can seem messy at times, and it’s likely that others don’t understand why you can’t “stick to one thing.” This can exacerbate your fear of making a mistake, so if you can’t know the outcome ahead of time, you won’t even try. Here’s how to shift this fear into an affirmation: “The best blessings come from my biggest risks. My messiness is relatable and my resilience empowering.” 

Profile Line 4 – Gift: Superconnector / Challenge: Cynicism 

If you have a 4 in your profile, you are a natural networker and relationship builder. You love to nurture the relationships and people in your life in a really deep way. This gift doesn’t come naturally to everyone though, and it’s likely that your efforts are not reciprocated by a lot of people in your life. This can cause you to feel not only drained by your efforts, but cynical about others in a relationship. But let’s shift this fear into an affirmation: “Care and connection are my superpowers! I release my expectations and raise my standards for the people I surround myself with.”

Profile Line 5 – Gift: Problem Solver / Challenge: Burdened by Problems

If you have a 5 in your profile, you have a gift for solving the unsolvable, and probably in really creative, innovative ways. Others can sense this ability in you, and will unknowingly (or knowingly!) project their problems onto you to solve for them. You may also find that people project their idea of who you are/who you should be onto you, instead of seeing you for who you really are. It’s exhausting and disenchanting to fear the backlash from truly being your authentic, unfiltered, and unapologetic self! This is how we shift this fear into an affirmation: “I notice when others project their problems onto me and I no longer attach to them. I know who I’m here to be and which problems I’m here to solve.” 

Profile Line 6 – Gift: Wise Advisor / Challenge: Perfectionism

If you have a 6 in your profile, you went through the ringer in your younger years (until about 30) and made lots of mistakes. Now you’re in a period of integrating the lessons you learned from those mistakes, and you have a natural vibe that screams “wise.” People probably love going to you for advice, and for the most part you love to give it. However, you’re now in a period of refinement with your life and work, and you may find that you’re afraid of making the same mistakes you made in your younger years. You’re waiting until circumstances are refined enough to match your taste. You’re waiting to take action until perceived perfection is within view. Here’s how to shift this fear into an affirmation: “I release my attachment to perceived perfection. I share my wisdom with the world and refine my message in the process.”

Ask Yourself the Million-Dollar Question

When you turn your fears into affirmations and live by them, people are drawn to you. Your destiny is magnetized to your new trajectory and your alignment requires you to make the choices consistent with the real you. 

Now it’s possible for you to live, breathe, speak, act, think, and be the real, authentic and unfiltered you. 

So, what does the “real you” want?

It’s time to ask yourself the million dollar question: “Who am I and what do I want to achieve in this life?” 

Your willingness and ability to turn your fears into success comes from within. There is no amount of crystals, yoga, or reiki that can change this. You are the power you need.

Friends, fear is normal. It’s what you do with that fear that matters. Will you let it catapult you to the next level of success? Or are you still asking your fears for permission to be successful?

Visionaries don’t need permission. You can alchemize your fear and human design can help.

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This is a guest post written by Krystal Woods, a mother, Human Design mentor and 6-figure entrepreneur. She coaches other leaders and entrepreneurs who wish to expand into their next levels of leadership, passion, and purpose both in business and in life. She is the creator of Inner Elixir Membership Community and her practitioner certification program, Embodied by Design™. Through her work, Krystal has helped over 100 clients all over the globe marry their souls with their businesses and embody their creative self-expression with more clarity, confidence, and conviction than ever before.

For more on Krystal Woods, be sure to check out Krystal’s website and Instagram. 


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