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Luke Maguire Is Automating the Social Media World

Luke Maguire has just turned 30 years old, and runs one of the largest marketing automation software companies in the world, out of his home country Australia. When people ask what he does, Luke often responds that his passion is to help others achieve success online.

What makes Luke stand out from the crowd though? “Well first and foremost helping others achieve success online is my core passion. It’s what excites me and I’ve found a vehicle through creating the first to market automation software for Facebook & Instagram to help over two hundred thousand people worldwide,” says Luke.

In comparison to many ‘rags to riches’ stories, Luke’s was not like that at all. He had a normal upbringing, coming from a normal working class family with his parents working around the clock to provide good schooling. However, Luke turned out to be average at best, at just about everything growing up. From school, to university, to sports, to essentially anything else, Luke would just scrape through.

In the time following the completion of university, he couldn’t obtain a job. After applying for 80+ jobs and consistently being turned down, Luke decided to take a risk, and sell everything he owned to invest into starting up his own business. This leap of faith has led him to become one of the market leaders in his field, travel the world all year round, and most importantly to himself, help other people achieve success in online business.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to run my core business Social Media Mansion for 7 years now. However, what I offer has changed to software solutions for social media marketers from local marketing. Social Media Mansion was one of the first social media agencies in Australia. Through this process of working with clients I found so many things frustrating and time consuming, which is when I started my software development business,” says Luke.

These issues ranged from not being able to post or schedule content to Instagram from a computer in 2015, to having to essentially guess what Facebook ads to create, run and hope for the best, wasting money on testing ads that don’t convert. “I knew if I had these problems, others would also. I just had to learn how to get my software to the mass market and fast,” says Luke.

Now currently in 2020, Luke is the top vendor on JVZoo (world’s largest internet marketing software marketplace site), he travels the world teaching others how to automate the most frustrating tasks needed to generate an income online while helping to change other people’s lives by showing them how they can incorporate his softwares into their own business.

Most recently, the entrepreneur released his latest softwares which include INBOXR, the first and only multi social network AI chat bot, Storymate, an Instagram story animation suite, and lastly ADVERTSUITE, a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Ad database to help people search ads in any niche, find the winners and replicate.

All journey’s start from somewhere and when Luke decided to start Social Media Mansion, Facebook was taking over MySpace. The one subject he enjoyed in University was internet marketing. “Since I didn’t get accepted to any jobs I applied for, I had to throw myself in the deep end,” adds Luke.

It wasn’t easy at first, with companies turning down his agency’s services left and right, saying ‘Facebook is for kids’ and ‘businesses don’t need to be on facebook”. During this time, he found many of the tasks he was doing were either extremely time consuming that he wished could be automated. This is what led Luke to sell everything he owned (which included his car, tv’s, and furniture) and take a massive risk to invest into creating a software business to automate the tasks needed for success online in social media.

But for this previously average person to convert into a marketing mogul, Luke needed a few tools to help himself when challenges arose. The first of these tools was confidence. “I needed to believe in myself that I could make an impact on the world and that my ideas were actually good ideas. I think never succeeding at anything prior was a huge driver in the NEED to prove to myself I can do something good for this world.” says Luke.

Setup costs are also very important. While you can start businesses for minimal costs now, having some form of funds in the beginning can really create momentum. While Luke sold everything he owned to start his software company, a lot of negotiation tactics like striking equity deals with developers, to finding designers,learning to copywrite, be confident on camera to then knowing where to actually invest money that will provide an ROI, were still used frequently to conserve future costs.

Learning and implementing was another skill that Luke picked up earlier in his career. “For two years I pushed myself to not only learn as much as I could, but to also implement what I learned. In those two years I was barely getting by, until I then took massive action in myself and before I knew it generated 6 figures in a single week, with the prior week barely crossing a grand in revenue. I see too many people in my field learning, but not implementing. The implementation is where you will get the results,” states Luke.

While these tools are important, mindset is crucial. Luke believes you need to know what your goal is. “I was told once that if your goal is to make money for yourself, the journey will be very hard. If your goal is to help as many people as you can, the journey will be easy,” says Luke. Money is always a byproduct of value, so having the mindset around others, will ultimately benefit you in future.

When scaling a business, there are the obvious answers such as delegating, team building, outsourcing etc but Luke’s secret has been creating not just a team but a family. In any action he takes, he always tries to give the key players in any software development a small bit of equity. This is the key of scaling his business to 8 figures a year from doing this. Having each software Luke creates is a win for not only customers, but key developers as well. Everyone is held accountable, everyone works together, and everyone grows together.

“I think for me, it’s not software and marketing specifically that is my core passion like I know for many that is, it’s the vehicle I found that I am good at and use to attain my core passion in life, which is helping people. I spend as much of the year as I can traveling around to speak at events, meeting my customers and meeting my peers,” says Luke.

He states with the internet marketing space is becoming more flooded with self proclaimed gurus, experts in all spaces from e-commerce, self-help, affiliate marketing, local agency consultation firms, etc., and that for customers it can become very overwhelming on who to trust.

Luke suggests that his competitive advantage is being in a software field that creates tools for people in any type of business to build more leads, sales, and customers. When he teaches, Luke only presents what he sees that is working, but also provides training on multiple areas, which helps his students find what exactly they want to do in the online world.

“I am very fortunate enough to have had a lot of success in only a few short years and more importantly had thousands and thousands of successful students and been able to watch my idols and role models become my peers,” says Luke.

Many people have difficulty in their business ventures, Luke being no exception to this. He doesn’t look at anything as failing though, suggesting that he wouldn’t be in his current situation without certain events not working in the past. Every low can result in a giant high if you learn from the challenge.

“My biggest ‘failure’ I’d say was how long it took me to really learn to love myself and every moment of every day. I used to say ‘when I make X amount I’ll be happy’ or ‘when I get this car I’ll be happy’ or ‘when I help X amount of people I’ll be happy’. Constantly putting my happiness ahead of me was ironically detrimental to my happiness at the time,” says Luke. “Happiness comes from the now. We don’t know the future and can’t go to the past, so I wish I had learned to love the present moment as it is right now a lot earlier.”

Persevering through the difficult times eventually created big success for Luke, his most memorable being able to take his entire family on their first overseas holiday around Europe in first class, showing his Mom the colosseum, and surprising her with a brand new Mercedes when her car broke down.

He gives gratitude to his parents, as they were the only people who always believed in him, even through his ‘average at best’ stage in life. “They never gave up hope, even when I didn’t believe in myself. To repay that is the highlight of my life,” states Luke.

To date, Luke is working on a few projects from a unique influencer marketplace called Instafamous, to a traffic and growth tool with TikTok. Trends always present themselves, and Luke suggests if you can be one of the first to acknowledge the trend and create a solution you can not only help a lot of people fast but also create an extremely profitable business model.

With the greater purpose in mind, Luke Maguire wants to be known for being one of the worlds greatest marketers, philanthropists, and most importantly to be known as not just the person who inspired many, but been the person to actually make people take action and implement.

To keep up with Luke, make sure to check out his Instagram!

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