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Make This Autumn Your Best Ever with our list of Entrepreneurial Super Hacks

Super Hacks for Entrepreneurs this Autumn
Autumn and Entrepreneurship!

As we round out Summer and gently move toward the cozier months of Fall, it’s time to leverage the vibrancy generated during the warmer months for business growth. From memories made by the sea, having the kids at home, and long-planned vacations coming to fruition, launching into Autumn feeling revitalized is easy for many Female Entrepreneurs!

What often isn’t as easy, is sustaining the enthusiasm and action-orientated energy created during Summer, to pour into business sustainability and growth. We recently sat down with a panel of Female Entrepreneurs and asked them to share their best ‘Super Hacks’ to keep you on track this Autumn.

Hack One: Switch up the scenery
Find ways to work outside your office, by the pool, in the hammock or on a hike. I often get my best creative ideas for podcast episodes, social posts or new workshops while I’m out of the office. You’ll need to have a system to capture those ideas. For example, I type or speak social post ideas into the Notes app on my phone; or I record entire podcast episodes on a walk or hike using the voice recorder and earbuds; or even outline a new workshop in my notebook while sitting out on the patio sunbathing. Varying my location in Autumn is super inspirational for my work, which in turn makes it more lucrative!”- Melissa Kellogg Lueck

Hack Two: Move the body to move the brain
Staying focused is a real challenge for those with ADHD. And the summer is the perfect time to get your brain focused by getting outside and moving your body, so you can move your brain. Use the good weather to get outside and move, and watch the creativity come fast and furiously, as the movement creates a constant flow of dopamine – the fuel of your brain.”- Allison Leigh Solomon

Hack Three : Let joy helm the ship
Create NON-NEGOTIABLE TIME consistently for joy, for rest, for self-care, for family time, for whatever it looks like for you to step away from the identity of the CEO and sink back into the identity of YOU and what lights you up. This can be simple things like scheduling time outdoors to go for a walk, go to a park, go to a beach… really just getting in nature and the healing energies of Mother Earth all around us to ‘Pattern Interrupt’ our routine of running a business, so we feel like we are still in the driver’s seat of our lives and the way we spend our time.”- Shannon Olsen

Hack Four : Emotional Self CareWorking in autumn!

“Use the cooler months for Self Care – not spa treatments and pedicures – I mean checking in with your emotional state.
Decide how you want to FEEL in this season, knowing that a
lucrative Autumn is already guaranteed to you. Is it relaxed? Excited? Gleeful? The work is checking in and doing the work to bring yourself into that energy at any given moment.” – Elizabeth Romsloe

Hack Five: Bring online your sensuality and femininity with Jennifer Zundel
“You’ll have a lot more fun, and probably more success in both your business AND your romantic relationships, if you shift into your feminine energy. This feminine energy is the kind of energy required for manifesting. This is what allows you to have more fun, and experience a sense of magic in your life, where bringing your desires into your reality feels effortless.

Feminine energy is centered in experiencing delight, feelings, heart connection, playfulness, and receiving. Here are some tips to quickly drop into your feminine energy at any time:

  • Check in with your body. What sensations and emotions are you noticing?
  • Pay attention to, and savor what you notice with your 5 senses. What can you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?
  • Wear clothing and jewellery that feels good to touch, good to wear, and brings out your playful feminine side.
  • Can you ask for support, so that you can lean into receiving? (Note: we often assume the answer is NO, when really there is a story going on underneath, getting in the way of us receiving. Notice the story).

Hack Six – Try something new every week
“Sometimes we get into the habit of doing the same things over and over again, and not much thought goes into whether we actually enjoy it, or if it is achieving the desired outcome. The day-to-day becomes habitual and automatic, which can leave you feeling unfulfilled and, quite frankly, bored!

Variety is the spice of life – especially for those of us with ADHD. We’re walking contradictions in the sense that people with ADHD generally tend to perform best with routine and structure to help maintain focus, while also having a deep need for new experiences. Doing the same things repetitively can be extremely difficult, because your brain gets disengaged and starts searching for stimulation elsewhere. Squirrel! 

It can be even harder to stick to a rigid routine in the summer because the nice weather can be a major distraction for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. If you know this, you can use it! Instead of getting down on yourself for not being able to maintain focus in the same way, allow yourself to change things up a bit. 

Plan to do something different and new on a regular basis. Plan a trip somewhere you’ve never been, do an activity you’ve never done, try a new approach with your business, take a dance class, go to a paint and sip night, etc. Schedule these things into your calendar and make them a priority. Proactively give yourself the variety that you need to help you stay more focused when it really matters. 

The best part is, trying new things has the potential to ignite your creativity. So if you’re feeling stuck and stagnant, get out of your head and comfort zone, and into something new and exciting. You never know where it might lead!” – Jessica Jordan-Munn

Hack Seven – For the neuro-spicy entrepreneurs
“When you’re having a flare of ADHD burnout, a depressive episode, or you’re in an anxious season, do yourself the courtesy of focusing on the income-producing activities that are the most fun for you! 

There is something to be said for not fighting against our flares. That’s not to say we shouldn’t ever push ourselves, especially out of our comfort zones! Don’t get it twisted! There’s something to be said for being extra kind to ourselves and allowing ourselves as much fun as possible when we feel like crap. My therapist and I discussed this recently. She asked, ‘What would it look like if, the next time you were having a flare of depression, instead of trying to fight it and toxic-positivity yourself to death, you just recognized and stated what was happening and decided to move within that space?’ It just so happened that about a week later, I had a depressive episode. When I’m depressed, sometimes I don’t even want to stitch, which is one of my main coping mechanisms for chronic pain and anxiety. I wasn’t feeling creative at all! Instead of recording talking-head or sales-related content, I made videos with funny TikTok effects and filters and let myself laugh. I made some other people laugh, too. I went on funny tangents in some comments. Had I tried to force myself to sit down and stitch that weekend, I would have resented that income-producing activity that usually brings me so much joy and peace. I probably would have exacerbated my lousy mood and dark feelings.” – Kelly J. Mendenhall

Hack Eight – Moon Placement
“Check out your Moon placement in your chart! The Moon is all about emotions and what makes you happy, so that placement is basically going to tell you how you can have fun and be happy in business. When you put offers out there that truly make you excited and happy and promote them in a way that feels fun for you, your audience feels it and wants a part in it! So they will definitely buy when you sell from that energetic place. 

For example, if your Moon is in Leo, then you get happiness from being seen, so go live often and talk about what’s happening behind the scenes! 

If your Moon is in Taurus then you feel happy being grounded in the day-to-day beauties and finer things. Why don’t you share how your work has brought you the freedom to work from a really nice place that makes you happy?” – Véronique Lacroix

Hack Nine – Sell for the next season!
“Sell VIP Days for the next season! By offering a limited number of high value coaching sessions, you can create revenue without overbooking your calendar. You can choose how many days a week or month that you want to work, and you can block those out, so you have plenty of time to enjoy easing into the new flow of the Autumn.

Presell services for the Winter now. By taking deposits for future work, you can plan your late Autumn and Winter work in advance while enjoying where you’re currently at. You can schedule proposal meetings in blocks or take them from the road, so you can travel and enjoy yourself all while creating stable income for yourself.”- Laura Pence Atencio 

Hack Ten – plan, plan, plan
Both Cassie Kramer and Kelly Rae agree that planning is the key to success in general:

“Don’t skip on creating an easily repeatable process – for everything. For your financials, marketing, sales process, customer/client onboarding, invoicing, etc… ‘Cassie Kramer

“Schedule your day and take intentional breaks. Most think they are scheduling in a way that supports them, yet often their time blocking or lack there off, leaves them overwhelmed and stuck in procrastination. Do the work to get clear on a schedule that works for you, and that you WILL follow through on!” – Kelly Rae


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