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Manifesting Success: The ONE thing most people are missing

If your nervous-system does not feel safe to have it, none of your affirmations to attract it will work.

So many leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners are wasting time daily and beating themselves up, because no matter how much mindset work and positive affirmations they practice, they don’t seem to break through their glass ceiling to the next level in certain areas of their lives.

They often think or say things such as “I know better than this”, “I have done so much work on myself, I don’t know why this keeps happening” or “I know this, I can’t understand why I keep behaving as if I didn’t…”.

I have coached hundreds of people going through this. And here’s why this happens:

Our bodies remember what our minds don’t.

Before I keep going and share with you how you can truly manifest the life and business you desire, let’s get clear on  the role of the nervous-system and the role of trauma in our lives. These are big concepts to grasp and I could write several articles just on these alone, however to benefit from this article you will only need to know the following:

The “nervous-system” is  the network of nerve cells and fibers which transmits nerve impulses between parts of the body. It controls everything you do, including breathing, walking, thinking, and feeling. This system is made up of your brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves of your body. The brain is the control center and the spinal cord is the major highway to and from the brain.

– “Trauma” is anything that is recorded as “too much”, “too fast” or “too soon” by the nervous-system. Not just big and scary situations, but also things that we wouldn’t often think of as “trauma”, can be recorded as traumatic by our bodies, and impact our lives and daily behavior as a result.

In other words, what this means is that all of the traumatic events that we go through live in our body, until we release them. We can mature and develop a strong mindset, expand our consciousness and get to understand and forgive situations that hurt us in the past… And even rationally understand that our fears and insecurities are not what they feel like. But for as long as our development stops at a mind level, we are only half-way there.

Positive affirmations and mindset work are awesome, however if your nervous system doesn’t feel safe to be, have or experience something, it will do whatever it takes to keep you away from it (or push that which you desire, away from you) as a survival mechanism to keep you safe.

This may look like sabotaging the impact you desire to create, the dream relationship or inspiring friendships you desire to attract, the level of wealth you desire to step into or the spaciousness you so much crave.

Ever wondered why statistics show that more than 60% of lottery winners lose all their wealth and sometimes even be in a worse financial situation than they were before winning the lottery, only two years after?
This is why.

We tend to think that manifesting is all about our external focus; getting clear on “what out there” is that we want; ask it “out there” to the Universe, God, (or however you resonate with calling it), and wait for it to come “from out there” into our lives.

The problem with this is that our nervous-systems are setting the container in which we can or cannot hold the things we are trying to manifest and accomplish.
In other words, if your nervous-system isn’t ready to hold it, you won’t be able to have it.

Just like you wouldn’t try to fit a car inside a ring box, and would think of that as complete nonsense… Trying to fit a big life or big mission without expanding your container to be big enough to fit it in first, is nonsense too.

Until we clear up space within ourselves,  we are the tiny boxes in which the huge things we desire, can simply not fit.

So, how do we create this space? How do we expand our containers?

Through embodiment work.

Just like the device you are reading this through, your nervous-system too has a collection of default settings that determine how your system reacts and responds to certain actions and triggers.

These settings were defined by the different unprocessed traumatic events (anything your nervous-system experienced as “too much”, “too fast” or “too soon”), that determine whether you feel safe, ready and capable of doing certain things and want to push certain others away.

In order to become able to truly manifest the things that you desire, the default settings in your system must agree with the idea that having, being or doing that particular thing, is safe.

Embodiment work supports you to anchor in the feeling of safety, where your body previously learnt thread. It allows you to integrate the knowledge and information you have gathered, in a way that truly shows. And ultimately, it gives you the opportunity to expand your container. The capacity to be with and respond to challenges and blessings in a way that supports you and the life you desire to create.

While it can be tempting to stop at a mind-level when it comes to our personal development work, it is absolutely necessary for leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries wanting to amplify their impact and legacy in this world, to dive a little deeper and commit to working on their embodiment.

As an Embodiment and Leadership Master Coach, Author and Facilitator having coached hundreds of leaders on this very thing, I could not stand for this work any more.

If this article resonated and you want to learn more about how you too can use embodiment work to amplify your success and happiness, please visit my website:



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