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Maximum Impact Potential: Create Your Pathway To Uplift Millions with Alok Appadurai

Despite your powerful vision, the change you desire demands more than commitment, dedication, and a strong work ethic. It demands wealth mastery. And to truly unlock and share our universal wisdom, we need to weave both wealth and impact consciousness into every thread of our waking lives.


Alok Appadurai, CEO and founder of Uplift Millions, equips and empowers high-achieving individuals with the skills they need to crack the code, reprogram their subconscious mind, and make that difference on a global scale. As an entrepreneur, he has launched four social impact companies – each with a purpose to leave the world a better place than he found it. But while he’s committed to empowering changemakers and enriching society today, a lifetime of fulfillment was not always the path laid out ahead of him.


After the tragic loss of his mother led him on a path of self-reflection, he set out on his life-long journey: to uplift the lives of as many people as possible. To create a lasting difference in this world, he looked to the universe. And the universe looked back.


This is his story.

Divine Revelations

“My mother died in my arms in the bathroom of her home in 2009. I carried her dead body across the home and felt for a pulse in her neck. I traveled in search of answers. In search of any sign that came from the universe,” he shares. “Eventually, I came face to face with my elder self in the desert. I asked him, ‘Who did you spend your time with? What did you do with your life, and did it matter?’ Instead of answers, I received those same questions back. The feeling was unshakeable.”

Appadurai knew that despite his tragic circumstance, his life was taking new purpose, shape, and meaning. “I was on the investment track at the time, but these two formative events changed the trajectory of the rest of my life. I was abusing alcohol to cope with the loss of my mother, but this experience led me to a path of sobriety. I quit all the things that I used as a crutch so I could stare down my emotional body. Ever since then, I’ve been committed to carrying on her legacy: to embrace the truth inside of me and create positive change in the world. I want to get to my deathbed knowing that I created an impact, uplifted millions of lives, and made my mother proud.”


His journey in introspection is nothing less than arduous but remains far from over. As recent as 2016, Appadurai recalls some of the biggest challenges that he faced in finding his purpose. “It was a complicated year. I wasn’t where I wanted to be. In search of answers, I prayed to the universe, but I had tantrums over the answers I received. Deep down, I felt like a visionary and a leader. However, the universe had other plans for me. I had revelations that I was supposed to be a sales coach.” After fighting his reality, he finally relented. In discarding his ego, opening his mind, and listening to the divine truths bestowed upon him, he made one of the most important shifts of his life: To just listen. To open his heart to the gifts, challenges, and stories of resilience that would bring his vision of Uplift Millions to life.


He shares, “So many people want to make a huge impact and have incredible ideas on how to do so. But these same people struggle to earn enough to fund the vision. I’m fortunate to have an A-player team around me, and we’re dedicated to helping coaches, consultants, and high achievers step into their zone of genius so they can create wealth consciousness and make the biggest contributions to society.”

The Vehicle of Change

Wealth and prosperity scale with your maximum impact potential. It’s a marker of the change you can create; a dynamic barometer of how you choose to show up and live day by day. Consequently, it may decrease or increase. As your aspirations soar higher or your energy falls lower, what you put out into the universe is what you will receive. As explained by Appadurai, maximizing your impact potential, and by extension, your financial abundance depends on energetic hybridity.

“There are always two extremes: the hardcore masculine and the hardcore feminine. It’s the difference between making things happen for yourself as an individual and allowing yourself to manifest and receive flow freely. But the people that I see making the biggest contributions do not fall into either extreme; they’re hybrids. The highest achievers are a blend of the masculine and the feminine.” In modern society, many shut themselves off from one or the other. But the future is a space beyond that of masculine versus feminine – it’s a space of unity, selflessness, and remarkable influence. And in the sectionality between the two is where the greatest change happens.


Appadurai speaks of the phenomenon, “Many people looking to create an impact are often broke and struggling. They have huge visions but no money flowing through their ideas. The consequence is that these great ideas simply rot. We need to have the intersection of wealth consciousness, impact consciousness, and the combination of masculine and feminine. Go out and provide; care for other people, and care for yourself. Because when we combine both, we birth a hybrid changemaker: one who understands how to get money flowing through their visions to make the world a better place.”

Impact Consciousness

As Appadurai observes of his industry, “I see a lot of people touting that they made 7-figures with no benefit to anybody but themselves. Those who want something for nothing, or to accumulate wealth and get rich quick. I actively repel these types of people by cultivating a community of wealth circulators. People who want to offer opportunities, create more economies, and use their universal wisdom and intelligence to realize the scope of their vision.” Appadurai makes himself clear: the world doesn’t need more profit generators, it needs more job generators. And by actualizing impact in your community, an abundance of wealth is sure to follow.


Helping clients develop wealth and impact consciousness is much of the work that Uplift Millions is committed to every single day. But Appadurai and his team also pay close attention to the finer details that many overlook. “People focus on the front end of marketing and sales, but they neglect what’s really important: mind-set, delivery, and money attraction. If you’re neglecting these crucial elements, your business will crash. A small percentage crack the code, but a high percentage oversell and underdeliver. That’s because they don’t have the team, systems, or automation to scale. Many people in this industry think you need paid ads, an expensive funnel, or a huge following to grow. But there’s an exact roadmap to building a seven-figure business organically, and that’s what my team specializes in.”

The Three Stages of Growth

Appadurai has scaled his business in much the same way that he teaches his clients: through the three stages of growth. These are concepts that he explores in depth in his 90-day program, and by following his guidance, many of his clients are able to generate in excess of $100k each and every month. He elaborates upon each stage, “In phase one, you keep growth entirely organic. During this time, you’re working to build a signature system, messaging that attracts the right buyer, a congruent sales call process, and an irresistible offer that your buyer wants.


When you’ve built the back-end and start to secure 20k a month organically, you progress to the second phase. This is when you incorporate speaking engagements and paid sponsorships into the growth process. During this time, you can reach and surpass 100k months if you’re well-positioned and determined to do so. And when you finally reach phase three, you’ll have a requisite level of cash flow that will allow you to scale with paid ads — but only when the rest of the pieces are in place. The system is so efficient because my people hate spinning their wheels and wasting time. That’s why they want to learn from somebody who can help them shift into gear and build something bigger than themselves — and to do it without self-sacrifice.“


For those who are invested in the value of their time, Appadurai’s roadmap is structured, regimented, and simple. The most important metric is coachability: a willingness to learn from someone who once made the same investments in themselves. He believes that there are absolutely no barriers to entry in following this three-stage roadmap; race, class, gender, and education level are all irrelevant factors in determining who can scale in income and impact. 


“Commitment, resilience, and work ethic: these values far exceed any other defining characteristics. If these are your highest values, you can accelerate your ability to earn as fast as you want.”

Breaking Through Self-Limitations

In working with high achieving clients, Appadurai has identified a sequence of patterns that stop you from obtaining the income that you deserve. He believes that by incorporating the following advice, there’s no limit as to how your long-term earning potential can grow. “One of the biggest barriers in high achievement is not a limitation in knowledge. It’s a history of independence. Doing things alone prevents creative problem solvers from taking bold action in reaching out and asking for help. People may attend seminars, digest video content, and read books, but without guidance from the right person, your efforts will inevitably hit a wall.”


As Appadurai explains, pride is an inhibitor to action. In allowing such limitations to manifest in your mind, you contribute to the barriers that limit your income and impact potential. His message speaks volumes: Seek help from the right mentor. “Highly capable people do things alone because they trust themselves to do it right. And while it works at first, there comes a time in which each and every person needs support, perspective, and direction to reach the next level of growth.”


At the start of his journey, this was a mentality that Appadurai had to overcome himself. “The most expensive mistake I ever made was letting ego and embarrassment hold me back from raising my hand and asking for help. Now, I won’t go without help. Because I truly believe it’s the most courageous thing that anyone can do.”


Each of us can identify with Appadurai’s message: Success is not a factor of luck, chance, or circumstance. Rather, it’s a consequence of evolution: deeply identifying with an impact greater than one’s self, and giving back our energy and wisdom to the world around us. Empower your vision to make a change, and seek help along the way. In doing so, you’ll close the gap between you and your successful reality.


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