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Optimizing Effective LinkedIn Campaigns According to EX Venture’s Julien Uhlig

Julien Uhlig Taping for EX Venture

Managing LinkedIn marketing campaigns and optimizing the results, using methods that are fraction of the cost.

The Taping of EX Venture Night


The EX Venture Night is over! 

It was truly a remarkable experience to have conducted one of the world’s largest clean technologies (cleantech) events digitally, and being able to reach out to people halfway across the world from a tiny island as remote as Bali, while helping raise the finances of entrepreneurs from the North Americas. 

The event invited thousands of targeted business contacts, consisting of the most influential cleantech industry professionals, investors, as well as venture capitals, while charging zero cents to all the attendees. For the digital program, we had built an environment of tamed engaged audience at a fraction of the cost of advertisements. 

How did we afford online events cost-effectively? And how did we manage events and engage the right personnels in the industry?

First, I analyzed and comprehended my weaknesses, and the aspects of my business I personally dreaded. Ever since I stopped working to feel busy, I was instantaneously more focused on optimizing my time to work out the best deals with investors and companies – which was my best trait in entrepreneurship. As one, I would never get paid for my time, instead on my results. Let me simplify this for you; I received thousands of messages from multiple channels on a daily basis, and I would definitely lose time responding to each one of them. The information I received would probably need to be handled almost immediately, but I could guarantee that 99% of them were probably useless. Other than this, I was also running 22 government projects, an engineering company, research and development programs, as well as one of the world’s largest venture platforms, and still manage family time, daily exercise, and an intensely private and social life. This means that I have to delegate and prioritize.

I applied the same notion when developing EX Venture’s algorithms to curate, reach, and managed the 3,000 important attendees in the industry. In that algorithm and in our marketing niche marketing strategy, I targeted and prioritized to be as effective as possible. We generated awareness, traction, and engagement through LinkedIn – the world’s most powerful B2B platform, by strategizing optimization of its algorithms. Using these, we managed to discover the correct investors, and engage those who would most likely interact with us. Then, we strategized and targeted our audience; who were venture corporations, then eventually unlocking the floodgate of relevant reach and engagement.

Running a LinkedIn campaign is more than just sending invites

In the beginning, I had been using LinkedIn and other social media platforms with limited success, and that did not reach EX Venture’s optimized potentials. In the summer of 2020, EX Venture conducted the first EX Venture night, and built a complete LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to reach our audience. Despite my previous years of limited result, 2020’s marketing success was a huge learning for us. 

We found out that sending more than 150 messages in a day or invites would trigger LinkedIn’s automation system to cut an account off. In other words, LinkedIn’s algorithms have been built in a way that users will not be able to spam and advertise, instead, it emphasizes quality of relevant engagements instead of advertisement impressions. For instance, I am connected to almost 30,000 LinkedIn users, and some of them are not even relevant to EX Ventures. Spamming all each individual with a unified message would take me 200 days, and it is not a practical usage of LinkedIn.

EX Venture works with venture capitals and investors, who are rather difficult to rank, as they have limited amounts of staff and/or revenue. Yet, we need their information, such as deal flows, co-investments, strategies, which are not available widely on LinkedIn, are absolutely imperative for us. With this unavailability on LinkedIn, we added the data manually from sources like Crunchbase, then sorted them out using a sales navigator even further. After that, I would reach out to these fund managers, who often are furnished with stellar track records of co-investing via LinkedIn. This way, I could see the probability of this contact interacting with EX Venture relevantly.

Building engagements with the correct audience

In each of our campaigns, we are introducing EX Venture to our growing audience, which means that we will have to introduce ourselves in our content as the first step. Also, each of our LinkedIn campaigns has to be enhanced with call-to-action messages for an improved marketing visibility. Then, each of our LinkedIn campaigns have to be shaped and adapted to LinkedIn’s formatting. This is time-consuming, yet it is a great investment to create excellent engagement and efficient information transference, to even those attendees who are in the initial stage of registration.

Then, how did we track the data, contacts, views and interactions? After having these as the foundations of our marketing campaigns, how did we then create engagement?

As mentioned above, we began from a shortlist of the most active cleantech investors, then we would create an individual contact nucleus. We curated the most important industry professionals as the top, which would be our influencers circle. Our system would automatically add high-ranking touches at a rate of 30 to 50 influencers per day. 

After that, we segmentized them based on criteria. EX Venture’s system would scan their relevant connections, contacts, and activities on LinkedIn – a new level of sophistication in our technology previously never been found. This is an effective pre-selection step which saves us the most time and money, which means, we could focus and prioritize the highest and most potential leads. 

Let me give you an example; you are trying to reach a lead Asian solar investor who currently works for a U.S.-based hedge fund company. The chances to find these on LinkedIn will be close to zero, yet our system has been built to be able to scan Asia-located investors, which consist of high-level decision makers in the market’s finance and solar power industry. Despite there will be a time when the initial contact is not perfect, yet you will have placed yourself in the map and the probability of you reaching out to this person’s network of ideal investors has now been leveraged. Then, you can now add different weighing metrics, such as past positions, their companies, and even previous events. You can even enhance your research ecosystem by vetting through Crunchbase, Google’s News and Pagerank, or other curated media platforms and focus on high potentials. I can advise you to use Google Pagerank as a Yellow Pages directory – if you remember what it is, and even invest US$30 to US$50 per lead on Google or Facebook Ads. These will later help you to grow your network with the absolute top engaged leads. A lot of our search is Silicon Valley-based, whom as you have known, are highly affluent and where ads cost the most. 

We went through all these, and this process fetched us vetted communities of highly affluent, relevant, and engaged influencers. 


After the floodgate of engagement is opened

The next question that entails will be; what do we do with these fantastic leads?

After opening our initial floodgate of engagement, we were pretty excited to see the results. We were connected with amazing leads, but then our plates were suddenly full of one-to-one level of interactions. High-level professionals opened their doors to welcome us, and our days quickly turned into responding to messages, attending event invites, and mail follow-ups, despite our attempts at a basic automated messaging system. We also had to re-curate and re-compose our messaging to be as effective as possible, as a means of appreciating their time and being precise in our offerings. 

EX Venture’s team has been highly trained to respond to these interactions, which brings me to the next point. 

The only method successful for me so far is a team of dedicated people who understand why EX Venture operates on a certain mission, who we need to reach out to, what the business essentials are, and how we optimize our results. On top of this, I prioritize the English-trained teammates, and hire from Bali for a much lower operational cost. This is also the team who works on data collection and scraping from other websites – like Crunchbase and etc., to build an effective AI system to trigger the perfect response. The AI system was of course manual processing in the beginning, and I’d be personally delighted to share and manage our resources with you. After that, the system will gather the individuals relevant to you, which will be funneled into sales leads, in which human interactions from the marketing and sales teams will have to follow. All will be then operating in a predictable pattern towards a sales deal, along with a relationship automatically built on top of it.

Before the pandemic, people spent enormous amounts of money and time in meetings, presentations, dinners and entertainments, for the sake of building relationships. Whilst the dynamic has entirely changed, it is wrong to assume that the same tactics have now been completely altered within the world of investments and finances. It is advisable to send personal messages and face-to-face personal appointments. This has been a part of the EX Venture’s team’s daily activity; where we arrange six to eight high-level investors calls per day. In other words, you are still required to invest some money for an optimized revenue, yet the cost has just been dropped massively.


The last piece of puzzle: Data analytics

Data analytics is the last straw that determines the success of the most optimized LinkedIn campaign strategy. LinkedIn has no APIs on multiple personal accounts, which means that there are no simple, automated ways to extract the information you would probably need to rank the top in your industry. 

EX Venture has a team that has built an exceptional database to help you and your decision-making process. Based on these data, you can track progressions and growth in your business. Additionally, based on these data, you can create meaningful content customized to your audience, which later will decide the channels of your content distributions, and of course, shape your brand accordingly. The branding ecosystem will show progress, mission, and impacts to your audience, and you will want to maintain its positivity. 

EX Venture accepts a limited list of clients, as we grow and manage your online marketing campaigns in the initial stage. It is cost-effective and time-efficient, as you will be able to track your growth while saving thousands over conventional Google and Facebook ads campaigns. 

Find out more about EX Venture, EX Venture Night, and our Linkedin services at www.exventure.co.


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The EX Venture team has been managing more than 80 projects funded by the German government. Julien Uhlig, the mastermind behind the team, customizes EX Venture to resolve the world’s most challenging sustainability issues through investments, through the great support from the German government. Within the last decade, Uhligh and the EX Venture team have been meticulously restructuring and financing small-scale waste-to-energy companies, while working on realizing great cleantech ideas to life. Uhlig himself has been featured in leading media, such as CNN, Bloomberg, and Japan Times, noted to be leading one of the most innovative companies in 2018, as well as nominated a mentor in building the next changemaking entrepreneurs in cleantech from any parts of the world.

EX Venture

Taping daily online programs for EX Venture


  • Julien Uhlig Taping for EX Venture

    Julien Uhlig Taping for EX Venture

  • The Taping of EX Venture Night

  • EX Venture

    Taping Daily Online Programs for EX Venture

  • Julien Uhlig Taping for EX Venture
  • The Taping of EX Venture Night
  • EX Venture

Julien Uhlig is a Disruptive techpreneur and successful global fundraisers. He has advised four deep-tech cluster projects, which have been heavily funded by the German Ministry of Economics in the UK, US, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Uhlig owns and operates EX Venture, a small cleantech startup, and able to reach thousands of the most influential industry professionals. Normally, these experts hail from the fields of energy transition, electric transportations, artificial intelligence, and agriculture tech.


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