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Success Alchemist Mell Balment Shares Her Top 3 Reasons For Ambitious Leaders Not Succeeding

Award-winning Success Alchemist Mell Balment – Mell B – as she prefers, talked to us about quantum healing and life as a thought leader, looking to take success to the next level.

She starts by explaining her first five years of solopreneurship as a female.

“Geez, it can be hard working from home! If it’s not the breakfast dishes piling up when you make a caffeine-charged tea, it’s the cat’s cuteness demanding a photo.

 But when you’re pursuing ambitious goals with the responsibility of a family depending on your success, I realized it was the pressure interfering with my flow – not the neglected chores.

 After all, you’re chasing freedom and independence that no job has given you before!”

Going after your self-employment dreams and lofty goals should mean it’s easy to stay focused, right!” 

Easier said than done, though, in her heart, there were some days Mell felt that she knew that she just hadn’t done enough of the right things to move the needle in the right direction, so she would mentally beat herself up.

 So how do you remain tuned-in, resilient, and super-charged daily working from home? She shares some of her success insights with you.


Your Environment

The problem is not entirely the fault of your environment, although that does play a large part. Mell explains that you need to look at the layers beneath the basics; these are the fundamentals that other coaches won’t share. 

It’s about mastering your mindset beyond the usual ‘being consciously aware’ tactics.

Mell B understands how easy it is to be overwhelmed and frustrated, not just with the distractions of the house, family, and business admin, but also the feeling of doubts about how on earth you’re going to cope with those things AND more success.

She states, “The fear you have, is not only about failing; that’s not even the biggest challenge. 

The problem lies between your ears, off the radar, if you like.” 

You most likely already know how you think is 80% of the win. 

The other 20% comes from the right actions, so if you’re spending more than 20% of your time on the action, then something is amiss, right?

This unique coach goes on to say, “The problem is not your environment. It’s your self-commitment and self-confidence that you need to examine.”

As a multi-award-winning coach and quantum healer, she sees the same things show up over and over again.  

Whether it’s about believing you can

  • Deliver a Ted talk to a room of 5000+
  • Achieve that higher monthly income (not sales) goal or 
  • Follow through on creating your next-level signature program

 The feelings and things you say to yourself all have the same basis.

  • I’m not ready to go THAT big.
  • I don’t know how to start bringing this crazy idea to life
  • How can I do what she’s doing when she has six years more experience than me?

Mell B has discovered it all boils down to one little subconscious saboteur called: self-sabotage.

“It’s a tiny niggle with big consequences. The poison from the spider in your mindset isn’t completely debilitating, but it is still toxic.”

You can take massive action and feel like you’re making progress, but if you were to truly dissect the workings of your Mind web and your activities, you would uncover the following:

  • busy writing your blogs, video scripts, or other content but still playing small by not standing 1000% in your power of what you stand against 
  • giving away your worth by discounting your services just a little bit when they negotiate 
  • not solely focusing on the more significant strategic and income-producing activities 
  • not allowing your team to step up.”

 But Mell B says, “It’s OK, this is all completely normal!”

“Transitioning from the resilient go-getter, start-up headspace, into the ‘CEO thinker’ of your small business isn’t easy. You’ve only just completely shifted from an employee mindset, which is a brilliant accomplishment.”

 As the founder of Deep Belief Hacking, Mell B knows you’re ready for the next massive leap in your personal growth; otherwise, you wouldn’t still be reading!

These are Mell’s favorite success hacks.


The Top 3 Reasons Ambitious Entrepreneurs Are Not Succeeding 

  1.   They need to stop playing safe and move from feeling swamped into the CEO mindset of absolute clarity by banishing frustration and overwhelm to accomplish their soul’s ambitions faster.
  2.   They don’t have absolute confidence daily to dismiss all self-doubt that life throws at them.
  3.   They haven’t learned how to embody absolute self-commitment to obtain the discipline to stay focused and ignore distractions without losing their freedom.


She says. “When you embody courage every day with those three mindset hacks, you will be unapologetic of your self-esteem and worth. You will be able not just to pursue but exceed those bold ambitions and banish your sleepless nights. 

By understanding when your ego is playing sneaky games and allowing subconscious self-sabotage to affect your decisions and actions, you’ll be successful on a whole new level. 

That’s why it’s called up-leveling.”

She promises it’s not that hard or complicated to learn. 

Suppose you genuinely want to have self-mastery of your mind and accomplish your soul-driven ambitions. In that case, you’ll be excited to know that Mell Balment teaches you how to unlock the hidden forces of your most profound potential in just 20 minutes a day.

This is the key to her highly successful Accelerated Alchemy system combining coaching, healing, and learning. Unlike many coaches and healers, Mell B sets you free from the shackles of relying on a mindset mentor.

Suppose you want to amplify your performance, elevate reputation, and expand your conscious leadership. In that case, Mell Balment will help you become the heralded leader you desire to leave your legacy on the world.

You can access her free Ambition Accelerator 3-part video course for self-mastery today.


Article Published by: Authority Sharks PR

Contact: Info@AuthoritySharks.com
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