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Meet The Teenagers Innovating How Modern Day News is Delivered

If you haven’t heard of Business Blurb, I can assure you it’s not long before you do. These three successful entrepreneurs teamed up to conquer the entrepreneurial media space and they are succeeding at it right off the bat. Brendan CoxDevin Caherly, and Faiz Imran are the brains behind Business Blurb, a globally recognized entrepreneurial publication, and media company. Besides reporting the news like any other publication, they have innovated the way news is delivered in 2020. I first noticed their Tik Tok’s on my For You page saying “what you missed today in the news,” where they would give a short synopsis of the day’s most important business headlines. These entrepreneurs noticed that their generation wasn’t digesting news through words and adapted, creating easier, more fun ways to obtain information.

According to Forbes, their growth has been exponential; they received “over 20,000,000 monthly impressions within one month of inception.” Along with being recognized by Forbes, Market Watch called them “The Fastest Growing Entrepreneurial Media Company of 2020,” which I wouldn’t doubt as many are struggling to adapt to the constant changes of social media. 

This team of like-minded entrepreneurs is nearly unstoppable. The trio also was the first to bring verification to the news according to an interview with Market Watch, “We are also the first news platform to offer verified contributors on our platform.” explained Imran.

I reached out to them in hopes of getting an answer to how they were able to gain over 40 million views in a month. Brendan explained that “[Business Blurb] tapped heavily into the social media market conquering any and every social media platform from Tik Tok and Instagram to Pinterest and Tumblr.” These founders truly built something bigger than a news company. They built a company that knows how to adapt and drive leads through every form of social media. When asking Devin how his success in Tik Tok helped him with Business Blurb, he told us, “every platform is unique, and it’s important to understand the algorithms to the best of your ability to ensure the best chance at going viral.” Props to these entrepreneurs for taking something that hasn’t seen many changes in years and truly innovating modern-day news. 

The world needs more people like the Business Blurb team, and if you want to learn more about who they are and how they did it, check out their website, along with their Tik Tok and Instagram

Lewis Schenk is an Australia based Entrepreneur, Writer & PR Consultant. His work has been recognized by Buzzfeed, International Business Times and Thrive Global. Lewis is passionate about sharing empowering stories from people around the world, particularly those in entrepreneurship & business. He has been privileged to work with over 150 business owners and entrepreneurs in 2020 alone, helping them grow their brand and online presence.


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