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The Age of Branding | Does Building a Brand Really Matter?

When one starts a business of their own, it is crucial that they develop an identity that is unique to them. This makes it exclusive to the established business and allows it to stand out amongst thousands of other competitors in the field. It allows the company to connect with its audience and establish loyalty between the two. The unique identity that is associated with a business is what we call its ‘Brand’.

How an organization is branded determines the kind of customers it gains. It is branding that allows the customer to understand the story behind the organization and build indefinite trust over time. Apple and Coca-Cola are some of the best examples of how brands inspire loyalty. They have high brand awareness and are very well recognized by the masses.

Regardless of the products they sell being the best in the market or not, they will always have loyal customers flocking to get their hands on the product. To achieve this kind of loyalty, companies need to invest a significant amount of time in building their brands.

Building a brand, however, is not an immediate process. It takes time and gradually grows depending on how efficient and well you treat the process. With branding, you create a business’s image, and give the customers an idea of what you offer, be it a product, service, or company.

“Most people are unaware of the impact building a brand can have on your business and image. Sadly, most misunderstand it to be something as little as putting up an expensive advertisement on TV or the newspaper. Well, truth be told, there is a whole lot more to it. Every organization has a story behind it, and that is what we help communicate to audiences that align with the business,” said Vivek Cornelio when asked about raising brand awareness. Vivek is the founder of WEconsult, an integrated communications agency that offers to build brands, among many other services. The organization has been developing individual brands for various clients as well as establishing the brands of organizations.

Developing a brand’s narrative helps establish its personality. This narrative has to be conveyed through various marketing tools. When customers experience the personality of the brand, they automatically take note of its products. In fact, it is the brand’s personality that lures a customer in.

When you are working towards branding, you are constantly reminding your customer why your product should be sought over the others in the market. This is why marketers design campaigns with a consistent theme, thus creating a brand identity.

A Brand identity allows customers to recognize what the brand offers in terms of their products. Designing your products will enable one to identify them among different products easily. Brand identity is developed to appeal to customers’ senses and how they perceive your product. In having a brand identity, you establish the credibility of your brand.

Creating brand awareness involves a mix of establishing your brand identity while also developing your brand image. The brand image tells your customers what your brand stands for and allows them to have a view of the company. Building a brand image allows your organization to be seen more than just its products; it helps build a connection with the audience.

To do so, it is essential that organizations maintain a consistent flow of engagement with their audience. In making your brand reachable to the audience, you also build on its awareness. Brands need to understand their target audience and cater their content according to what attracts them.  Your content can be anything as far as it is entertaining, engaging, and raising your brand awareness.

“Consistency is key. To build their brands, it is crucial that businesses understand the means through which they can connect and actively engage with their audience. Every organization requires to maintain a certain theme, a tone that is easily noticeable and recognizable by their audience, that will ultimately help create a persona around the brand. Besides customers remembering your brand, consistency also leads to better SEO which is essential in the current marketplace,” added Ryan Kenneth, the creative director at WEconsult.

WEconsult is an integrated communications agency based out of Bangalore, India and is recognized for their unique and creative approach towards brand building that places key focus on customer engagement and brand recall. They employ creative strategies that ensures their clients’ brands are constantly growing while standing out against competitors. Their brand building strategy has brought varying degrees of success to their clients, who now have earned customers’ trust, and have established their presence as a credible business.

For further updates on WEconsult, visit: https://linktr.ee/WEconsult




Sahil Dahiya is a serial entrepreneur and branding specialist. He also serves as a real estate investor and business consultant. He presently serves as the owner of The Brand Castle - Specialist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design & Development and more.


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