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What Are Good Entrepreneurship Ideas For Teenagers?

good entrepreneurship ideas for teenagers

What are good entrepreneurship ideas for teenagers?

From creating a mobile app to blogging, here are 14 answers to the question, “What are good entrepreneurship ideas for teenagers?”

  • Create a Mobile App
  • Candle Making
  • Professional Fortnite Streaming Business
  • Sell Chicken Eggs
  • Start Your Own Tutoring Business
  • Create and Sell Digital Art
  • Errand-running Services for Busy Or Immobile People
  • Online Content Creation Services
  • Local Delivery Driver/Biker
  • Host Virtual Gaming Contests
  • Drop-shipping
  • Graphic Design
  • Create Personalized Gift Baskets Business
  • Blogging

Create a Mobile App

One entrepreneurship idea that a teenager could execute and try is to create a mobile app. This isn’t necessarily an uncommon concept, but the approach can involve new, creative processes.

For example, a teenage entrepreneur could develop a platform that offers virtual classes for students who have difficulty attending physical school. This would incorporate elements of entertainment with education to provide meaningful learning experiences from the comfort of one’s home. It could also extend to creating partnerships with existing educational entities in exchange for exposure and revenue opportunities.

Through this innovative idea, teens will be able to capitalize on their creativity and drive for success while helping others learn in an adaptive way.

Michael Alexis, CEO, swag.org

Candle Making

As a teen entrepreneur, one idea I pursued was to make and market handmade candles. Candle-making is an enjoyable and creative craft that can be used to produce specialized products to meet certain needs. I experimented with different natural waxes from beeswax, soy wax, or palm wax, as well as essential and fragrance oils. By experimenting with various scent combinations and types of containers, I was able to create all-natural candles in unique shapes, sizes, and scents that suited distinct décor preferences.

Not only did this project keep me creatively stimulated, but it also capitalized on a business idea-selling my handmade candles locally via the internet and at local events. It was an extremely rewarding experience that taught me key lessons concerning entrepreneurship.

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer

Professional Fortnite Streaming Business

As a teen, you have a lot of energy and dedication that you can use to your advantage. With your energy and the game’s popularity, you can start a professional Fortnite streaming business. You can offer online coaching services to help players improve their skills, play with and against other players, and much more. You can use this business to build your brand and make a name for yourself in the industry.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely

Sell Chicken Eggs

Right now the price of eggs is skyrocketing. In the right locations, a teen could easily build a coop, raise a few chickens, and be selling eggs to neighbors. The investment can be minimal and it doesn’t take much “selling” because eggs are something that your neighbors are likely going to buy anyway. My wife and I are supporting our preteens in selling our eggs right now and the kids are learning about marketing, sales, inventory, and the money that comes as a result. It’s been a great way to show them an entrepreneurial effort in a low-risk situation.

Logan Mallory, Vice President of Marketing, Motivosity

Start Your Own Tutoring Business

Teenagers are perfectly positioned to start their own tutoring and exam review businesses. It’s the ultimate entrepreneurship venture for someone still in school. Just think about it. You have clear and easy access to customers – your friends and the kids in your class, who trust you as “the smart kid.” You have subject matter knowledge – you’re literally selling what you learn in class alongside them. And it’s a service-based business that doesn’t require much startup capital.

If you’re a student who gets top grades and aces all of their exams, sell your knowledge. I would suggest selling small class review sessions, where you break down and teach everything that is going to be on the test in a day or two leading up to the exam. You can charge $40 per head and probably pack 8 students into each review session. That’s $320 for a day or two’s worth of work. You do that for several classes each semester and you can stack away some solid cash while still in school.

John Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Test Prep Insight

Create and Sell Digital Art

Creating and selling art online can be a fantastic entrepreneurial venture for teenagers to try. The online art market is growing, and there is a huge demand for unique and creative works of art, making it an excellent opportunity for teens to start their entrepreneurial journey. Learning how to run an online business teaches teens some great lessons that will help them both in life and in their future careers. With the right marketing strategies and dedication, teenagers can turn their passion for art into a thriving business.

Mark Pierce, CEO, Cloud Peak Law Group

Errand-running Services for Busy Or Immobile People

An uncommon entrepreneurship idea that a teenager could execute and try is to offer errand-running services in their neighborhood. This involves doing odd jobs that don’t require any specialized skills or licenses, such as taking out the trash, mowing lawns, clearing away snow, and running small errands for people who are too busy or have difficulty getting around.

Teenagers can arrange to do these tasks on demand or at regular intervals, charging a reasonable fee for their time. This type of enterprise teaches responsibility and offers practical money-making opportunities while providing much-needed help to the local community.

Carly Hill, Operations Manager, VirtualHolidayParty.com

Online Content Creation Services

Every teenager lives in a world of social media, knowing its trends and recognizing what content succeeds or fails. Starting a business that creates content for social media is a great entrepreneurial idea that a teenager could carry out.

Due to the rising demand for digital content, many businesses and individuals need social media management and content creation services. With this in mind, a teenage entrepreneur can leverage their practical expertise and unique understanding of the latest trends and platforms to offer paid services to local businesses, individuals, or even online brands.

These services may include managing social media accounts, creating posts, developing online marketing strategies, producing or editing videos, and even creating graphic designs. This type of business does not require a financial contribution, but only the right equipment and a little talent or experience in creating online content.

Nina Paczka, Community Manager, Resume Now

Local Delivery Driver/Biker

While some platforms, like Uber, require drivers to be 21+, others, like Doordash and local businesses that make deliveries, are often willing to hire teen drivers with valid licenses and insurance. Motivated teens could even approach local businesses in their area offering bike delivery services if they don’t have reliable access to a vehicle. Many small businesses love opportunities to hire local teens in their community, and a few contracts can quickly turn into a reliable income stream.

Jack Underwood, CEO and Co-founder, Circuit

Host Virtual Gaming Contests

Growing up, I was voracious for the respect of my schoolmates and those around me. And if there was an opportunity to establish my superiority and earn bragging rights, I jumped at it in a heartbeat!

The teenage me wasn’t alone. As teenagers, we love bragging rights-it is the hallmark of youthful exuberance. A smart teenager can make a fortune from this by hosting virtual gaming contests either in their school or their neighborhood. These contests will be fanned by the intrinsic quest in teens to stand out above their peers in something as popular as video gaming.

It costs so little to organize these competitions as you may not need a physical area for these virtual contests. Charge the participants registration fees or entry tickets. You could pay the winners a slice of the money pool you accumulated from the contest. Incentivize participants to refer their friends and hype the contest on social media. If you play your cards well, you can make up to 500x of your capital.

Lotus Felix, CEO, Lotusbrains Studio


One of the best entrepreneurial ideas for teenagers is using drop-shipping, as it does not require much skill or specific talent, can be done from anywhere, and requires minimal or no capital. When they receive an order that is already paid for, they place their order, making it ideal for teenagers.

Denise Hemke, Chief Product Officer, Checkr

Graphic Design

Graphic design has become an easier industry for teens to break into, thanks to more intuitive technologies and free digital courses allowing them to learn to use the tools of the trade in months, not years. There is little to no up-front investment – perfect for a teen’s shoestring budget.

You can build a reputation working with small local businesses or remotely with platforms like Fiverr, taking clients on a freelance basis as studies and other life priorities allow. Freelance graphic design offers a great source of freelance income for teens to build into a full-time adult career or move into another field with relative freedom and ease.

Tory Gray, CEO and Founder, The Gray Dot Company

Create Personalized Gift Baskets Business

Teenagers have a knack for knowing which are the best gifts to present to someone in their age group or anyone special in their life. Consider a personalized gift basket venture if you have a teenager whom you’d like to support to start and run a business. This business is not time-intensive and therefore allows them to keep up with schoolwork and socializing needs of their age. On the other hand, it will enable them to become excellent product researchers, deal-seekers, and build up essential business-running skills for the future while earning some income on the side.

Alvin Wei, Co-founder and CMO, SEOAnt


Based on my experience, blogging is a good online entrepreneurship idea for anyone, especially for teenagers. It is a relatively low-cost and low-risk way to start their own business, as it only requires a website, a hosting platform, and a niche that they are passionate about. It enables teenagers to share their knowledge and experiences with a larger audience while also developing their personal brand. It also allows them to monetize their blog through advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. As it grows, they will be able to offer their own products and services as well as collaborate with other brands and businesses.

Sunny Kumar, Founder and Marketing Specialist, TheWPX

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