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What Google Chrome Extensions do Entrepreneurs use?

google chrome extensions for entrepreneurs

What Google Chrome extensions do entrepreneurs use?

From AdBlock to Grammarly, here are 19 answers to the question, “What’s your favorite Google Chrome extension, and why is it useful?”

  • AdBlock
  • Loom
  • LastPass
  • Notepad
  • Vidyard
  • Ecosia
  • TabMan
  • ColorPick
  • Session Buddy
  • Awesome Screenshot
  • Savio
  • NoScript
  • Ahrefs Tool Bar
  • WordTune
  • Email Characters
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Moz Bar
  • Calendly
  • Grammarly


AdBlock is a must-have extension. It blocks ads and pop-ups that are seen on social media and on YouTube. I will use another browser than Chrome with the AdBlock extension, and I am amazed at how many more ads I will see.

AdBlock will not only help remove the ads but will also protect you from malware and stop advertisers from accessing your browsing history. It’s just another layer of security when browsing online.

I was so impressed by the free version of AdBlock that I paid and upgraded to the Plus version for a few additional features. AdBlock is a must-install extension for anyone looking for a better browsing experience.

Evan McCarthy, President & CEO, SportingSmiles


Loom is my favorite Google Chrome extension by far. It has made life infinitely easier with its easy and efficient video recording capabilities. Whether I’m creating a tutorial, recording a video message, or collaborating with a teammate on a project, Loom offers an effortless user experience and toolset that makes creating professional videos a breeze.

It’s so simple to use and fast to set up—no technical know-how is required! Loom has saved me time and energy more times than I can count, and I highly recommend it to anyone who regularly uses video communication tools.

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer


Seeing as cybersecurity is the need of the hour in this ever-evolving digital age, having a dependable password manager is non-negotiable. LastPass does a great job at not only generating strong passwords but also letting you store and manage these passwords with a simple click of a button. Their extension lets you easily navigate your digital vault so you don’t need to write your complicated password combinations.

Harry Morton, Founder, Lower Street


I have used Notepad as my go-to Google Chrome extension for years. The simple yet effective app allows you to create note-taking extensions that can be used as a to-do list, shopping list, or even a brainstorming list. The extension is compatible with Google Docs and Gmail, which is a big selling point for me because I use both platforms daily. Notepad is a great tool to keep a little more organized throughout the day.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely


Vidyard is one of my favorite Google Chrome extensions because it gives me a quick way to make and send videos. I can create a video to answer a complicated question from a client or to share an example of a pitch with my sales team. In just a few seconds, I can record and share video content from my Chrome browser. Plus, I get notified when the video has been watched!

Logan Mallory, Vice President of Marketing, Motivosity


I appreciate the Ecosia Chrome extension because it helps combat the climate crisis. Ecosia is an organization that plants trees worldwide in exchange for users’ searches made through their search engine.

Where many companies in the world are focused on disrupting markets for profit or contributing solely to consumerism, Ecosia has a pro-social business model that inevitably benefits everyone.

Ecosia leverages user action that most people take part in—using search engines. Instead of sustaining a different provider like Google who uses their profits any which way, support an organization that helps us all breathe a little easier.

Zach Goldstein, CEO & Founder, Public Rec


My favorite Google Chrome extension is TabMan: Tabs Manager. This extension provides an intuitive way to manage open tabs in the browser other than using traditional buttons like close and maximize.

It allows users to drag and drop open tabs into distinct collections, which can then be accessed easily when needed. As an uncommon example, TabMan also lets you copy a link from one collection of tabs to another without having to open it again manually. This particular feature saves me time when I have several open windows that need organizing and sorting.

Carly Hill, Operations Manager, VirtualHolidayParty.com


I often need to create quick graphics for various websites or make a quick change to a font color. Sometimes it’s inconvenient to check a CSS file, dig up a brand book, or import a screenshot into an image editor. This is where the ColorPick eyedropper comes in.

With this extension, you can easily grab the HTML color code of a pixel on the screen. It’s a huge time-saver and simplifies the design process. When you activate the eyedropper, you’ll see a magnified portion of the screen, and you can pick the exact color you want. From there, copy it to the clipboard, and then use it to make a quick design.

Dennis Consorte, Digital Marketing & Leadership Consultant for Startups, Snackable Solutions

Session Buddy

Session Buddy streamlines my workflow and helps me organize browser tabs. It allows me to quickly save and restore multiple sessions, individually or as a group, with convenience and ease.

The main feature of Session Buddy is its ability to store an unlimited amount of tab groups containing links, notes, and snippets in one place. This allows me to switch between different tasks without having to worry about losing important links I may need during that task.

Additionally, each session can be tagged for better organization when it comes time to retrieve them. Furthermore, all this data is securely stored in the cloud so I never have to worry about losing any data! Overall, Session Buddy makes multitasking simple by organizing all my necessary information in one spot, making it easy for me to access what I need when I need it.

Travis Lindemoen, Managing Director, nexus IT group

Awesome Screenshot

As the name implies, this extension helps you take screenshots and screencasts, and easily edit them, besides the possibility of quickly copying the image/video and sharing it. We use this extension for customer support operations, help document creation, and internal operations every day. It’s a tool to visually show what you’re talking about without saying too much.

Maria Chan, Marketing & Communication Manager, Scalify


Savio helps shorten long and complicated URLs, making them easier to share with others via email or social media website links. It’s an exceptionally useful tool since it cuts down the time often spent manually moving content between web pages or duplicating it.

Plus, Savio has a distinct feature that allows users to add hashtags or append parameters at the end of their links to make them friendlier in SEO rankings when searching via Google. This makes content discoverable while surfing the web, providing an uncommon advantage amongst even my favorite extensions!

Michael Alexis, CEO, tiny campfire


NoScript is a powerful tool that keeps your computer safe from malicious scripts while browsing the web. This browser extension allows you to control which websites can run JavaScript, preventing hackers from gaining access to your sensitive information.

Additionally, NoScript blocks potentially dangerous advertisements and pop-ups for extra protection. If you want to ensure your safety and security while browsing the web, NoScript is a must-have for Google Chrome users.

Burak Özdemir, Founder, Online Alarm Kur

Ahrefs Tool Bar

The Ahrefs toolbar shows estimated site metrics. You can instantly see SEO stats at a glance: what keywords a page ranks for, the traffic it gets, and how many backlinks it has. Plus, you can get a content overview: how many words a post has, all the headings, and meta descriptions.

This can help you identify spam sites to avoid and credible sites that could turn into potential business partners. It’s also great for prospecting new clients, as it cuts down on the time to analyze a prospective site and determine whether they’re an ideal prospect.

James De Roche, Managing Partner, Lead Comet


It has to be WordTune for me. I’m a content/copywriter, and an extension that can help me rewrite phrases and sentences is mighty useful. WordTune is a pretty neat tool for email copy, and I deal with a lot of cold email campaigns.

Sometimes you need that “extra hand” that AI can provide when your mind is too clogged up with too many things to factor in—that you miss out on the obvious. That’s where tools like WordTune come in. You just have to highlight a sentence, and it will give you 10 different sentences. You can choose between “casual” and “formal,” but the results will surprise you.

It’s a real timesaver, especially when you’re on a tight deadline. It also helps to add a bit of variety to your writing, so it doesn’t sound too repetitive. The extension is also very user-friendly, and the AI algorithms behind it are top-notch. It’s perfect for anyone who deals with a lot of writing, whether it’s for content creation, copywriting, or email campaigns.

John B. Martyn, Lead Content Strategist, Brightest Minds

Email Characters

As there are so many variations of devices and email service providers to check, I use and recommend the Email Characters Chrome extension. It’s a quick and easy way to know if the key information in your subject line is going to be cut off, so you can avoid awkward sentences or confusing customers! Simply highlight your subject line and hit the extension button.

Vicky Smith, Email Strategist & Copywriter, Flic Email


DuckDuckGo helps me browse through millions of websites and not get stalked by ads later on. I am a SaaS content writer, and I read a dozen articles before I write them, so imagine having all of them tracking me and promoting ads.

I am not browsing because I am looking for something to buy, but for information, so before this extension, I used to always go anonymously, which was a drag. Anyone who needs to browse for work should use this free extension.

Milica Ugrenovic, Saas & B2B Content Writer, Milica Ugrenovic

Moz Bar

The Moz Bar is an extremely helpful SEO tool—and the best part about it is that it’s free! It’s an essential piece of equipment for those in digital marketing because it allows you to find an array of useful information, such as link metrics for domains and pages as you search.

This allows you to see how you are performing against your competitors! While there is an additional paid version, many of our own staff use the free version. It is truly one of the most helpful marketing tools available and is essential to anyone from small business owners to professional search engine specialists.

Hollie Marsh, Digital Marketing Assistant, Aqueous


The most helpful Chrome extension for a founder is the Calendly extension. After creating your account and linking to your Google Calendar, it allows you to swiftly and efficiently send your link when booking meetings.

This means that you can be strict in your time scheduling and make sure that meetings only occur on the dates and times you’ve made available in your Calendly availability. As a founder and CEO, this has become the most used and helpful extension I use.

Thomas Panton, Founder & CEO, Canopey


As a business owner, I value clear and professional communication. That’s why Grammarly is my favorite Google Chrome extension. It is an AI-powered writing assistant that checks my grammar, spelling, and punctuation in real-time, providing suggestions for improvement as I type.

It also has a plagiarism checker to ensure original content. This extension saves me time and effort, allowing me to focus on more important tasks and maintain a professional image in all my written communication. Additionally, its seamless integration with Google Chrome makes it convenient and easy to use.

Hardik Parikh, Designated Partner, Hardik Parikh Associates LLP

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